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  1. The Non-Political get away thread

    Oh good! A place for a few  pics when  the walls are  in tatters in the coming months  : water pipes to be replaced.    Add to the list of " fun facts I didn't know about Germany" :  They don't use copper pipes here....    I'd run away from home but I'm still paying for it...        
  2. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    Recruiters usually came to our university campus: it was convenient for the students and seemed a little more relaxed and no one dressed up for on campus interviews. However one of the places I applied to asked me to come downtown to their office for my interview.   There weren't many days between the letter from the firm and the interview, I remember looking desperately into my closet for even one somewhat dressy outfit. I found a blouse that might do and a pair of black shoes and manufactured  a plain skirt to complete the outfit.     On the day of the interview it  didn't help my nervousness when  I noticed how well the receptionist was dressed  and how she noticed how poorly I was.   The interviewer  went o.k.  but as it came to an end,  I realized I had completely forgotten the interviewer's name!  OMG I thought, how was I going to write the expected thank you letter to the firm, as was the custom.  Then I remembered some advice: "Ask the person to spell their name for you".  So in my best, hopefully professional way I asked it he could please spell his name for me.   You know how it ends already:      He said  S...M...I...T...H   The punchline is : I got the job.    It was fabulous!