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  1. I can confirm the 90  days with  180 day   in Germany is the limit. We had a musician friend with us for that length of  time recently. She was asked to play first chair  at an "important" local public  musical event but it was scheduled 4 days over the 90 day period. We went to the  local government office for foriegners and they granted her a short extension with the proviso she come back for the permission  letter in 2 days and show them her airplane ticket home  for the day after the concert!  We perhaps are lucky where we live but have always found if you  are informed, you ask politely, and plan in advance the authorities are very supportive.    Good for you to ask these questions now!  .Have a great trip! etd
  2. Go to the Mietverien. The cost of membership is a bargain. There you will get the information/facts you need!   p.s. There was a thread on this site  a few years ago  about this topic but i was unable to find it, sorry.  What I recall is it related to  some changes to rules or a court case about:  " no,renters don't have to paint".    Perhaps someone can enlighten us.
  3. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Sandy  because of  colour and where puppy found?
  4. @lisa13National food of Canada:  Tim Horton's is actually a really  good answer!     Poutine has spread accross the country in the last few years.  Where I grew up there were no maple trees. Our family friends tapped birch trees and made syrup. (they were first nations, so had more local experience)  but  Aunt Jemima's on pancakes was common..   What foods you eat  especially at a family celebration or  on holiday days (which ever ones you celebrate)  will really depend on your heritage.    
  5.  Don't say to a Canadian  continued :    It's a colony, right?      What is Canada's national food?        Do you know my Uncle?  He lives in Winnipeg. I know Canada. I  was in Vancouver. What can I  see in Manitoba? .     ( Sarcastic answer:  All the way to the  rockies on a clear day....)          
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I was given this information  by a teacher a few years ago.      Grading Practice in Germany Percentage German Grade 90-100% 1.0, 1.3 80-90% 1.7, 2.0, 2.3 65-80% 2.7, 3.0, 3.3 50-65% 3.7, 4.0
  7. Cheap fabric store for sewing projects

    Learning to sew:   Take a VHS (communitiy college)  course?   i did this a few times to help "unlock"  the cryptic German instuctions in the Burda magazines. Quite fun and inexpensive.   If you are a "look at pictures" and reread kind of person, I would recommend buying something like this (Used  offerred for 5€) https://www.amazon.de/New-Vogue-Sewing-Book-Buttericks/dp/0884210979/ref=sr_1_1?s=books-intl-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1548755951&sr=1-1&keywords=Vogue%2C+sewing  The fashions featured aren't  up to date, but the methods  don't change.   Keep an eye on Ebay Kleinanzeigen: for  cloth offered for reasonable prices by sewers  downsizing.  But be discriminating! You may not want 10 meters of  gymnastic leotard fabric unless you have a gymnast or 40 meters of drapery fabric unless said child, later  poor student moves into an apartment with many  large bare windows...   If you want to sew stretch fabrics,  get some instruction/ or watch videos  first as there are a few tricks  that will make the whole project fun instead of  a hair-pulling-out experience.   Wash cloth first then sew: it might shrink or turn out so wrinkled you'll be glad you didn't waste time sewing it.  If you are in a shop  check  before you buy: carefully  bunch a corner into your fist for a moment then  see what it looks like.   Poor thread can make life wretched.   A  good stitch ripper is  wonderful.   Good luck! etd          
  8. Clubs for 12 year old boy

    What are his interests?  Many "sport" Veriens  have non sporty activities - music, chess, nature related things. Maybe check the websites of local clubs. (In one town we lived it was called the Kraft Sport Verien i.e. wrestling had great music  and ballet classes our kids enjoyed within walking distance of our house. Also, VHS (community colleges) also often have a "youth" component like art or theater. Perhaps the people at the local town office (Burgerbüro) could help if you went with a list of his/your  ideas translated into German.   Good luck! etd
  9. We are residents in Germany looking for  a tax advisor in Germany who is familiar with Canadian personal tax  law and the tax treaty between Germany and Canada.   Would appreciate  any leads or recommendations you might have.   Many thanks!   etd   ( Lots of tax accountants in Canada who are familiar with issues when a Canadian  resident recieves a German pension but unfortunately haven't found experts for former Canadian residents now  residing in Germany)        
  10. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    @bloom       the answer is in the post above....   "just contact one of the insurance brokers advertising on Toytown, all of whom are specialised in dealing with expats, are English-speaking and can outline what the insurance is for ( and what it is not for ) and quote you/help you etc. "      
  11. Treaty on Extradition Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America E101323 - CTS 1976 No. 3 CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DESIRING to make more effective the co-operation of the two countries in the repression of crime by making provision for the reciprocal extradition of offenders,   Entire document on Goverment of Canada site.  I am not a lawyer and offer no legal opinion on this or other matters.  
  12. Tip of the day

    Our kids learned weaving, embroidery, sewing (patchwork too!), knitting (socks) and crochet in  Bavarian kindergartens/schools ! Depends often on the teacher's preference/what was available at the school (i.e. kiln for pottery). Mind you,  that was a decade+  ago. This post brought back a lot of good memories  @cybil