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  1. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

      I really looked for it and I can't find anything. I don't really need Spanish or Greek. An English version would be fully OK I believe.
  2. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    So...  On their website they have a few of the forms in other languages, however they do not have the one they asked me to get filled in by my universities.  This is the page with the translated forms: https://www.deutsche-rentenversicherung.de/Allgemein/de/Inhalt/5_Services/04_formulare_und_antraege/01_versicherte/04_ausland/_DRV_Paket_International_Auslandsberuehrung.html     And this is the thing that they want me to get my universities to sign:       I obviously can't expect the secretary of my university in Greece and Spain to understand and fill in this form. I want to ask the people who already did this if they got an English form from the DRV, or how they made it work.
  3. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    I appreciate the answer and it's certainly interesting, however I am not British and I have virtually zero contributions back where I come from. I have 5 years of contributions in Switzerland and I want them to stay there, and almost 5 years (and growing) in Germany.   Of course I care to add my education into the system if it brings something extra to me and I will ask them for extra time to do it. 
  4. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    I cannot get a physical appointment anymore because the Hamburg office transferred my file to the BW office. The reason they provided for doing that is that I worked for 5 years in Switzerland before moving to Germany. So as soon as they saw "Switzerland", when I sent them back the questionnaire after they first reminder, my file was transferred to BW.  I don't know if it makes sense to anyone, but apparently only BW talks to Switzerland. The other federal states are somehow unable to do so.   I hope they don't dare transfer my Swiss contributions to the doomed German pension system without my approval. I have saved up quite an amount there and I want it to stay there.     @LukeSkywalker I'm not gonna ask you your birth year, but if you are born before 1984 (I don't mind to share my birth year ), please elaborate on what came out of your meeting with the DRV. Does your studying period give you any advantages?
  5. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

      All right, so what am I going to lose if I don't do anything? Will they tell me that I cannot get a pension after having lived and worked for 40 years in Germany, because I did not send them my school certificates?     This is all theoretical right now because I missed the 14th of March deadline as I was busy doing other things. 
  6. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

      But the question stands: what if it is physically impossible for me to get these documents from my universities until the 14th of March? Do I then miss the opportunity to do it later in my life?
  7. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    The Deutsche Rentenversicherung sent me the same dreadful questionnaire a few months ago, I initially ignored it, then they sent it again, then I filled it in from memory and sent it back to them. Now they are asking me to send documents that prove the university time. They sent me the letter at the end of February and they want the documents sent to them by the 14th of March (3 weeks later). This has caused me a huge amount of unneeded stress and confusion, at a time when I have to deal with other things.   I don't need any of this and I don't want to deal with it. I'm 35 and I don't expect to ever reach an age when I'll qualify for a public pension (still I'll be happy to be proven wrong if that happens). The only thing I ever asked from them was a Versicherungsverlauf to prove that I'm currently employed and insured. Does this give them the right to harass me like this?   So my questions: 1. Anybody knows if they can fine me or elsewise penalize me if I ignore them? 2. Is this my last chance to take care of all this? If I have the time to do it in a couple of years, will they tell me that the ship has sailed?
  8. So... the other day I made an order for food and I chose to pay with PayPal. Well, it never connected me to PayPal to confirm the transaction or anything, it just told me that the order is on its way. 30 minutes later the food was there and the delivery guy told me it has been paid for (I tipped him of course!).   See the confirmation e-mail. It clearly says I paid/am supposed to pay with PayPal. Still I haven't seen any charge for 18,80 euros.   Should I expect trouble?   Note that I clicked on the "just click here" button and sent them a message, but they haven't got back to me and I have no proof that they got the message.
  9. Slow German internet

    Still no news regarding my 16 Mbps VDSL connection...   We wrote to the landlord agency and their answer on the 13th of February was:   I need to convince my boyfriend to call them... 
  10. Slow German internet

    Let's not use this language please!   I still haven't written to the house agency but it will be done soon.   What I don't understand is why 1&1 keeps telling me (they call me every couple of day...) that they have limited my speed for now and will only release it after the work has been done. This feels extremely counterproductive to me, as it means that after a technician has done some work we cannot check right away if the modem can synchronize to a higher rate.
  11. Slow German internet

    Thanks @SpiderPig, certainly useful!  
  12. Slow German internet

    Of course. We've been a bit busy but we will write the e-mail tomorrow during a long train trip. We also contacted them via e-mail for the previous issues we had with the flat (a crack that appeared on a window out of the blue without anything crashing on it and half the touch buttons on the cooker control panel not functioning anymore) and they answered fairly fast, so I prefer to use e-mail again instead of calling them.
  13. Slow German internet

    For the first 12 months the difference is only 5 euros/monthly so this is the last of my concerns. First I will try to see if I can get the internal wiring fixed.
  14. Slow German internet

    I received this SMS from 1&1 earlier today: Does it look like a random automated thing that they would send anyway or does it mean they are actually doing something?
  15. Slow German internet

    No, making them spend money to fix our flat!    What I mean is that they may have a certain acceptance rate of issues from each tenant before they've had it with us and kick us out. And we really like our flat, so we don't want to be kicked out!