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  1. Thanks @robinson100it's really appreciated.   I am confident that once the passport is changed that everything can flow from that. I have no problem carrying the Bescheinigung (redacted copy is visible here) about with me either.   My concern is particularly with the changing the name on the passport itself. Other than the Bescheinigung was there anything else needed? Any issues between your old and new signatures? Did you have a time limit to change the name on your German passport? In your situation, I gather it was a change of name following your marriage. My sinario is somewhat different. Aso, I am concerned that being a dual national, and having already changed my British passport plus the nearly two years since I obtained the name change in Germany, that there might be some added bureaucracy.   Thanks for the response. It is good to hear that the main concern was just changing documents after you updated the passport. Makes me think the passport update was the easier part.
  2. Good day all,   I'm a dual British/German nation and after changing my surname in the UK via deed poll, successfully changed my surname in Germany too (I made a post about the process here for anyone interested). The change wasn't by marriage or any other reason. I now have my German 'Bescheinigung über die Namensführung' (you can take a look at the redacted document here).   Wondered how the process went with anyone here when changing their passport to the new/changed name? Did you need any other documentation concerning the name change? Was there any issues with your signature? How easy was the process?   The name change happened in Germany in late 2020 - my British passport already has the new name change. I am still using the old name in Germany as I am just waiting to change the name in my passport. Might the delay cause an issue when renewing the passport to my new name? I just thought, and am worried now that there might be a time limit to effect the new name change.   I might be renewing my passport in German but might have to do this at London embassy instead.   Really keen to hear from anyone who's done this.   Thanks for any feedback,
  3. Dual Citizenship British/German Passport

    How did this end up? After reading through the thread I am very interested. Hope it worked out.
  4. @JN53I am not after a birth certificate stating that I was born in Germany. I am looking for a registration document acknowledging my birth in the UK in German law/among German authorities.   @emkayThank you very much for this lead. A passport, unfortunately displays no information regarding my parents - it merely confirms my own identity. The reason for some sort of German birth certificate/registration from German authorities is to show who my parents are.   @FietsradThat would be the easiest but am concerned of a foreign document like this holding weight in a German probate court. I can only think that German nationals born abroad would at the very least of their birth registered among German authorities.   Big thanks for all your input and ideas. If anyone has any better suggestions please do post here.
  5. Good day all,   I am British/German, born in London on the 80s.   I have my UK birth certificate but now need some record of my birth in Germany for a probate case   I know I must have been registered by my parents via the German embassy in London, as I obtained a German passport, but do not know how I can get a copy of the German document now.   Geburtsurkunde is the German term for a birth certificate? Or could it be a Nachbeurkundung that I am after? How would I go about obtaining a copy of this from within Germany or whilst abroad? Has anyone experience of obtaining this?   Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated,