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  1. Hello,    Let's say that the the parents are of a non-EU nationality and the children are of EU nationalities. The parents are living in the non-EU country, and the children in EU countries. And the laws of inheritance are very different between those countries In case that one of the parents passes away, should the non-EU law apply, or would there be any chance / loophole to apply the EU law?
  2. Industrial PhD: Who has the patents

    I am thinking of building a product and selling it. The product would need research. Much like the industrial PhD, but for my future company   I was wondering if that would be a topic of a PhD thesis, would I still have the right to sell / patent the product?
  3. Hello dear Toytowners,    Do you know who has the patent or the right to use the product produced from a PhD thesis? Is it the company or the Uni? Does the company pay the Uni for supervision? How does it actually work?
  4. Hello dear Toytowners!    Does anyone know if there are any work restrictions that I should stick to if I have the 'Niederlassungserlaubnis'. I would like to practice a hobby as a freelance job, in addition to my full time. Do you know if that is allowed?    A great Sunday for you all :-) 
  5. Advice about intercultural relationships

      Difficulties resulting from the cultural differences, is something that is interesting 
  6. Toytowners; Any advice on how to deal with an inter-cultural datings / relationships? Are / Were you in a relationship with someone from a different culture? Share your experience  
  7. Any tips with how to start modelling in Germany?