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  1. Einbürgerung Process in München

    @zephyr Did you get the cancelled passport back from the Indian Consulate? I believe I would need that when I apply for an OCI card later.
  2. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

     Those numbers are only for one week. In total Germany has 564 deaths per million compared to 1003 deaths per million in Sweden.
  3. Wimmer bakery

    Anyone else notice the proliferation of Wimmer bakeries across Munich during the pandemic? Now there are 3 of them within 5 mins of my apartment. They seem to be taking advantage of pandemic shutdowns to takeover a lot of small local bakeries and cafes. There products are not bad, but the end of the local bakeries and cafes is a bit sad.
  4. Tax filing - Depreciation disallowed on empty rental property

    Thanks both. I have submitted an Einspruch over Elster-online. Let's see what the case worker says.
  5. I purchased an under-construction apartment in July 2018, that was completed in handed over in November 2019. I planned to rent it out but did not find a tenant till February 2020. In my tax filing for 2019, I put it as a rental property and deducted the expenses(including interest payments) and the depreciation for two months. As this was my first filing with the apartment, the beamter asked more details about the break-up of the costs (and the split of apartment and land costs), the purchase contract and the rental contract, which I sent over. I then realised that I had mistakenly put in the full value of the apartment as the calculation basis for depreciation instead of only using the "Gebäudeanteil". But I assumed she would correct it, as I had sent in all the details in response to the first notice. Now I have received the Bescheid, and they have allowed the interest and other costs to be deducted, but disallowed the depreciation (Abschreibung). The relevant note in the Bescheid is:   Erläuterungen zur Feststellung: Die Abschreibung kann erst mit Fertigstellung berücksichtigt werden. Der Einkommensteuerbescheid ist hinsichtlish der Einkunfte aus das Objekt "xxxxxx" vorlaufig.   The apartment was handed over on 04.11.2019, but the entry on the Grundbuch was only done on 23.12.2019. Is she correct in disallowing the depreciation for 2019? If not, is it worth challenging it for a couple of hundred Euros? Or is the process too complicated? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.