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  1. I thought to share here what I only found out this week. Apparently after the new telecommunications act from last year, Internet and mobile service providers in Germany can no longer automatically extend your contract if you forget to cancel it. After the initial contract period your contract can be terminated at any time with only 1-month notice.   I have been puzzled for years about why it can be legal to force you into a new minimum period, and finally Germany did the right thing.   This is great news for people who might need to move apartments every few years and are stressed about the constant need to be under a new contract period, even if you stay with your provider. For example if your contract is ending and you are planning to move in a few months, it might make sense to let it run so that you can cancel it and get a new one at the new place.   Obviously this only makes sense if you need this flexibility, otherwise you save money by signing a new 24-month contract every 2 years.