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  1. Death in neighbour's family

    My Canadian experience...   Money:  may be donated in memory to the deceased's  favorite charity ( obituary would give detail details).   In trend these days: Go fund me sites for  familes who  need money for the funeral and expenses  ($10,000 CAN  on average)   Money to family ( like in Germany)  for the grave /flowers /upkeep is not at all common:  every graveyard I have  ever seen has headstones set in a lawn mowed and tended by graveyard staff.  Also:  gravesites of the deceased  are  for forever.  Where my family is buried, the gravestones are flat to the ground for easy maintenace.  (I had a pretty well off bachelor uncle who left his money to the upkeep of the village graveyard.  The extended family should be able to quietly rest in tidy surrounding for the next century...).   The custom  of visiting the graves is not as common in Canada, in my experience, but tends to also depend on your faith/heritage.   What to do? If I was far from home, I would appreciate food  but even more  an offer to have my child looked after /entertained/fed...  while the  parents  spend hours on the telephone/computer with funeral/travel  long distance planning,
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Ready for a warm furry happy story?   It was  -29° C  and...   https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.4655095  
  3. Nomination for post/topic of the year 2019

    A post for brilliance:   I would like to nominate Panda's post where she announced the opening her  tax accountant practice!       Changed my future, I am sure.