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  1. Hello dear Toytowners!    Does anyone know if there are any work restrictions that I should stick to if I have the 'Niederlassungserlaubnis'. I would like to practice a hobby as a freelance job, in addition to my full time. Do you know if that is allowed?    A great Sunday for you all :-) 
  2. Advice about intercultural relationships

      Difficulties resulting from the cultural differences, is something that is interesting 
  3. Toytowners; Any advice on how to deal with an inter-cultural datings / relationships? Are / Were you in a relationship with someone from a different culture? Share your experience  
  4. What is your hobby?

      Smart ;)
  5. How to start modelling in Germany

      I want to do modelling as a hobby, any tips on how to detect and avoid those creeps? Any tips how to build a good portofolio?     
  6. What is your hobby?

    More hobbies?  Inspire the rest of us :-)
  7. Looking for a tennis coach

    Any recommendations for Düsseldorf?
  8. Hello,  Would love to start a Tennis training for beginners in Düsseldorf. Any recommendations? How much would that cost on average?  
  9. How to start modelling in Germany

    Fashion modelling I mean :-)
  10. Any tips with how to start modelling in Germany?
  11. What is your hobby?

    What is your hobby? :-)