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  1. What is your hobby?

      What's your job?
  2. What is your hobby?

    I am thinking of picking up painting..  Did anyone here try art courses?
  3. What is your hobby?

      I love to have long walks :-)    and currently looking to pick up new hobbies  
  4. What is your hobby?

    What is your hobby? :-)
  5. Internet company

    Avoid 1&1. Their customer service is not only incompetent, but also impolite.   In case that you have a problem, they won't bother fixing it. 
  6.   Depends on how you feel about staying. If this place won't drive you out of your mind if you stay a couple of months longer, I will advice for that. Leaving a company after exactly 6 months does not look great on a CV. Other recruiters would think that you have been terminated.   
  7. 6 weeks is kind of long for the probation period. In most of the cases it is just 2 weeks.  Are you sure that the 6 weeks applies for the probation period? 
  8. Problems with 1&1 internet

      Yes, indeed.    Another question: the initial internet installation took a month to be successfully completed. They charged me the 30 Euros for this month. Do I have the right to claim not paying that?    
  9. So, I have had a horrible experience with 1&1.    I've recently moved to a new apartment. They offered me a  DSL100 for €17 per month. However, they are currently charging me €30 and delivering DSL50. Their customer service is a living demonstration of a nightmare. One of their agents have hung up on me when I insisted to get an answer in writing.   So there are 2 questions now:  1. How should I go further with the billing mess? I thought of going to a lawyer, but the fees will be much higher than what I will actually get back.  2. I asked at Unity media, they said that if I signed a contract with them, they will deliver the internet connection within a week and manage the contract cancellation with 1&1. The sales agent told me that I will be paying 1&1 for those 3 months, even though I will be receiving Unity media's service. This sounded completely weird to me. Does anyone have a similar experience?     Lesson learned: Avoid 1&1 like the plague! 
  10. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    You will find those websites very helpful:
  11. Well, ask yourself where would you want to be in 5 years with respect to country, career and family. Ask yourself what things are absolutely necessary, and what are the negotiables.    For example, If you stay in Egypt, you will have your family and friends. You are able to save up a good portion of your income. You have the freelancing professional freedom.    If you come to Germany, you will not have such fancy life. But you will have a better day-today standards. You could work up a career path. Moving through Europe will be much easier. If you have children, their education and health care will be significantly better, and so on.    So, I would ask myself where I want to be from a personal, professional and social side, and if moving to Germany will help me move forward to what I want.
  12. Where to buy this bed?

    Any idea where I can find such bed?   
  13. Hi there,    I need to buy a wardrobe. When I checked ebay kleinanzeigen, I was surprised that the prices of good used wardrobes are much much cheaper than the new ones. It makes much sense to buy one off ebay.   The problem however is with the pick-up. Do you know how can I hire someone to help me with picking up the wardrobe and assembling it?    Cheers!