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  1. Also a very happy customer of TransferWise, have made some substantial savings over the last couple of years transferring from GBP to EUR
  2. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Well it's true, a new SBahn station would make getting there a bit easier, but I'm still not convinced that the great masses will want to trek out there, I mean the garden is pleasant enough but there are more attractive places to drink a beer.   I don't know that Bierladen, my local is Lager Lager on Pflügerstrasse in Neukölln, small but well stocked with friendly service.    
  3. Evacuation for UXB

    Recent doc by American filmmaker Rick Minnich about WWII bombs in Oranienburg (in German)äger/rbb-Fernsehen/Video?bcastId=3822114&documentId=51797146  
  4. Best WW2 movies ever made?

      IMHO the thread title is broad enough as it is, it's a pity that the focus on WW2 movies was diluted.   Nothing to stop folks starting their own threads, of course.
  5. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    So my second visit today, some 13 months later, indicates that I didn't become a regular, but I was in the area with my wife and decided to show her Stone Brewing. It's still an impressive location, and although the main hall was practically empty, the garden outside was quite full thanks to the pleasant weather.   The selection of beers is still really varied, not cheap but that's the deal and quality is very good. The food however is definitely overpriced and/or portions small - "fish and chips" (as it was named in English) consisting of a couple of small pieces of breaded cod, red beet salad and "homemade potato chips" - these were not however "pommes" or fries as you might expect but what Brits would refer to as "crisps" (yes, I know, "chips" auf deutsch) in a paper cone - all for the princely sum of €20 - ouch.    So yes, distinctly underwhelmed by the food and although we enjoyed the beers, doubt we'll be visiting again in a hurry. Still curious how well the Mariendorf operation is doing in the grand plan.
  6. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    The most profound WWII film I know is Elem Klimov's gut-wrenching Come and See, released in 1985. Often cited as one of the greatest anti-war films of all time.   The film's title comes from the Book of Revelation: “And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, ‘Come and see.' And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”    
  7. No doubt she'll be thrilled once all is revealed.
  8. Presume this is related to the burial of Hitler's remains?   According to this forum (cached as the original has disappeared), Klausenerstraße 17, 39112 Magdeburg.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

       not missing the word salad...breathe out...and relax! 
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Another Leaver who has done very well out of Brexit...   PS ...can't hear TTs resident Brexshiteer's inevitable tantrum!       
  11. Amateur Broadway musical theatre in Berlin

    I might be wrong, but to ping someone I think you have to add @ to their username, thus: @Torphin
  12. Why Berlin? The Positives.

    Agree with much of El Jeffo's comments, except the notion that the quality of life in Berlin has declined. It has changed, for sure, but there are positives as well as the negatives.   I lived here 1992-2006 (my wife since 1988), then we then moved to Denmark & then the UK, returning to Berlin in 2015, so perhaps we have an even keener sense of what changed in that period. Without question the housing shortage / rising rents is bad for a lot of people, no question. No city stays the same, and one can hope that there are enough factors & checks to keep Berlin from following London in this respect. Coming back to a city can be a risk - misplaced nostalgia - but as we had lived here so long we had many friends and acquaintances so immediately landed a great place to live, initially renting at a very affordable rent and now about to buy outright, directly from the owner (so no Makler involved).  Now some 30 months later we are fully settled in again and very happy to be back.   Berliners still complain all the time - Schnauze! - but they usually have little notion of what it's like to live elsewhere. The city might well feel fuller in comparison to earlier, but it's a long way away from being crowded - Berlin has 3900 people/km² versus the French capital's 20700 people/km²!   So I totally get why people want to move here, but what gets me is how so many newcomers to TT blithely state that they speak no German whatsoever and appear to regard acquiring the language as an optional extra...
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    The relief....aaaahhhhh   
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      @Janx Spirit - I should have listened to your advice sooner! It's like expecting the pub bore to start listening to others instead of being obsessed with the sound of his own voice.  Never going to happen!   Anyway, it really is a waste of time debating fake stats on Brexit with someone hiding behind a fake profile/location. Apparently HF doesn't even live in Germany! My bet is a suburban Kipper resembling a certain character from Dad's Army...    Auf wiedersehen, Warden Hodges - sorry - Dawg!