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  1. Hello,

    I stumbled upon these ads on Immobilien Scout 24:,00?enteredFrom=one_step_search


    I was schocked by the prices: really? You can purchase these properties for only about 20000 euros? Is there any specific reason why

    these homes are so cheap? Like, is the area an economically depressed one? Or the prices are affected by the vicinity of the Czech border?


    Thank you for your answers!


  2. Thank you for your answers!

    I know that salary usually depends on a lot of factors. But maybe I wasn't clear enough and I excuse myself for that. What I wanted to ask is if there is anyone who is able to give me an answer about what is a POSSIBLE salary of a professional worker living in Germany in my same situation (i.e. foreigner, mostly English-speaking but committed to improve German, master degree in IT).

    In the end everything boils down to how much money I could earn minus total expenses (rent, food etc...), so I need to have an idea

    of how high is cost of living before accepting to work in Germany (if I'm offered a job).

    Thank you


  3. Hello folk,

    this is my first message here.

    I'm a computer engineer who is working in software field in Italy.

    Now, the situation in Italy in terms of job career possibilities and salaries is not good at all.

    There is a lot of unemployment and salaries tend to be very very low.

    For instance, despite the fact that I have 5 years of working experience in software and a degree in IT engineering,

    my current net income monthly salary is ... 1250 euro! Yes , no kidding, that's just a little more of what a cashier usally earns at the local grocery store.

    Furthermore, I cannot afford moving out of my parents house due to the high cost of living.. despite being in my 30s. I know, this sounds incredible.. but it's the harsh reality many young Italian adults are experiencing nowadays.


    So the things I'd like to ask are these:

    -How much easy do you guys think it would be for me to find an english-speaking job in Munich area (that's where I'm mostly interested in atm)?

    -What would be a typical salary in IT field?

    -Do you think, as a single guy, may I afford to live by myself in Bavaria or at the end of the month it will be, for me, like living in italy?

    -How is life in Germany for an Italian?


    As a side note i'd like to specify that I have a basic knowledge of German (attained through some years of formal education ), and

    of course I'm willy to improve it.


    So thanks for your answers and... I'm looking forward to having a beer with you guys one day in Munich!