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  1. Hello Folks..


    I haven't seen you in a while, but haven't forgotten you folks!


    Since I know some of you like your dishes crazy *Hot*, I invite you to try this packet of crisps available at Edeka!

    Take my word for it .. please try one first before you pop a handful into your mouth!!

    Drop me a line of feedback once you have tried it.


     Maybe catch you folks one of these Wednesdays!!




    Hot Hot Hot.jpg


  2. Hey sixtrings,


    Happy New Year! And thanks for posting the links.. It is a shame you are not in Munich  :(

    I am pretty new and have a guitar that lies in the cellar begging me to pick it up and play!!


    I am hoping I could find someone in Munich who is an expert with guitar and likes to show beginners their way around it.. 

    All for a few drinks and laughter...! 




    This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Bombay Tandoori, Rosenheimerstr 75 (corner Metzstr), 81667 München.


    Nearest station Rosenheimerplatz all S-Bahn´s and 15, 25 tram.


      1. ex-essex.

      2. Food mom. will bring Cookies. beware.

      3. Traveler

      4. LisaJK - I'll bring ex-essex's Mincemeat

      5. Andi

      6.Jai.. I'll bring myself :P



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  5. OK we are planning to be there between 4-5 and then see how  it goes..

    If you are feeling adventurous enough to take the S-Bahn and come by yourself, I'll guide you..

    It's probably in a park or something, but am not sure of the location yet otherwise I would have said you can bring Fin along..

    I'll message you my number so send me a text or WhatsApp when you know what you are doing,..




  6. Hey Magazine..  Ok that's a shame you can't make it on 16th.. but the orig idea was to meet up during the week, what happened? Are you still thinking of doing something?

    BTW tell Christoph I was cheering for the Portugese :P


    Wanderlost... Paulyg must be in the biergarten... with the weather being what it is , I am not surprised soaking it all in they say :D




    Anyone interested in the Tarzan movie? They have a preview in OV on 27th July Cinema Cinema, but I am away that week.

    So, when they actually run the movie full time (the week after that hopefully) I would love to go watch it..








  7. Hey guys,


    Once again...  it was great to see you all! From Arizona to Ontario and Mumbai to Munich via the London Biergarten :)

    On my way back home, I remembered an up-coming event on July 16th..  if it is not too early for you guys...


    There are some free events going on with '' das fest der nachbarn''. Myself and my partner intend to visit it, and if  any of you are interested we can catch up.

    Here are some links to it..


    http://www.mkjz.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/compress_7407859_4089902116_6.pdf Check page 14 - Live music from 16.30 My colleague's playing in the Benny Okos Band

    Facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/events/1196834993661703/

    Map on google to the  place https://www.google.co.uk/#q=westendstr+66a+m%C3%BCnchen


    Sorry couldn't find any better weblinks..





  8. Well there you are Magazine... I nearly thought it was a monthly subscription then :)


    Good to hear from you and I have just about got out of a cold myself. Not sure if you have tried Sinupret? Works well for me and keeps me out of manflu.


    While I have 1 eye on the TV screen, I am not letting the footie hamper my plans, so  Sunday at 6 is good for me!

    Keep posting and I'll get posted :P



  9. Hi Paulyg/ Camlough/ Wanderlust,


    Do you all want to meet up this Friday at around 5-6 PM to begin with?

    If all of you are up for it, we can book a table somewhere.

    I can currently only think of Kilians or Ned Kelly's. 

    Alternatively, if you guys can shout out any other place we can agree upon without much debate for the first time, it would be great.


    Whilst Magazine is away, we will raise a toast to her :)




  10. Hey Magazine,


    Saturday 25th is ok with me at the minute.

    Friday 24th I have a work 'do' and Sunday though nothing is planned for now is my gf's brother in law's birthday. Not sure if we are having a BBQ or something, but I can tentatively put in 25th June for now and you can let us know when you get back...


    What about you wanderlust? Hast du lust? :)