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  1. 1 hour ago, Conquistador said:

    Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, New Zealand, Botswana, Madagascar, the UAE, Oman, Iceland, Greenland. If they can resist Merkel's bullying, a number of countries in the East of the EU, plus Portugal, would also come into play.


    Except Japan and South Korea, I do not count any other country in. They reach everywhere these days!!

    Some bleeding hearts in Iceland even described these refugee as "future lovers and future husbands". Cute.


  2. 1 hour ago, ayuanaur said:


    so one out of two:

    1) extreme right people deciding to take refugee crisis into their hands :S

    2) ISIS/Dansh/stupid people doing retarded things


    luckily it seems that no one was hurt

    3). Experiment gone wrong

    4). Premature ejaculation (i.e., explosion)

    5). Someone got a cold feet and didn't want to die.


  3. 16 minutes ago, desdemona said:

    Then he returned with his father and brother, the father armed with knife, screamed 'alahuakbar' and threatened to decapitate the doctor unless the doctor apologised to his son!! The two sons were apparently supposed to hold down the doctor while the father does the deed!!!

    Bloodhounds!! What made that son-of-a-whatever go aggressive?


  4. 23 minutes ago, emkay said:


    I was merely asking for some viable ideas. Answers would be outside of our range.  Other political parties seem to have gone quiet regarding their solutions.  Are we truly up a blind alley with no way out?

    I understand. But the answer depends of so many factors. How far does the Mutti thinks she is out of Noble Peace price race? How politically correct should a response to the crisis be (on the scale of pussilanimity to Australian quarantine mechanism)? How far has the EU internal defence mechanism lost control of the situation (on a scale of 'I have no frigging idea where those 1.2 Mils are' to 'I'm the Google!')? How far German voters are pissed off with the current situation AND whether the ruling coalition cares? How decisive is the middle finger of Hungary, Poland and other non-conforming EU members

    to the entire EU's refugee-plan? Will Brexit lead to more EURexits on the single point of contention (the refugee crisis)?


    I know I am quatsching here. But I guess I am not really that far off from the real questions.


  5. 11 minutes ago, emkay said:

    After all of the atrocities over the last year, notably those in the last week, I know that many TTers are politically astute so please can anyone give some sort of viable ideas  to this whole migrant situation. So we know that 'chucking them out can't  work as we hear one attacker had been refused asylum though continued to live here under a 'tolerated refugee' basis.  We have no idea how many others similarly remain here.  From the France attack, we only know that know that one of the murderers was a convicted terrorist criminal supposedly living with his parents, electronically tagged.  How many others are there?


    How can anyone outside the intelligence machinary reliably answer these questions @emkay? All we could imagine is, whatever the current process to handle such rejects, it's not working. What is also not working is the processing itself. No background checks, no fingerprinting, no tracking of all those who have come in.


  6. 3 hours ago, vmelchers said:

    I would really like to see prominent muslims, football players, bankers, whatever, speak about the issues.


    The whole world (minus the bleeding hearts and Islamapologists) are demanding this. But the danger is, if only a minority of such notable people raise up, they will be killed or will have to lead their lives in excile. ala Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nusreen etc. There has to be a huge wave, an upsurge and that has to come from within the Islam world.


    We have enough of arm-chair commentators or day-time-moderate-night-time-Jihadists. They are just media hoggers or fame seekers. They won't do a zilch to take on the radicals.


    The outsiders, me or you, cannot do this. When you do this, you'd be labelled Islamophobe or something of that sort.


  7. How come suddenly there are guns everywhere in Germany? How come anyone with a loose nut can get their hands on to them?

    Isn't that more serious a question?


    Some possible scenario: some "settled" operatives bring them calmly via trains / cars from the other, less supervised parts of Europe into Germany?


  8. 21 minutes ago, fraufruit said:


    How is teaching someone a language in return for money being "charitable"?

    Teaching for money isn't, giving them access to your personal sphere is. Not that there is anything wrong in it.

    I was pointing it out that the 'outlook' of this family is vastly different from the hoards of single men (some who claim to be minor or from Syria or both). What they are like in their inner circles, I do not know.

    My apologies to @nina_glyndwr, I summarily read her post as a "bleeding heart" response. I was wrong.


    But the facts I claim in my post are still what they are. The Canadian govt and some wannabe do gooders Cherry pick and pose. That is about 180° away from the present day problem of Europe, Germany in particular: hoards of single men posing as refugees and the 'potential threat' they pose. And the bleeding hearts that do not see this.


  9. Think about it. We are in a country where the neighbour can sue you because you run a washing machine on a Sunday (ruhetag). The assailants (asylanten) are taking this to other extreme: to violate every possible personal freedom of you, go eff yourself, and gimmie my monthly pocketmoney.


  10. Anyone with a Tor browser and a laptop can easily get in touch with these ISIS potheads, I believe. Tor takes care of anonymizing their ass and Twitter I guess would provide the links to 'dark' web (un-indexed pages hosted on some anonymized servers somewhere, accessible only with an IP address). I haven't tried fishing something out like this, not my job and not worth the risk. This is a just a guess.


  11. 10 minutes ago, kiplette said:

    About the current carnage - individual nutters are still acting as terrorists if they strike terror into our communities, but they are not the same as a terrorist organisation, although as pointed out up-thread, that makes bugger-all difference to those whose loved ones are dead. 


    Sorry, but my reading of the situation is a bit like this: the ISIS threat would now be used as a ransom: you either bend down and agree to my asylum and free-loading demands otherwise you have a potential ISIS freelancer out of an asylum seeker! That is pretty dangerous! It's like, do what you want (weild an axe, shoot people up, knife them...) but as long as you do some head-line grabbing shit, you are my franchise - that is how ISIS is operating at the moment, and as someone put it, it is allowing nutters and failed lives to go out with a 'bang'. If you ask me, it is not much different than recruiting native suicide bombers. Even more effective because of the access that is already granted to these free modules!


  12. Has anyone got a grapevine to the discussions going on in "German" circles? I mean, we are a few (hundred) English speakers feeling the way we are in our own little forum. But there must be certainly lots of discussions going on in German circles.


    My colleagues, though very friendly to me they are, won't let anything slip out of their mouths that is not calculated and passed through all the social filters. Even the young ones at my social circles appear to be measured, though probably in my absence they would say "Scheiße ausländer" then may be mentally counting me out of that shit-list (I hope).


    The comments sections in the online DE magazines are a lot more vocal, to the extent of xenophobic, but in-person discussions do not give a anonym cover. So, would be interesting!



  13. 1 hour ago, gemini said:

    Again...much more likely to be eaten by a shark or struck by lightening...but it makes one feel more guarded and suspect...


    Sorry to say, but these probabilities have changed now. It is now as likely an event as being denied an asylum.