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  1. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    You will find those websites very helpful:
  2. Well, ask yourself where would you want to be in 5 years with respect to country, career and family. Ask yourself what things are absolutely necessary, and what are the negotiables.    For example, If you stay in Egypt, you will have your family and friends. You are able to save up a good portion of your income. You have the freelancing professional freedom.    If you come to Germany, you will not have such fancy life. But you will have a better day-today standards. You could work up a career path. Moving through Europe will be much easier. If you have children, their education and health care will be significantly better, and so on.    So, I would ask myself where I want to be from a personal, professional and social side, and if moving to Germany will help me move forward to what I want.
  3. Where to buy this bed?

    Any idea where I can find such bed?   
  4. Carpentry workshops

    I would love to practice carpentry as a hobby. Any idea if there are trainings or workshops available around the NRW area? 
  5. Quitting a Job in Germany

      What is the worst thing he could do? Like the absolute worst thing?
  6. Buying used furniture - How to deliver?

    Do you know how can I hire a van or a van-taxi? Or maybe where to look for "man with van" adverts?
  7. Hi there,    I need to buy a wardrobe. When I checked ebay kleinanzeigen, I was surprised that the prices of good used wardrobes are much much cheaper than the new ones. It makes much sense to buy one off ebay.   The problem however is with the pick-up. Do you know how can I hire someone to help me with picking up the wardrobe and assembling it?    Cheers!
  8. Hello! :-)    I am currently trying to rent a new flat. Yesterday I met the owner of a flat. She liked me and wanted me to have it.   When I called her afterwards to express my interest, she insisted that I should come today and sign a "preliminary contract", which does not include any of the important details. She claimed that filling the actual contract would take time and that she is busy this week.    Of course, I refused to sign such contract, she asked me to send an email that I want the flat, since she needs something in writing. I also refused, since I would only want to be legally committed, only when I read, agree and sign the full rental contract.   My question now is, are such "preliminary contracts" common in Germany? Are they legally binding? Wheat would happen if we disagree on the details of the actual contract?    Have an awesome Sunday!