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  1. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    I actually did But I was weak and took her off it again
  2. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Unfortunately not even my first time dealing with lisa 
  3. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    You are so mean spirited. I've never come across somebody like you on the internet before, across any forum. You bait people with passive aggressive comments and then pounce. I don't know what your motives are
  4. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    I don't understand you at all. You say such strange things. And a lot of it
  5. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Yep. I think this is what I'm going to need to do from now on. I'll just need to buy in bulk so I don't run out so quick. Thanks for the advice... I wondered if this is what others do, rather than hunting for hidden treasures in Supermarkets. 
  6. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Really? Everything needs to be spelled out clearly to you doesn't it? I love red wine... that's why I'm asking
  7. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Yes I do love Australian reds, and I know the brands quite well, hence I don't buy the ones I see in the shops here, Yellowtail for example is one of the worst wines in Australia imo. I'm interested in trying some South African wines as I like cab sav and shiraz a lot. But once again South African wines I've tried from Edeka haven't been very good.. basically I don't trust anything from Edeka anymore and I am looking for other sources that are convenient. 
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

    Fail, satellite dish right in front of the window
  9. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    I can't find a more recent thread than this to talk about wine, so I'll revive this one.   I have been struggling quite a bit to find good red wine in Germany. White wine no problem, a good Riesling or Grauburgunder and I'm happy. But for Reds, in which I usually spend about 8€: - I've tried many a bottle at Edeka: Mostly Italian & Spanish The French wines are awful. I look up best vintages to help my chances, but mostly I haven't found much good. - Lidl and Aldi stuff. I'm yet to find a good one despite previous comments in this thread - I tried Jacques, box of 6 reds for 50€. Bad - I've tried some local(ish) wine shops, much more success there, but much more pricey and hard to get to for me. - I've tried online with I've tried one bottle so far... pretty good, so I'll see with this one.   Any advice appreciated. Do I need to pay more? Are the some good online shops?  
  10. Due to Skype I probably see my parents more since I left. As for the travel it's still happening back and forth for the 4 years I've been here, but I expect that will dry up a bit.
  11. What made you smile today?

    Great scam! nobody would bother to cash a cheque for 10 cents :)
  12. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    I wish people wouldn't ask this question. It took 3 years for my wife to get pregnant, the whole time her friend would be asking this same question, and making her feel bad for not having kids. It really upset her. Some people want kids but can't have them, and it's really insensitive to probe people about it.   I remember my sister in law had the same issue, she was often in tears about it. 
  13. Flixbus vs. dbahn

    I've used Flixbus twice. Once Munich to Prague and it was excellent. On time, fast, easy. So cheap. Second time was to Frankfurt, this was terrible, it was late, wifi didn't work, it went on some bizarre detour and had a break at a service station for 30 mins. I think it took over 7 hours to get from Munich to Frankfurt when the schedule said 4.5. Return was marginally better, it was faster at least, without the 30min break. Although it had some strange full bus change over at one point: Everyone off, change to a new bus, spoken in German so many people were confused and stayed on until they were force off.   So I wouldn't use it again unless I was desperate or going to Prague, since that route was very well organised.
  14. Why are you happy today?

    I'm a huge fan of Slayer, but they've never been very good live to me (I've seen them 4 times since 2001), hopefully they get their shit together for this tour. I would have liked to have gone as it's a good line up with Anthrax, Obituary and Lamb of God. Obituary are awesome, one of the best old school death metal bands
  15. Liable for breaking a friends glasses?

    gee, way to jump on one throw away line