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    Heres one for you:On a short flight from Bangkok to Malaysia with only a few passengers aboard, a stewardess asks if it would be fine if she skipped the safety briefing. Everyone was OK with it except for a little old American lady. So the stewardess walks up to her and says: “Listen Lady, it’s very easy: we crash, you die!”

    Read on some Spiegel website.

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  1. Which past members do you miss the most?

    I’m sure I’ve written this somewhere but I miss mlovett     
  2. I’ll be in Munich on the 9th. Unfortunately the curry meetup is on the 10th  but if anything is planned on the 9th I’ll gladly join
  3. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

    I am on a diet but I’d stuff my face with Tim Hortons donuts right now 🙈
  4. Registering birth of baby born to Canadian citizens in Germany

    Anyone have an idea what the current wait times are? 
  5. Thinking of opening a Canadian bank account

      Loblaws owns everything now lol     
  6. After a few weeks here in Canada I’m thinking of opening an account here parallel to my German bank accounts. Mainly to use a Canadian credit card for some stuff as (only a few) a few things didn’t work out using our German credit cards. Maybe building up a Canadian credit history might be a good idea to for the future (never know).    Ill use my aunts Adresse but go for online banking obviously.    Can anyone suggest a good and fairly inexpensive account?    Ill transfer some funds occasionally.    Will this bother the Finanzamt? Thinking of two to three thousand per year just to keep it moving...
  7. Woah! Passports ready for pick up in Berlin (don't they send it??). Thats about 8 working days!!!  
  8. Car rental Canada to USA

    Yeah, had already found that but the only option there seems to be Buffalo to switch cars :/ 
  9. Car rental Canada to USA

    Hey, seems I’ve hit some sort of wall as I’m having trouble finding a car rental place that allows you to pickup a rental in Toronto and drop it off in New York City.    Anyone know where I have to look?   checked a few German sites and Alamo and National? 
  10. Hamburg Car Parking

    I’ve never used the apps to find a spot (don’t think it work) but paying with them is easy.   formerly known as Mobil park is easy to use and works in most city’s in Germany actually.   hamburg is installing sensors to alert to empty parking I just read but that’ll take a few months. 
  11. So I’m sort of in a rush and traveling to Canada on the 22nd. Haven’t been in a while and by chance found out I can’t travel on my German passport but must enter Canada on a Canadian passport (dual citizenship).    So now I’ve filled out the forms and wanted to send everything off to the embassy only now to realize my original birth certificate is at my moms place in Braunschweig but I do have photocopy’s here.    Any idea if a copy would suffice (throwing my older Canadian passport in for good measure)?   I’ll call in the morning and am contemplating driving to Braunschweig to pickup the original and then on to Berlin to drop everything off (20 works days is also tight I know).
  12. Alternative titles of threads

    Only one is left :/    the rabbit pest got the other five two years ago. The last one is a tough one though. The crows visit him every day and take the food he’s left and he has lots of space. I’ll take a pic and post it  
  13. Alternative titles of threads

    Thanks for the love 2B     Not sure actually why I left (like a grudge you can't remember why after a few years  ). I am now at an age where I forget faster or never so a mix of Alzheimers and old miserable fart.        
  14. Alternative titles of threads

    Is that still a thing?
  15. 1. Lisa 2. Julian 3. Susie 4. Ryosuke 5. Chris 6. Gerald (Legendary MLD) signing in after like 5 years