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  1. Happy 2020.   We are moving to a new house here in Hamburg soon, and out of curiosity I was checking which option we have for cable Internet. Obviously this is my backup choice, as I strongly prefer a good VDSL connection to Vodafone's cable. Well, turns out we don't get Vodafone cable there but Pyur. What's confusing me is that when I enter the house's address, it takes me to a special page on pyur.com with rates only up to 120 Mbps. Normally Pyur shows 200/400/1000 Mbps on their main page, but this is what I see.         Does anyone know if Pyur has any plans to upgrade the areas that are still on this ancient technology?
  2. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    Hi again. I am getting back to this after a recent conversation. Do you know what exactly are the benefits of getting your studying years recognized by the DRV? Is it only a monetary benefit (a few euros more every month), or can it also help retire earlier if you are missing a couple of years for a threshold and you can reach it by adding the education?
  3. Really sorry to read about your loss.   Still, my tone is not angry, it is confused. You live in Greece, I got it the first 15 times, nobody is perfect.
  4. At every thread that we interact you are telling me that you live in Greece and therefore <insert blank>, in this case blank = "check out my earlier post". I really don't know what you expect from me. A cookie for the doggie in the photo?
  5. Yes, we hear it when friends visit. Also when Amazon or the blue courier company delivers something. Only DHL people can't seem to press the button right. 
  6. And that's a great segue for you to pitch insurance services.    
  7. Exactly the case where I live!
  8. This won't help in my case, as they never ring my bell. In the past we might not have been at home when they delivered but I have been stuck at homes since March so the reason is not that we are not here to open the door.
  9. @lunaCH many thanks for the very detailed answer. I will for sure do that and force myself to send e-mails every time that they are not doing it correctly. I guess I only need to prepare one e-mail draft and simply change the specific package's details every time.   Only one clarification from my side. The notifications that I get from DHL actually do include an open text field where I can write anything I want about the delivery. I would assume that the driver has to see this text, doesn't he? If not why even bother asking me?
  10.   Now I am confused. Your post didn't confuse me, but triggered me to check the below and I got confused. Last week I ordered something on eBay on my home address without providing my DHL number. Then it appeared on my DHL account, in my Sendungen. How did DHL know it was me? Is it because the seller provided my e-mail, or is the system smart enough to check my name and address in the customers list? (this probably answered the question I asked just above to DaringD - how did DHL know their user account?)   So what happened is that DHL emailed me and asked me what to do with my parcel. We wrote a German message with specific instructions. IGNORED. They just gave it to the neighbour and didn't even bother to ring my bell. The Nachbarn section in my DHL paketempfang settings is grey. Are you telling me that if I write there my boyfriend's name, and although we live together and our names are on the same bell, the DHL people cannot give my stuff to the 1st floor neighbour anymore?   How can I complain by the way? Is it through the Reklamation page? My issue there is that they don't give an option to complain for non-conforming delivery. They only accept complaints for lost items, which means that I have to wait for something to be lost before I can complain.   PS. Sorry for continuous posts, this forum is using some "smart" editing options that make it very confusing to quote several posts and answer to all of them in one long post.     PS2. Quite often I receive e-mails from DHL asking me what to do with my stuff that are ordered to my home address. Quite often but not always. I never realized that those e-mails are linked to my DHL account. I only thought that they are sent when the seller has provided my e-mail to them. One issue here is that afterwards I have no visibility about what I told them because the information disappears, so I can't use it against them. But let's say I can keep a screenshot of what I wrote there. Can somebody please write some nice German text (I hate them but I have to be nice) that says: "Please do not leave the packet with my neighbours. If you ring the bell and we are not at home, please deliver it to a Filiale". I would try this message next time. Thanks.
  11. That sucks big time. Normally I would assume that having an account is in your favour, but apparently this is not always the case. But if you ordered something on your home address (not Packstation or Filiale), how did they know to contact you and ask your for instructions?
  12. Are you asking me? They are Iranians (presumably, from the name), and if not Iranians they are Middle Eastern. The parents speak better German than me but not perfect, while the kids are obviously fully German.
  13. Interesting, thanks! I will try this next time and hopefully the sender will not mind to use this as my street address.
  14. Unemployment benefits if you resign

      All right, so here it goes as far as I can remember.   1. On October 31 2019 I submitted my resignation to my employer. I had 2 months of notice period. 2. At some point in December 2019 I registered online as soon to be unemployed at the arbeitsagentur website. 3. They called me a few days later and told me I need to go there on the first working day of January 2020, which is when I started to be unemployed. 4. Went there, I had quite a long waiting time to talk to a person at the reception/information desk, then I met a lady that basically registered me online (although I was already registered). 5. A couple of weeks later I received an invitation to go talk to my advisor a couple of weeks later. 6. I was also informed that my application has been approved and will be getting X euros from April 1 (I had one penalty of almost 3 months for quitting my job and 1 penalty of 1 week for informing them with a delay). In the meantime they paid my health insurance from January 1. 7. I went there, told the advisor I already had a job offer starting on April 1, he was happy, so they stopped contacting me. This was in early February 2020. 8. Around 30 of March 2020 my "new employer" called and everything I wrote down in that post happened. 9. The final decision I reached was to reject any agreement with my "new employer", so they had to fire me. They still paid me my agreed salary until Apr 14 as they had to respect 2 weeks of notice period. 10. As soon as I received the notice of being fired, I informed the Agentur für Arbeit via the website. 11. A few days later they informed me that my previously approved unemployment benefits will kick in from April 15, which they did. But I was going to receive them only until Jan 7 2021. No idea why this date and not Dec 31 2020. 12. I kept receiving my paychecks from the Agentur für Arbeit every month but they never asked me to have any appointment with my advisor (thanks COVID). I guess they did not want to stress people by forcing them to do video calls in such a bad time for the economy? Or are they just to lazy to bother with video calls? 13. I got a job offer at the end of July, starting on Aug 15. I informed the Agentur für Arbeit and they stopped paying my unemployment and health insurance on that day. The new company is doing very well and COVID has actually helped their business, the people are nice, I like the job very much, so I hope to stay long term at this company. Working from home is boring as f and I can't wait to be able to go to the office as they have a great office in Hamburg.   The thing that sucked the most in the whole process was the horrible arbeitsagentur website. I was never sure if I sent the messages the right way as there are 2 different locations to update your profile and send them messages. Still it worked fine for me.
  15. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    I would like to know the answers to these questions when you figure them out, because as described in previous pages, I didn't find the motivation to go through this when they were asking for this information. Hopefully my German will be better at some point before I'm 50, then I will at least have to worry only about the content itself and not the language barrier.