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  1. My business plan.

    This is an eyeopener, indeed! I was taught to put my best foot forward but  so many times I simply couldn't  because the sock for it was missing.   I think you should indeed proceed globally. There are clearly many people like us out there. Perhaps a " Whatsox"   lend/trade online platform could be part of the business model.   May the socks be with you.
  2. Nanaimo Bars

    Good  suggestions put forward. I'll try these.   @engelchen Yes, just 2 TBPS of vanilla pudding powder. Block chocolate is fine. Coconut is what i am used to . No other reason. Yes, the coconut in the baking section.   There is really no way to ruin these : 40 miles to the store? Right, then we'll use... They are always mega calorie yummy   even if you have to eat them with a spoon or  direct from the freezer at 3 a.m..  (Not  that anyone would do that...)              
  3. Nanaimo Bars

                                                                 Nanaimo Bars   From "A little Canadian Cookbook" Fautina Gilbey            Substitutes: Base: 1/2 cup butter 1/4 cup sugar 5 T cocoa 1 t vanilla extract                                                                A package of vanilla suger 1 egg 2 cups  Graham wafer crumbs                                          Liebniz Butterkeks  ( crushed)  . 1/2 cup chopped walnuts                                                  coconut instead of walnuts.   Topping: 3 T milk 2 T custard powder                                                             Dr Oetkers vanilla pudding mix 1/4 cup butter 2 cups confectioners sugar   4 oz semi sweet chocolate 1T butter     Mix the butter with the sugar, cocoa, vanilla and egg in a bowl. Set the bowl in a suacepan of boiling water and stir until the butter has melted and the mixture resembles thick custard. Mix in the crumbs and nuts/cocnut and pack into an 8 inch  square  pan.   For the topping , mix the milk and custard powder together and  cream with the butter.  Blend in the confectioner's sugar and spread over the base. Allow to stand 15 minutes to harden slightly.   Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl standing in hot water and then drizzle the mixture over the trop of the custard.   Let set then cut into squares.   Happy Canada Day July 1!
  4. Nanaimo Bars

     The Leibniz  are a good substitute for  graham wafers and the  recipe I  use calls for Bird's custard powder so use  the local  Vanilla pudding mix instead .  Most would say get the layers/proportions right:  NOT like version on new  Canada Post's stamp!       https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/nanaimo-bar-canada-post-stamp-controversy-1.5116981  
  5. Documents for Kontenklärung?

    Didn't  the letter include a list of documents to take along?     I don't think it matters where you were born or  how often or where  you have moved,  they just want to see  a papertrail of your life.   What I remember taking was:   official birth certificate, passport and visa (all, any,etc.   social security cards  from all  countries  worked in  so the German Pension people can confirm  contributions  to pension funds elsewhere.         (I printed out up to date  statements from my plans  in advance, but that was not neccessary).   A list of address of  the  places  lived since age  17 .(and the dates lived at these locations.)   Official transcripts  documenting time when at univerity or other  studying or in  training   when you were "out" of the workforce. ( My parttime courses  were disregarded).   Also a  transcript from highschool if you graduated after you turned 17.   Any  other offical documentation "explaining" time   not fulltime in the workforce  i.e.  raising children.  (i.e. i took my children's birth certificates along.   Another person I know had documentation about the volunteer work she did for a couple of years in a foriegn country..)   I also took along a copy of my resume as it helped the pension officer follow my  "lifestory".     A tip:  Time well spent before the appointment:  unfold documents, take them out of envelopes,  smooth  out the creases  and place  in logical  order in  a nice tidy pile.  (Extra points bonus if  you use a  file or a binder.)  Your appointment will go much more smoothly, I guarantee it!    I had only to go once and the rest went by mail.   good luck ! etd .   I just edited out a couple of typos i missed !                
  6. Hello to all the online lurkers!

    Helo Hello!   Filling in time: shortly off to to train station to pick up visitors from back home! Had a happy day: good news from  my nears and dears.  :-)   etd  
  7. I can confirm the 90  days with  180 day   in Germany is the limit. We had a musician friend with us for that length of  time recently. She was asked to play first chair  at an "important" local public  musical event but it was scheduled 4 days over the 90 day period. We went to the  local government office for foriegners and they granted her a short extension with the proviso she come back for the permission  letter in 2 days and show them her airplane ticket home  for the day after the concert!  We perhaps are lucky where we live but have always found if you  are informed, you ask politely, and plan in advance the authorities are very supportive.    Good for you to ask these questions now!  .Have a great trip! etd
  8. Go to the Mietverien. The cost of membership is a bargain. There you will get the information/facts you need!   p.s. There was a thread on this site  a few years ago  about this topic but i was unable to find it, sorry.  What I recall is it related to  some changes to rules or a court case about:  " no,renters don't have to paint".    Perhaps someone can enlighten us.
  9. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Sandy  because of  colour and where puppy found?