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  1. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    Crazy that they expected people to keep working full time for 50% of their salary... 
  2. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    Quick update. The Arbeitsagentur never answered my message in written, while on the phone they could not guarantee that I will not lose my benefits if I sign this agreement to postpone my start date and only start at 60%. So I told the company I cannot sign it. Instead, they fired me. I called the Arbeitsagentur and they told me that I will get my previously approved unemployment benefits from the day that my notice period ends. At the moment I am in the 2-weeks notice period after being fired, therefore the company is paying my salary.    
  3. Deutsche Bank Developments

      I am sure that the Trump people love Europe and they bailed out its banking system out of selfless love.
  4. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    Interesting idea, thanks. Should I realistically expect them to answer in 1-2 work days?
  5. Deutsche Bank Developments

    please delete
  6. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    Alright, so back to this thread. I opened a new one but I will ask the admins to delete it as the question can be asked here too.   Before I start, I want to confirm what was written here by Krieg, namely that although the Arbeitsagentur did not pay me directly during the first 3 months of unemployment, they did pay for my health insurance.   Back to the current situation, I was about to start my new job on April 1. That is after having being unemployed and not paid for exactly 3 months (I quit in September and worked until December 31).   Now, due to Corona crisis, the new company has asked me to agree to start on May 1 at 60% hours/money and then after 3 months we should review whether we can increase it to 80% or 100%. The way they want to handle this is by adding an addendum to the existing signed contract.   The thing is that I have been without a job for 3 months, and I haven't got any unemployment money yet. I was supposed to start receiving on April 1, but I notified last month the Arbeitsagentur that I have found a job.   My assumption is that if I agree to and sign this addendum then I am basically unemployed through my own responsibility, therefore the Arbeitsagentur will not consider me eligible for unemployment benefits. So I am assuming that right now the right way to handle this is to refuse to sign the addendum, which will probably make the company mad and then they will just fire me forever. It is a very small business and I was excited to work there, not because of their small size but despite their small size, because I find what they do extremely interesting. Being a small business, I can imagine that the 2 owners will take it personally if I refuse to sign this addendum.   On the other hand, with this Corona going on, I cannot afford to stay unemployed for a 4th month without any income, only to hopefully get back to work at 60% later. I also do not have any guarantee that they will not ask me to postpone again next month.    The question is, can I somehow sign this addendum to delay my start and still convince the Arbeitsagentur to start paying me my normal unemployment benefits without another 3-month penalty? Any input here will be hugely appreciated.   And before you ask, I am now preparing mentally to call the Arbeitsagentur. My German is not that great, although I spent the first 2 months of my unemployment doing intensive German classes and got from a shaky B1 to a confident B2.
  7. Out of the blue we received a letter from our electricity provider that our costs will go up from the 1st of March. I was very surprised because we started the first contract in December 2016, and since then every year it is in December that these things occur. We did not change our provider in December 2019 because we did not feel like going through the hassle; I guess this is their way of thanking us for staying. So now we can change provider since they are increasing the price, and I took a look into various providers' prices on check24.   At the same time, we might move into a different house after the summer. This has not been firmly decided, but we feel we would like a bigger house.   So... If we start a contract now with a minimum 12-month duration and then we move to another house before those 12 months are over, can we just take it with us to the new house for free? If not for free, what kind of costs should we expect? The reason I am asking is that contracts with 12-month duration are considerably cheaper than the ones without it. However if we are gonna end up paying a lot to move it to a new house, it might make sense to just get a more expensive one without a minimum duration.   Does anyone know anything about this situation?
  8. Google Pay launched in Germany at the beginning of July, with 3 banks: N26 Commerzbank Comdirect & a ridiculous service called Boon with some ridiculous fees  Additionally it is supposed to be available soon with: LBBW / BW-Bank Revolut (a British Fintech start-up with some very modern products)   At the end of July the Sparkassen launched their own mobile payment solution on the Google Play Store:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.s_payment.mobiles_bezahlen  The reviews are not really encouraging and in any event, I don't expect people that still bank with a  Sparkasse, to care about paying with their phone, but I will be happy to be proven wrong.   Apple Pay is expected to launch soon. I am curious to see if they will have at least one major bank more than Google at launch.      So... who has already used any of the above services?  Impressions? I have been paying with my phone everywhere since the product launched, and I am very happy. I even leave the house without my wallet sometimes. I only carry one banknote of 10 or 20 euros, plus my phone!