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  1. Looking for a volunteer video editor

    As this appears to be for an unpaid position, it's better off in this topic.   With no indication as to the amount of work expected, nor any reason why someone should volunteer beyond the fact that it's for "internationals", it's difficult to imagine to whom this is meant to appeal.    
  2. New in Berlin (or new to this forum)

    This appears to be a useful site for newcomers
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

        Normally loath to post anything printed by the pitiful Daily Express, but this before / after Brexit juxtaposition says it all...
  4. What are you watching right now?

    Anyone watching The Last of Us, the HBO remake of the Playstation video game?   I'm already a fan of the latter (a latecomer, first played both parts during the pandemic), so was naturally very curious about the series.   So far, based on the first two episodes, it's really very good     
  5. Anyone done this route?
  6. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    Hello unknown neighbour   I'm like a cracked record, but here is your friendly reminder to crush or collapse cardboard boxes before you put them in the container, otherwise they take up a lot of space which is then unavailable for the rest of us.   Takes around a minute.   I keep doing it for you cos you can't be bothered.   Have a nice fucking day.   Twat.      
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Another win for the Brexitists
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Another own goal. Well done, Brexitists!
  9. It's an almost impossible ask for that weekend, especially anything close to Potsdamer Platz...   I did however hear of an event taking place in a function room at this location on Oranienburger Strasse in Mitte, but wasn't there myself and cannot therefore answer any questions, but maybe worth a try   Good luck!    
  10. Three-word story

    his skinny latte
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    This Guardian survey may be of interest   Brits living in the EU: what is life on the continent like post-Brexit? We would like to hear from Brits living across the EU about life on the continent post-Brexit    
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Hellfire wouldn’t need a battery operated detector, he could fuel it entirely on hot air 🥵 
  13. I so much miss @hellfire99 and his confident predictions of Brexit success. Such a pity he’s no longer around to witness the reality.