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  1. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

      @StraightpoopI want to say a massive thanks for this. Having the law to reference is a great help.   As is, I am now in good contact with the only heir in the process (guardian to the deceased person's son) and with them accepting that the funeral costs need to be paid as soon as they have the inheritance certificate, I'll resign myself to wait out the probate court to do it's thing.   I would only have one last question. I have been noted as a distant relative and been given the opportunity to claim inheritance. I know that the deceased person's estate is actually just large enough to pay the funeral costs, but I also know that the estate is indebted. Would me claiming inheritance somehow mean that I take on this estate's debts personally? I only ever wanted to retrieve the costs for the funeral.   Big thanks to everyone here,
  2. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Well, I will stay away from that. I only thought that if I were an heir I could instruct the probate court to make the funeral costs payment to myself. Seeing as I'd be culpable for other costs I will resign myself to badgering the guardian of the only heir to instruct the funeral costs payment as soon as possible.
  3. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Another related question would be, if I make a claim of the inheritance as a distant relative will I be responsible for any debt of the deceased person?
  4. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

      The guardian is courteous enough and I trust that they do not yet have the power to instruct payment. Still, I am not against sending a registered letter demanding payment. I just don't want to get on the bad side of them just yet.  
  5. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Good day all, thank you everyone for all your help. Sorry for this late reply. I have taken a moment to quote your questions and answer them below.   I appreciate this is not a normal sinario and one that not many people would be inclined to get involved with. However, the guardian had no desire to do more than the very basic with regards to the funeral. Still thank you for your reply.   In summary; I am indeed a relative of the deceased - if only a distant one. I have no desire to receive any inheritance - only the costs for the funeral. I am in contact the  Rechtspflege but this person is not prepared to advise - stating only that I should involve a lawyer, which I do not want to incur further costs with. Having said this, I have contacted the lawyer which @Chelskikindly recommended. Perhaps this lawyer can offer some free or low cost help/advice. In the end, seeing as I can make an inheritance claim should I do this merely to instruct the court myself to pay me for the funeral costs from the deceased person's estate? Could I just leave it with the other more direct heir (rather, their legal guardian) to pay me for the funeral costs? And again, how do I correctly make these costs known to the heir and the court? At this state the heir (their guardian) has acknowledged the costs and the receipts thereof - is this sufficient.   Again, big thanks to you all, you have been a real big help.
  6. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Good advice. I have just got a response from a letter I sent. But they are not happy to advise and are merely telling me to get a lawyer.   Is there anything like a citizens advice bureau in Germany or a way to merely register the funeral costs to be considered during probate?
  7. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Yes, this person in charge is not willing to communicate by email. I sent a letter and all I get is an email reply saying that can't pay the costs, no further advice.
  8. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Many thanks @karin_brenig very much appreciated.   I guess my question now is, how do I best go about finding a lawyer that can merely help with obtaining the funeral costs from the probate court in Munich? Is there a list of approved lawyers that I should work through? Is there perhaps an point of advice that can aid in the proccess?   Before getting a lawyer how can I make the funeral costs known? The court is not responding via email be being abroad (another continent) makes post near imposible. Having said that, I did write a letter but got an email notification merely stating that they can't act on the letter. It's all odd. I wondered if there was some form or method that I am missing to merely provide the funeral costs and have them paid to me. I have all the legitimate receipts.   Has anyone else done this?
  9. A relative has died and their estate is at the probate court in Munich. I am abroad and having a very hard time contacting the court or anyone to pay the funeral costs from what might be left of the estate. I wondered if there was some formality, letter template or form to complete with the receipts of the funeral expenses that I paid? Do I really need a lawyer to do this or can I do this myself, if so how? If I need a lawyer how do I find an inexpensive one for this formality? Any advise would be amazing.