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  1. I've only heard of GLS, and thinking of moving our banking to them especially since our current bank has introduced charges, I thought at least it should go to what I believe in. They have been around for a while, and a friends company has been using them for years and is happy. If I remember correctly Greenpeace have their account by them.
  2. Selbststaendig and tax class

    I don't think it makes any difference. I can only tell you of my/our own experience. My wife is self-employed, and I have tax class 3. She has to file the taxes for her joint practice, and then from what her tax adviser produces, we use for our own joint tax declaration (which we also do with a tax advisor). For last year we had to pay money for missing tax, the previous years we received money. But honestly we let the steuerberater do everything for us, and he generally calculates for the worst meaning we are alwas happy when we get money back or owe less then we thought.