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  1.   Thanks for the response and info! Can I ask though, have you had success with this process in Munich or is this from another city (one of the links above is from Berlin)?   When I emailed the Munich KVR they made no mention of being able to send in the documents via email and get an appointment this way (nor do I see it on the website as an option). I would be very happy to send them all the information via email and wait for an appointment, but wanted to ask if this has worked in Munich specifically?
  2. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    Hi, I emailed the KVR office and after a few weeks they responded to me saying appt only through the website.   You can make an online appt for the visa here (after a few questions)   However, there seem to be no open dates for the next several months. I have checked several times each day for a week or so now and none seem to open up. They released March 2020 dates a few days ago but all are showing as not available. Not sure how this is supposed to work. If you have any luck getting an appt please let me know how you did it.   Also, if you are Blue Card Holder and meet a few other criteria, the language requirement is only A1.
  3. Hi All,   To bump this post ---   Has anyone applied for a  Niederlassungserlaubnis recently in Munich? I have emailed and heard back that one can only make appts to get the permit via the website.   Funny thing is all appointments are booked for the next three months. Recently March opened up as an option to book, but all dates already gone. Anyone know any tips to get an appointment?