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  1. Well, it will also work for full electric...
  2. Thank you for the answer so far... It's a personal parking space in a raising / lowering system. I already checked with the manufacturer that it is possible to install a charging point, so my landlord can't claim otherwise! I thought about drilling a hole in the car end of the cable, and using a padlock, whilst enclosing the charger end, so no-one can remove the cable from the wallbox. I am not concerned about crime - it's a closed, locked garage, and the neighbours are trustworthy. The cost for a wallbox is not 10k€ as far as I could see, rather around 4k€ with full installation, when installing only 1 unit. If they decide to install in several, then the unit price drops...
  3. Company Car for 100% private usage

    I have the opportunity to get a company car (1,0% Regelung), and live 2km away from work. The company have agreed that my partner can drive the car to work and back every day, so the car would be used pretty much 100% for personal use (approx. 20.000 km per year). I've been trying to work out if it is worth it, but have some open questions still unresolved:   1) I found some sites stating that the 1,0% Regelung can only be used if the car is used more than 50% for professional purposes. ("Die 1-%-Regelung kann jedoch nur angewandt werden, wenn die Nutzung des Fahrzeugs zu mindestens 50 Prozent dienstlich geschieht."). I've tried to find out if this really is the case, but my further research suggests this is only for self-employed people using the car both personally and professionally (e.g. Can anyone confirm if I (as a full-time employee) can use the normal 1,0% Regelung with an extremely low professional usage?   2) I presume my partner can still get his tax reduction through the Pendlerpauschale, because this applies regardless of the method used for getting to work?   3) I would also include my 2km to work with the 0,03% rule?   The main question is the first point - this is the most relevant, if we can take the car with pretty much 100% personal use. I believe so, and that the 50% question is for self-employed people. But if anyone with more knowledge / experience can confirm, that would be very helpful!   Thank you!
  4. He would save 900 €, but is not planning on installing any at the moment.
  5. I am changing jobs soon, and my new employer will provide me with a company car - a hybrid (electric and petrol motors). I saw whilst browsing the car manufacturers' pages, that you can get up to 900€ government support to install a private charging point - I have a few questions if anyone has experience or can maybe help answer them:   1) Can I get this subsidy for a company car (the standard 1% / 0.5% financing), or is this only for people with a privately-owned electric or hybrid car? 2) If I can get it, can I use it to install a charging point in a rented parking space (assuming the landlord also goes with the idea)? It could help persuade him, given he would then save 900€ and have the use of the charging point for future tenants. 3) Any other things to consider...   Thank you very much!   Ben