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  1. Outside Yoga - Older Female Friendly?

    Aqua jogging?  Cross trainer?  Stationary bike?    
  2. What made you smile today?

    MAMMA: In the Meantime   A photographer brings his  his elderly mother with  dementia to live with him ...   https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/the-sunday-edition-for-march-31-2019-1.5076642/photographing-his-mother-s-dementia-made-her-feel-alive-again-1.5076666   I smiled with tears in my eyes.  
  3. Staycation in Weimar - a review

    Another  Bauhaus and bike tour?   Some of the original Bauhaus Weimar teachers  founded  HfG after the war: a a design "university" which ran for about 15 years . One goal was  social responsibility in the postwar times ( design for the every man). The Luftanza logo was developed there also  the  icons representing Olympic sports.   Biking is easy along the Danube but can be a crowded.   If  you find the  stone age artifacts in the Ulm museum interesting,  rather than following the Danube east,  go west along the former  Danube riverbed  (during the ice age)  toward Blaubeuren and Scheklingen. Highlights:  a small but very interesting prehistoric  museum , pretty views of the limestone cliffs in the Alb and  many  caves inhabited 40,000 years ago.   (The Unesco heritage cave near Scheklingen may still  be closed to visitors due to Covid19: it has one narrow opening where social distancing is not possible)
  4. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      FYI   New terminology (since i was in school, anyway) re. North America  :  in Canada the official and legal terms are :   First nation, Inuit and Métis.