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  1. Slow German internet

    Please also note that I'm not in a rush to fix this, because the internet is working just fine (at 13 Mbps). I was not trying to be pushy by choosing appointments in the near future, it was just the only choice that the system gave me each time.
  2. Slow German internet

    You can't take an appointment in the future from their online system. It only shows you tomorrow (during the week, yesterday I tried again and it was showing me Monday with the choice being between Monday morning and Monday afternoon). I didn't choose anything planning to call and ask for an appointment on Thursday, when my boyfriend will be back.   BUT a couple of hours ago (Saturday!) somebody called me from 1&1, apologized and said something long in German that I hope meant that they will push them to not skip me next time. And he gave me an appointment for Thursday so I don't need to leave work.   Fingers crossed.
  3. Slow German internet

    What happens after 10 days? I don't care about 10 days if this means I don't need to be taking time off work. I don't use any vacation time for that as I'm doing "home office", but I'm not very productive when I'm not physically in the office so I end up having to work more or miss my targets.
  4. Slow German internet

    Today was the second appointment and they did not show up again. How does a post on Facebook help? I have no Facebook account.
  5. Unemployment benefits

      Sounds to me that you might end up losing quite some amount of money but I guess this is the price for not having to talk to someone at the Job Center.  
  6. Unemployment benefits

    The last comment is very interesting. So one could potentially leave a gap of 1 month between jobs in order to go traveling for example and not be required to pay some exorbitant amount to maintain their health insurance?
  7. Slow German internet

    All right, this is getting ridiculous. I used the link that 1&1 sent me to book a second appointment and I chose tomorrow morning 8am-2pm. When I did, I got a message that they will confirm my appointment. I still have not got any confirmation. Should I assume that I have an appointment?  
  8. Slow German internet

    OK, first of all let's not call them engineers. This is offensive to real engineers.   Second, is there any consequence when they don't show up? And are they then allowed to know that they are visiting a Telekom or a non-Telekom customer? This is like Greece 15 years ago.   I see now why everybody says that Germany is internet-retarded.  
  9. Slow German internet

    They didn't come.   I took the afternoon off and was home the whole time, they did not show up.   1&1 sent me this text: Lieber 1&1 Kunde, bitte vereinbaren Sie einen Termin zur Entstörung Ihres DSL-Anschlusses: 0721 96 00 . Halten Sie hierzu bitte Ihre Kundennummer bereit. Alternativ können Sie einen Termin über Ihr 1&1 Control-Center vereinbaren. Gehen Sie dazu wie folgt vor: http://hilfe-center.1und1.de/technikertermin-vereinbaren . Ihr 1&1 Team (Vorgangsnummer C....7)   Does this mean that they know that Telekom did not show up? I'm worried they might say that they came and I wasn't home, and then make me pay.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    People with permanent jobs will have no issues for sure. People with temporary jobs will be fine until their current work contract is over and probably will have enough time to find a new job afterwards. Only people without a job should be a bit concerned and follow closely the requirements. But they will mostly be fine too, as long as they apply on time for whatever they are required to.
  11. Slow German internet

    Sorry to have forgotten to mention that! I did test the router on 2 of the other 3 sockets and I got the same synchronization at around 13 Mbps. The third one is very inaccessible and it would be a huge mess to get to it so I didn't.   For now I am OK with waiting for Telekom's technician who is coming tomorrow.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    So today is the big day (again)? Who else is excited about May losing?
  13. Slow German internet

    Here is a photo of the whole installation. I have uncovered the phone thingy (there was a lid) in order to check the connections that sneaker mentioned in case there were excessive wires to disconnect.  Other than that, this at exactly the same state as when we moved in about 2 years ago. For 2 years we had Vodafone Cable.   The DSL tag that SpiderPig saw in the previous photo is just a small tag on the telephone cable that came with 1&1's Fritzbox. It is not stuck anywhere in the TAE box.    An even higher resolution photo is there: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vq9pUpXZAHEsb5eS8  
  14. Slow German internet

    I really appreciate all the comments.    I want to clarify that the house is an apartment, not a single building where I can easily access the Telekom box at the basement. I will upload a full picture of the TAE box in the kitchen later. Additionally there are 3 more telephone sockets in the living room and the 2 bedrooms. So I will tonight try connecting the Fritzbox to each one of those sockets, just in case it gets a higher synch value there.   At the same time I posted a question on 1&1's forums and they already contacted me and are sending a Telekom technician to take a look on Wednesday, without any charge for me. 
  15. Slow German internet

    Thanks. There are 3 more similar phone sockets in the flat. I'll try tonight to connect the modem to each one of them. However this one should be the central one.