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  1. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    Sure, this is good advice. I have been telling people at all my past jobs in the internal chat, but most of them think it is stupid and unnecessary (which for example totally makes sense for someone in Greece, where insurers are very badly regulated and only care about getting your money) and I am not interested to get into an argument so I don't insist. I just post every now and then that people should get one and the ones who are not close-minded actually do get it.
  2. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

      In case it wasn't clear, he's not interested to get any insurance for his jobs, he just wants the normal liability insurance for his private life like everybody else. The one where if by accident he damages a person's property or worse, he will be covered. He's only confused because he is asked about his job, and he is not interested to get any professional coverage. His freelancing doesn't have to do with legal or fiscal matters either. So the question is if he can just select "sonstige" in this form, or if he needs to go into specifics.   Your assumption that you need to school me about "everybody should get a liability insurance, full stop" when I am clearly aware of it (and I have had a personal liability insurance since I moved here) is telling. 
  3. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    Hi y'all. Just asking for a friend. I have a feeling I have asked a similar question a few years ago, but the search in this forum is not amazing.   He is a student, has a few mini-jobs (at least 2 at the Uni and also 1 at a store) but he also from time to time does freelancing jobs here and there in his field of studies. He is about 28 years of age if that matters. And yes, his tax form is a nightmare, but that's his thing. He really want to get a Personal Liability Insurance, but he is a bit confused when visiting various old-fashioned German insurers who ask what kind of job he does. For example see the attached image from DEVK. So he is unsure what to choose given the different jobs he does, and especially the fact that he also does freelancing and invoices people for that. Does this mean that he should be getting a professional and not a personal insurance? And what are the consequences if he chooses wrong? For example if in the future he is entitled to a claim, could the insurance decide that because he "lied" or chose the wrong option here, the payout is cancelled? Thanks for all your help.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    I find your excitement about Ireland getting hammered very telling. I am sure they will survive, but I also think that it's about time they relied more on real economy and less on their tax heaven business.
  5. Hi again y'all. I called the GP again yesterday and they informed me that all second-dose vaccinations that they have planned have been switched from AZ to BioNTech. So I am happy  (but also annoyed with the time I spent trying to get an appointment for an mRNA vaccine when at the end it just happened automatically).
  6. I would have never done that to anyone (who did not try to do it to me first). Sorry, you can't go around giving crap to people for playing by the rules just because you disagree with the rules, and then turning out that you were looking for ways to actually cheat the system. No matter your reasons.
  7. So you would steal an old lady's BioNTech vaccine so that you can go have fun in South Africa? Classic.
  8. https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/389227-how-many-of-you-will-trust-covid-19-vaccine-with-own-lives/?do=findComment&comment=3886127
  9. Cool, good for them. Then I guess they should be happy with their government. Not my problem. I fail to see how we in cities (where viruses can spread much faster) should wait for the rural areas to get their logistics sorted.   Please stick to one theory. Is Bavaria so far behind because of lack of vaccines or because of logistics? Because if it is logistics, then it means that I didn't steal any vaccine from any old Bavarian lady.
  10.   No, that's not fact, that's just your opinion.  
  11. Interesting point, I didn't know that. This means that we are finally using as many vaccines as we have.   Still it doesn't take the responsibility for the unvaccinated priority people from the government and definitely doesn't put it on me for following the government's advice to get vaccinated at my GP. The blame is still 100% on the government (be it the federal government or the states) for not managing to vaccinate the priority groups fast enough.     PS. All of you who think that we should have vaccinated 100% of the priority groups before moving on the other people, care to do the math about where the vaccination rate would be standing at the moment?    
  12. Well, keep trying until you find one. I called 3 GPs and none was doing it for me, and I would have kept calling but a friend who was calling different GPs at the same time found one and I did it there.   I am not going to answer to the rest of your post. You made your point, I made mine, everybody can choose to believe what they want. What I believe, based on the data that I shared, is that I didn't steal any old lady's vaccine by following the government's advice and additionally by doing it (and advertizing to friends and colleagues) I contributed to the increase of the overal vaccination rate of Germany.
  13.   There are plenty of unused vaccines in Germany, not my fault if German bureaucracy has been a massive faillure. Here, ECDC data: https://vaccinetracker.ecdc.europa.eu/public/extensions/COVID-19/vaccine-tracker.html#distribution-tab   Germany has currently used 90% of the vaccines it has received, and this by allowing people to start getting vaccinated at their GP. Imagine how much lower this % would be if we had kept the good-old German way of waiting for the bureaucracy to catch up.   If Bavaria has been doing such a terrible job, maybe Bavarians can vote for another party to govern them in the future. When you keep voting for the some guys no matter how much they mess up, they take your vote for granted and don't give a *** about you and your heatlh.  
  14. I disagree 100%.   First of all, as soon as I could do at my GP, anybody else in Germany above 18 could also do it at their GP (or a random GP). The catch was that it was only possible to do AZ through this process. So if people belong to priority groups and didn't call a GP immediately when this was announced back in May, it is their fault. They probably didn't want to do AZ and wanted to wait for an mRNA vaccine. Still their fault.   Second, the official prioritization process was a total mess and was embarassing for Germany. We were stockpiling vaccines because the system couldn't put them into people's arms fast enough. Finally we have now been vaccinating at a good pace since the beginning of May.   Third, if a young person gets vaccinated, then that young person is also indirectly protecting all the older people with whom they are in contact.   Fourth, we young people stayed locked inside our houses for more than 1 year in order to protect the older generations. Some of us lost our jobs. Others lost income. Others had our careers put on hold. Pensioneers didn't lose any income. On top of everything else, Germany is about to introduce vaccination certificates for people to get their freedom back. It is a bit too much that the generation that sacrificed the least in order to gain the most would be able to have all their freedoms back before the generation that sacrificed the most in order to gain the least.   Fifth and final thought, by adding a parallel system that allowed more people to get vaccinated outside the usual prioritization has had zero impact on the priority groups. The reason is that for a while we have had enough vaccines but not enough doctors/nurses to administer them in the usual system. I would accept your comment about cynicism IF my vaccination meant that someone else had had to miss their own turn, but it didn't happen.
  15.   Did you try another one? You are only assuming that it is due to lack of vaccines, which they are not mentioning at all in the announcement. A more fair assumption is that they are just too lazy and don't want to deal with the logistics of vaccinating people and especially with the part where they have to schedule the second appointment in the correct time interval.   Back in the beginning of May, as soon as the government announced that GPs can start vaccinating people, I called my GP only to be told that they won't be vaccinating anyone at least until June. So I called another one to hear the same. And then a friend of mine found a GP who participated and I got my appointment there.