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    Heres one for you:On a short flight from Bangkok to Malaysia with only a few passengers aboard, a stewardess asks if it would be fine if she skipped the safety briefing. Everyone was OK with it except for a little old American lady. So the stewardess walks up to her and says: “Listen Lady, it’s very easy: we crash, you die!”

    Read on some Spiegel website.

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  1. Getting a trailer for my car

    So, got my new car and had a trailer hitch installed. New it's not clean cut concerning the possible size of the trailer.   A total weight of 750kg is always allowed it seems ( non self braking) although it states 730kg in my fahrzeugschein.   If I look at the larger league my fahrzeugschein states I can pull 1400kg (self braking) in position 0.1 but (and that's the part I find confusing) below in the special section (22) it says I can pull 1700kg upto 8% so that would mean upto 12% I could pull 1400kg?   I have found this   Am I correct in this assumption?