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  1. Hallo All,


    I know this topic is already discussed in other Posts. I here to emphasize on Employer name change procedure on the Zusatzblatt which comes with the Blue card.


    So here is the situation:

    I have a new job offer in my hand which satisfies all the Blue card requirements.


    My question:

    Do I have to check with the Ausländerbehörde before signing the offer and then resign the current job?




    Just I can go to the Ausländerbehörde before 2 weeks of the end of Notice Period  and ask for Employer Change in the Zusatzblatt ? 


    - BOB


  2. Hello All,


    I have to send my passport along with other documents for renewal to Indian embassy, Munich.

    Please advice on sending these documents through Deutsch Post.

    What is recommended way(Deutsch Post) of sending the documents and passport.


    I have already checked Deutsch Post website.