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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    The excellent Fintan O’Toole on Boris Johnson: “he knows that millions of his compatriots would rather go along with his outrageous fabrications than be accused of the ultimate sin of taking things too seriously.”    
  2. Three-word story

     my lady lumps
  3. Three-word story

    Two Tory Twats!
  4. Change of name by German in UK

    You seem to have your hopes up, but even though you changed your first name(s) in South Africa for reasons that were valid to you at the time, Germany operates a very strict rule on not altering names on passports, so if you are planning to get a new one it will inevitably be with the first names it was originally issued. 
  5. If you've got a few minutes spare and feel like playing them at their own game, respond by using this reverse cold-calling script. I've tried it a few times, it can be amusing. Got quite far in one case!  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    A bunch of arses with a lot of cheek. Nuff said.
  7. My goodness, there's a barely suppressed sense of excitement at TT on this important subject!   The word is that they'll be available again from 4.7 at Netto, otherwise folks with a Metro wholesale card can  get them as well as some online stores.    Guten Appetit!
  8. Assuming you are the German citizen in question, surely you'd be far better off searching / posting in German-language finance/steuer forums rather than one in English explicitly aimed at (non) Germans living in Germany.   Just a thought...viel Glück!
  9. Berlin folks, yeah, I know the hype will eventually die down, but where the heck can I get my hands on this damn vegan burger thang🤪?! Seems to be permanently sold out at Lidl & Netto...    
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    What an utterly bizarre cult the Tories are    
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    The UK is so fucked