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  1. Coronavirus

    Interesting article:
  2. Coronavirus

    Yes, based on my limited German skills, I think they said that 1000 people were tested, and the evaluation of half of the tests found that 15 % were infected. Maybe someone with better German skills can confirm. It's around the 1 min mark.   And it seems a weird way of conveying simple news items. Who writes this kind of language?
  3. Coronavirus

      Also, the number of critical cases has jumped in the recent days according to:     The serious cases used to be in double digits tiil 3-4 days ago and then it suddenly jumped to around 1900 and now to 3400. Looks like the people infected 2-3 weeks ago are now getting really sick.   Thankfully, the number of new cases is not jumping significantly and the number of recoveries is going up. This would mean we probably will not reach saturation, as Germany already has over 28,000 ICU beds & 25,000 ventilator units.  
  4. Coronavirus

    Maybe because they also followed the stupid herd immunity idea:    
  5. Coronavirus

      Even though allowed, they are trying to discourage people from going on "Ausflüge" or hiking:    
  6. Coronavirus

    Here's an article on Germany's low death rate. Read and draw your own conclusions.    
  7. Coronavirus

      The preparations in Munich look ok from a rookie perspective. I don't have much experience with hospitals, but here's what I noticed.   I was at the ER in Klinikum Bogenhausen in Munich this Saturday for something unrelated to Corona. What I noticed was that the ER was separated from the rest of the hospital and also from the Corona intake area. The ER was minimally staffed with only one doctor there. The rest were probably in the upper floors with the Corona section. Even in the ER, all the staff had full protective gear throughout my 7 hr stay there. I also heard them giving instructions to other staff on how to handle if they receive a suspected case. While being wheeled to a scan room that was outside the ER area, I noticed barriers everywhere and someone escorted the nurse & me all the while we were outside the ER area. I also noticed almost 100 wheeled beds, all sanitised and covered, ready to be deployed if needed. There were probably more in the other areas. So I would guess, they are fine in the bed department. Not sure about the ventilators though. Hopefully they are able to cope with any surge that may come.    
  8. Coronavirus

      Similar numbers in Austria & Switzerland as well. Austria has 2,491 cases and just 6 deaths. Switzerland has 5,407 cases and 56 deaths. The DACH region seems to be faring very differently than its neighours.   Could it be because most Germans/Austrians/Swiss who brought it back from Northern Italy were young people? The secondary infections of old people will only start showing up now and then we might see a jump in the death rates.   Though I hope that is not the case and it is just a matter of the German healthcare system working better than the Italian and Spanish ones.
  9. Appropriate clothing for winter

    Really liked the initial answers on this thread. Was wondering what happened and how did TT become so polite and helpful again. And then I saw the dates on the earlier posts. And then I saw this reply and it brought me back to the post-Trump-era!