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  1. Hello Toytown,   I'm experiencing a problem with DHL about a package that went missing after it was deposited into a Packstation at the end of 2020.   The package was a normal eBay sale, an iPhone in this case. Before I scanned the package I noticed some compartments were open that wouldn't close, I didn't think much of it as this had happened before. After I scanned the package I chose the medium size and deposited the package into the compartment and closed it. After this, the system display continued to show the size selection stage, rendering it impossible to complete the process.   In hindsight, I could've waited at the Packstation all day the following day to ensure the package was recovered properly but instead assumed it would be scanned eventually by a DHL employee.   It has been months since then and several complaints have not been fruitful. The first investigation (Untersuchung) resulted in a "nur die PAN Daten" response, meaning that the package had not properly been scanned and was asked to be patient.   Mere weeks after this I used the same Packstation and discovered someone else's package amongst mine. Based on this I think it's likely the theft of the original package is probable.   My question is, what kind of claim against DHL could one take considering the package was never properly scanned? I still retain all the serial numbers of the phone and can report the theft to the police as well.   Any experiences or advice is welcome!   Thanks