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  1.   Technology is scary, indeed.
  2. Coronavirus

      How embarrassing. What is Germany even doing anymore.
  3. Coronavirus

    And whose fault was the lack of availability? You guessed it! The EU’s and national governments’ fault for their absolutely dismal procurement “strategy”. Call a spade a spade for once. It’s getting shy-making.
  4. Coronavirus

    Now that we know that everyone is an adult and can utilise the ignore feature, let us move on from the incessant navel gazing and return to the EU’s/Germany’s many and unending failures ...
  5. Coronavirus

    It’s set up that way to get new readers. You can read it if you click from Google search results or social media to encourage people to share articles and to allow non subscribers to “see what they’re missing” but only once or twice without clearing your cookies. 
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Coronavirus

      Yes, they all prevented serious illness, hospitalisation and death in the clinical trials. Only the Johnson & Johnson trial included significant exposure to the Brazilian and South African strains, and it was still successful in preventing serious illness, hospitalisation and death. The point that the medical community keeps trying to drive home is to stop focusing on the efficacy rates.  And whether the BioNTech vaccine can be more easily adapted in future has nothing to do with the BioNTech vaccine you're going to be offered in the next month or two. Again, all vaccines successfully prevent serious illness, hospitalisation and death, so splitting hairs over which one is "better" is rather pointless, tbh.
  8. Coronavirus

      It's not a study. It's one of many educational pieces being put out by governments, media and healthcare professionals to inform people that you cannot compare efficacy rates for vaccine trials that were conducted differently and at different periods during the pandemic. Doing so is a fool's errand. More importantly, these efficacy rates apply *only* to the clinical trials and not the real world. We have no idea what the efficacy rate of BioNTech, AZ, Moderna, etc. is against the Brazilian and South African variants, for example.   People have been taking vaccines their whole lives and never even thought about efficacy rates. All of a sudden, people are hung up on efficacy rates without even having a basic understanding of what they're talking about. These pieces being put out are trying to change that.
  9. Coronavirus

    That's not really how that works ...
  10. Coronavirus

      Well they posted a QAnon YT vid in this very thread, so I had assumed ...
  11. Coronavirus

    Yea, my state opened vaccines to everyone over 16 last week. I called to see when the J&J would be available (not yet in my hometown) but was told they could give me the first Moderna shot on 6 April. The incredible failures of the EU and its member states' governments are shocking and both a disgrace and humiliation. Pretending otherwise is just blind, feverish patriotism. These governments and EU officials should be held to account for their many and repeated failures. It's costing thousands of lives every month and driving the economies of the EU-27 into the abyss.
  12. Only in America...

    America is truly a hellscape. 
  13. Coronavirus

      Don't worry, I feel quite confident Germany will revise its AZ recommendations for the umpteenth time soon enough.
  14. Coronavirus

    Even WHO, not spectacularly competent itself, agrees Europe is a shit show.
  15. Only in America...

      Who are these tens of thousands of people in your head going to polling centres to impersonate other people to steal their votes? It's just a bizarre thing to be frightened of and, yes, it does have the tinge of racism to it, however subconscious. Obsessing over voter IDs is a sideshow ...