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  1. Finanzamt login

    Oh wow, @PandaMunich this looks very helpful!! I will check it out later. I sent them the application by snail mail in the weekend so maybe I don't need to also do it online, but very helpful for the future. Many thanks.
  2. Finanzamt login

    Well, I am logged into my Elster account, then I click on the link, and I still see this message.     I have an ancient Elster account without a username. I login in importing a certificate and typing my password. Have they switched to proper usernames?
  3. Finanzamt login

    I want to send an application for an Ansässigkeitsbestätigung to my Finanzamt.   I have come to this page, and I read:   Clicking on the link takes me on an empty page where I am requested to log in. I have no idea what login information to use there. Have the Finanzamt created an online "drop box" where we can upload documents for them? And if yes, how do I acquire the login information?
  4. The issue has finally been resolved as they acknowledged that they are looking for someone else and have been sending this letter to anyone with my first/last name they can find.   However this adventure made me realize how cool it would be to have legal insurance and just make someone else take care of it. Additionally I've been warned by some of my new neighbours that a certain neighbour likes to bully people and threated legal action over any tiny thing that bothers him. What I am trying to figure out is: if that neighbour brings any legal action against me and my boyfriend, given that we are both in the lease of the apartment, and if I have legal insurance on my name only, can I make use of it?  
  5. It does say 250 Mbps, but anyway I am really happy with this 60/20 service I am enjoying at the moment (and the pings!).
  6. One question for the experts. If we switch to the 250 Mbps service, given that the current 100 Mbps service only synched at ~60, are we going to get any speed increase due to super-vectoring technology used?
  7. Oh nice, where in Niedersachsen are you? I am in Hamburg Niendorf, almost ath the border with Schleswig-Holstein and I do hope they show us some glasfraser love in the next couple of years.
  8. So, I had a Telekom support person calling me a few times and telling me that she doesn't see anything wrong and implying that maybe I should order their own router in order to make sure that my Fritz is not too old etc. The disconnects in the meantime continuted, with this past Monday (April 12) being by far the worst day ever as we were without Internet more often than with Internet. Anyway, at some point on Monday I gave up and ordered a Speedport, which arrived 2 days later.   However, on Monday evening another Telekom person finally answered my message in their support forum, where I had written basically what I've written here. He apologized for the delay in answering and wrote that he fixed the issue. Well, fixed it he did. Since Monday evening I have had ZERO disconnects. I am still using my Fritzbox and the line has being amazing. I am obviously sending them their Speedport back with the 14-day return guarantee. I haven't even opened the box.   Interesting fact, since Monday evening the line is constantly synched at 63,7/23,4 Mbit/s and the Internet service is constantly at 61,7/22,6 Mbit/s . I am saying "constantly" because I have restarted it 4 times and it always reconnects at these exact same speeds. I am actually hapy with my 60/20 Mbps as it has been working perfectly and the pings are below 10ms.   Before Monday it was a jackpot. After every disconnect the down speed would synch anywhere between 60 and 90 Mbps and the up speed would either synch at 1Mbps () or anywhere between 20 and 30 Mbps. The disconnects would always happen regardless of the speed being too high or too low. I don't know if part of the solution was to manually set my line to synch at those exact rates but I am really happy with it. I will wait until next week and if there are no more issues I am sending them their Speedport back.
  9. No I didn't! As @pappnase pointed out, I wrote it in my first message but I see it could have been more clear. Same for acquired banks.
  10. @Harders awesome answer, thanks!   Based on this point, I think I will write to them to say that I am disputing the claim as well as the fact that they have already tried to contact me several times in both countries.   I will also ask them to tell me the address/phone number/e-mail address to which they tried to reach me. Assuming that they are all wrong (somebody else with my name), then case closed.
  11. My concern is that by writing a letter to them, they will then know my new address. Writing the letter using the old address could be used against me in the future.   Also, why should I be polite? They weren't.  
  12. So, I moved at the end of March and was a bit late in checking my mail at the old address which had a nasty suprise for me.   Some lawyers from Berlin are threatening to "meld" me in Schufa as owing money to their customer, Zeus Recovery Fund. Zeus Recovery Fund is a bunch of loan sharks that bought non-performing loans from Greek banks a few years ago. They claim that I had a loan with a Greek bank and it has now been acquired by Zeus Recovery Fund, therefore I owe them the money.     The tone of the letter is ridiculous, obviously trying to scare me. They claim "continuous efforts to contact me in both Greece and Germany which I ignored". In fact I never received any communication from the lawers, the bank or Zeus Recovery Fund to any correct address, e-mail or phone number of mine.   The deadline that they gave me for paying the money (that I don't owe them) is already over as I didn't check my mail until now.   In the next page they mention some phone numbers in Berlin and at their Greek office where I can call. My assumption is that they have already proceded to the step of "melding" my supposed debt with Schufa. I am wondering what might come out of it given that they probably don't know any personal information of mine. Or if they do know my birthday and anything else, it was probably acquired illegally as I never had any contract with the mentioned bank.   I actually called the bank's customer support on Friday and if there has ever been a loan on my name there. The agent confirmed that the combination of my name and Greek tax ID doesn't bring any loan, although he wouldn't confirm if they've ever had given out a loan to somebody else with the same first and last name.   Given the above, do you think that I should already contact a lawyer and ask for advice? Do you think that I should just ignore the thing for now, and then in a couple of weeks try to check my Schufa in order to figure out if any debt has been recorded? Or do you think that I should call them on the phone numbers they provided and try to talk to them?    
  13. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    I have received by snail mail a ridiculous letter from a Berlin-based legal office that claims that I owe about 1K euros to their customer Zeus Recovery Fund. Zeus Recovery Fund is a bunch of loan sharks that bought non-performing loans from Greek banks a few years ago. They claim that I had a loan with a Greek bank and it has now been acquired by Zeus Recovery Fund, therefore I owe them the money. They are threatening me that if I don't pay within 10 days they will add me in Schufa as a "bad payer", or something like that. I called the bank and they can confirm that I never had a loan with them.   In the letter those lawers only mention my first and last name. They also found my postal address somehow, in order to send me this letter. I assume they don't know my date of birth, TAX ID (in either Greece or Germany) or any other personal information.   My question specifically for this thread here is: can someone add "bad" information about me to the Schufa records only using my First and Last name? I would be very surprised if this were the case because then the Markus Müllers of the world would be unable to ever get a loan.
  14. Nothing problematic in my disconnects? Anyway, I am happy to order their own hardware if that might help my case. I hope I can even cancel and return it separately from my DSL subcription if it doesn't improve anything.   Some news though. On April 7 late at night, or even past midnight, I reported the issue through their platform. I had one more disconnect at 1 am in the morning of April 8, and then more than 24 hours without a disconnect. I was thinking that maybe they reacted immediately to my issue and fixed it. Unfortunately I have had 7-8 disconnects today starting at 3am and continuing throughout the day. So I might try ordering their own hardware and see if that helps. Oh and by the way, I have updated the Fritz to the latest beta version from their website. The disconncects happened before this beta version was installed (at version 12) and with the new beta version (version 24 released in March 2021).
  15. Happy to share. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rvjLipp7uusXiPRWmsR8FWfQ9GHU1iRL/view?usp=sharing Since last night at 1am it hasn't disconnected again. Fingers crossed. They might have done something from Telekom side.