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  1. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    Are there any Mexican restaurants (not chains) in the area?  They might have extra  " flour" stock on hand due to the pandemic you could buy.     Reformhaus stores often have an amazing selection of products not found in a regular grocery store.  Try and translate the ingredients listed on the package to German and maybe take a spoonful of the product in a little plastic container. The stores often look very old fashioned, but the staff are very knowledgeable  and helpful.   (the Reform  movement way of eating is over 80 years old. My 90 year old mil was raised on it).   Also Alnatura and DM stock products aimed at people with diet restrictions /alternative diets but you won't get much advice there. I have seen a good selection of corn flours, but can't recall the exact names and don't have any left in my cupboard at the moment.   We have food allergies, intolerances and vegans  in our immediate family: I baked/cooked every morsel we ate  from scratch all the years my kids were at home. It took a lot of time but it was healthy for us and really made our traditions and family unique (in a good way) in a staunch old fashioned  village 30 years ago!   I have made my own "mixes"  in bulk but one needs a really big refrigerator to store it all.     Good luck!
  2. Häcksler - Garden shredder

    Our Gardena 2300 is still going strong after 20 years of use: stored indoors , careful cleaning, oiling and sharpening of blade helps!   Edit:   I now see on Amazon  Gardena is no more??   Nevertheless, I  still say the price was worth it!   Good luck!
  3. The Non-Political get away thread

    Oh good! A place for a few  pics when  the walls are  in tatters in the coming months  : water pipes to be replaced.    Add to the list of " fun facts I didn't know about Germany" :  They don't use copper pipes here....    I'd run away from home but I'm still paying for it...