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  1. This is a goos summary of rhe anti-lockdown arguments. Low deaths high recovery rate etc good arguments overall but to me the big unknown is the long haulers, why do a small number get a super nasty version of the virus. Personally I’m pretty chilled about this but living on the careful side of things till we get an answer to that.


    Conrad Black: Coronavirus hysteria will soon come to an end






  2. An interesting column on WFM “SURVEY SAYS” ( theme from Family Fued I believe) most people now hate it




    from the comments section


    Garth, WFH flexibility and lockdowns are not one in the same. I’m guessing lockdowns are negatively affecting people’s mental health, but work flexibility isn’t the scourge you’re trying to make it out to be. 

    The reality is, most people hate their jobs (I’ve seen statistics as high as 85%). Do you really think these underling employees are clamoring to commute daily to stuffy windowless offices with crappy fluorescent lighting so their distrusting micromanaging boss can watch their every move? 

    “A minority of 16% like WFH” – Wow, could you provide a source for this?


  3. 16 hours ago, mtbiking said:

    With one children crying in the other room right now, the other hungry and my wife telling me she needs more support (she's in one of those critical jobs who can't do home office), I'm at the loss why anyone prefers to stay at home... Maybe single, childless people,


    PS: the one stopped crying but now they're all shouting around the house :wacko:




  4. 9 hours ago, cb6dba said:


    I work in an office, I came in to the office this morning for the first time since March. I cannot say just how much I have not missed travelling to work and back. Working from home was always cool a few days a week and I never wanted to do more than that. But I am pretty much the only person in here, it's going to cost an hour travelling time and after 6 months or so and the commute today, my attitude has flipped. I now look on coming in to the office for a few days a week as being ok but I wouldn't want to do it full time anymore

    Anecdotal but noticing more people are back in the office, few friends mentioned they were pressured into coming back in. Any idea what percentage at back in the office?


    Another side effect of Covid is collapsing  rents (condos city centre) In major cities. Haven't heard this happening yet in German major cites.


    Toronto but representative of any major city, people are fleeing cities. Condo proces collapsing SFD burbs exploding in price





  5. 13 hours ago, silty1 said:


    That's because we're all so blinded by the environmental benefits.  Our bad. 

    I'm sure the business owner who just laid off all his staff and closed shop will feel differently. The internet and Amazon are killing the downtown the pandemic will be the final nail in the coffin. Not just business lost but the jobs and The local tax revenue from them. if hard lockdowns persist it's expected the vast majority (Some 75%) of small business will fail. Give it a couple of years and downtowns be ghost towns. 

    Rather surprisingly in our city most restaurants seem to be surviving, but we'll see what spring brings. 

    Seeing this more and more. Doctors say more lockdowns aren't the answer.



    I feel completely comfortable meeting friends outside but the wife not so much, so for the moment we're not seeing anyone.












  6. 17 hours ago, john g. said:


    Stupid is as stupid does, this is nothing but a power grab. Damm the torpedos full speed ahead. 


    Noticed this today on twitter


    Patrick Vallance Covid isn't going away trigger warning Daily Mail article. 


    As an aside I'm getting used to experts "zooming in" rather than being in the studio when on TV. What most people don't realize is the economic cost of Zoom. That person on TV pontificating, pre-covid, would have driven into the city, paid for parking, probably bought a coffee and a bagel on the way in, maybe grabbed a bite to eat on the way out. Small business that cater to the business traffic in a city are hurting in a major way.


  7. On 10/9/2020, 10:04:26, john g. said:

    I have been on here for donkey’s years. The posting limit stuff. I was frequently bullied for posting a lot. I don’t do Facebook. And am nowhere else. I complained at some stage ( maybe when it was becoming ridiculous with the censureship ) and the rules changed.

    Will PM you re the stalker who is a pain in the arse. Ok?

    Lost a few friends over politics  on FB so now strickly limit my posts to funny memes. Seems people get upset when you post a point a view they don't agree with. 


    For you grammar nerds out there, since Germans love to differentiate between male Toytowner and female Toytownerin what do they use for a gender neutral person

  8. 4 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    That didn't seem to last very long around here, perhaps because we're in an area with so few cases compared to elsewhere. After a couple of months way back in spring/summer it was back to normal and the parcels are handed over when we open the door. No signature required, but because of the DHL account settings, nothing to do with corona.


    Why not set this up in an account with the courier in question. That way you don't have to advertise to others that you're out. ;)

    Wow that I'm surprised at, still contatless here. You can also leave the package in front of the door yourself, assuming you don't mind running up the stairs


  9. I have the opposite problem I don't want the neighbours taking my packages so if I'm out I simply hang a note on the door and ask them to leave it in front of my door. This way they also run it up the stairs as well. So next time tell the delivery guy to leave it in front of the door. It's all contacless now anyways


  10. On 10/17/2020, 3:21:14, murphaph said:

    We were told by certain people on here a month ago that Covid 19 was in retreat. Dangerous misinformation seems to be their forte. It is not in retreat. The virus spread slowly and steadily to everywhere and has been kept somewhat suppressed, largely by our ability to socialise outdoors during the worst of it.


    Now the winter is coming but the virus is everywhere now. I predict a fairly rough 6 months ahead of us.


    NY Times “Covid fatigue is setting in”. Seeing the explosions in numbers I'd say the same is happening here.


    My biggest concern is why a small number get a really really bad infection, aka the long haulers. This is starting to get more traction in the media and is by far my biggest concern. Ot's the reason I put my expat group on hold for the winter. 


    i suspect that deaths are increasing because Doctors are getting better at treating it and at risk people (like my parents) refuse to leave the house and family is careful.









  11. 16 hours ago, balticus said:

    The economic damage from the lockdowns will take years to mitigate. 


    After a short trip outside of the current home base I am concerned about economic depression within the next year.


    Yes this is my big beef.  But it's become very apparent now that Covid isn't going away. Blame the government for screwing up or blame social media (anti maskers etc) For dis-information it really doesn't matter, Covid is here to stay. The real question should be is how do we live with it. The damage down by lockdowns greatly exceed the damage down by covid. 

    Also my impression is that the death rate isn't increasing I expect that due to at risk people being much more careful. 




  12. @Editor Bob   Thanks signing off now, it's time to say good bye.. Been a member since the days of Britboard and even back then TT had a reputation for being ultra catty and I'm getting older and have no more desire to deal with this anymore. I also closed off one thread about pensions. 




    PS sent a thank you to PandaMunich. 




  13. @PandaMunich thanks we visited the Rente people several times and they have been nothing but helpful. My wife is about to sign off on a package, mucho appreciate you input. One note if you've worked in more than 2 countries it's important that you visit check the status of your pension. My wife had a ton of problems getting it sorted out but it's done now. 




  14. On 11/8/2018, 4:10:57, msam said:


    Save money in comparison to what? The premium (plus) ticket includes a checked in bag, second carry on, priority and reserved  standard seat. If you were going to buy all those things anyway you save a couple of euros.


    If you just need the second carry on and don't need to check in any luggage you can buy priority and 2nd bag.

    Ended up booking with Luftansa price was similar (+ 50€ for a checked bag) and we got a better selection of flight times. big advantage to Lufthansa we can use normal carryon.



    On 2/26/2018, 5:42:15, arunadasi said:


    That's what I thought, having read the link and knowing that my daughter did that. But when I printed out my non-priority boarding pass it said quite clearly, with a picture of a woman and one bag, and a bold red cross, that I can only take one small piece of cabin baggage. And below that, a picture of a woman with two pieces and a bold green cross saying that for two  pieces you need priority. That's why I said it's confusing, and also contradictory.  I guess deliberately so, so that more people book priority. I didn't want to take the risk. 


    Flying Ryanair next year to Barcelona so been quite a few years since I've flown with them and my oh my things have changed. A friend suggested when travelling as a couple to combine a cheap and a premium ticket. You get the extra carry-on while saving money. One thing to be aware of is Ryanair uses slightly smaller dimensions for carry-on so you can't use the standard size bag. I'm sure they make a ton of money off of this one.


    One thing hasn't changed and non EU passport holders can't check in online they have to print the boarding pass and have it stamped or something to that effect. Which is a real pain because it means getting there early standing in line etc. 


  16. Here's the latest update


    The paper which gives you the time (überlegungsfrist) to agree with the rental increase is correct. During this time if you don#t agree to it you can within the time allotted do a (SonderkKündigungs Recht) getting out of your rental agreement earlier. Instead of waiting the 3 months. If not the owner/landlord can take you to court which is a long process which in the end you could pay more. If you don't sign it and just pay the rental increase this is a silent agreement (Stillschweigende Zustimmung). The rent can be raised a maximum of 15 percent every 3 years in Frankfurt. If the owner decided 5 percent one year and 10 percent on the last of the 3 years, that is acceptable as well.
    In other words
    Send notice of rent increase => wait 3 months => tenant pays new amount
    Send notice of rent increase => wait 3 months => tenant continues to pay old amount => contact lawyer on the next steps.
    @lisa13 this is essence what I wrote in the book, there are so many variables and as a expat it's easy to get it wrong, that's why legal insurance is essential!  

  17. On 30/10/2018, 01:38:15, alien7 said:

    can this be used for landlord who does not want to return kaution?

    Yes it can but if the other person has legsl insurance (highly likely) they can fight it and if you lose you pay court costs. Just went through this myself (on the winning side yeah) . Better would be to join the mietverien and ask them to help. 


  18. @lisa13 can you clarify you point. In all my research on the rent brake I never came across anything that said that a tenant can avoid a rent increase by simply refusing to consent to it. It's possible I missed it but I don't think so.  If that's the case it would be amazing news for those living in Berlin!!!



    36 minutes ago, lisa13 said:


    that is 100% FALSE.  


    Well both of us can't be right :D and I checked on that point before I raised the rent (long before I wrote the book). Anyways how can you say rent increase isn't automatic. if the tenant doesn't object than the rent goes up. Simple. 


    36 minutes ago, lisa13 said:


    I simply can't comprehend how you claim to be able to advise anyone on property issues.  I do not encourage anyone to buy your book


    Well perhaps instead of giving 1 star unverified reviews (the worse kind) buy a copy of the book and then you can give an informed opinion. Before publishing I passed it on to people who worked in the industry for feedback and they all said it was a good book. I've had good sales and complaints. 


    Edit: I mentioned this in another thread but when you call something a complete guide you open yourself up to criticism. The book was never meant to be an exhaustive guide to every single aspect of rental in Germany. It's much closer to Andrew Hallam's book Millionaire Teacher, that is a guide book for the layman. 


  20. @HIMA


    A few points, first you don't ask them if you can raise the rent, you send them a letter informing them that as of this date the rent is being increased by this amount. Secondly when sending them the rent increase there are a few specifics you need to follow. You need to justify the rent increase and inform them that they can object to the increase. I think the time limit is 60 days from when the notice is sent. Also need to include a letter that they sign and return stating that they are agreeing to the rent increase.  On this last note they may or may not sign the letter, regardless if they don't object the rental increase is automatic.


    A few points to keep in mind. 


    Germans love to "tick boxes" so you need to be careful that you letter follows the proper format.

    Secondly you could run into problems if you city doesn't have a qualified rent index ( Mietspiegel ) and most cities don't have one. I paid 9,90 to get a report from .Immobilien Scout24 but technically it's not the proper index and my tenant could have objected. As others have pointed out joining the Haus and Grund is good idea. Or if you have legal insurance talk to a lawyer specializing in rental law. And it's always a good 


    I cover this and more in my book The Complete Guide to German Real Estate. It's only 25€ and includes a sample rent increase letter that you can use. 



  21. 28 minutes ago, SpiderPig said:

    I strongly suggest that you send yourself a nastry letter saying that you need the flat for "eigenbedarf" and then come back here and post about what a twat the flat owner is!  :lol:

    OMG too funny!!!!!


  22. Here's the original email



    Reduced health insurance contribution for the self-employed
    Thanks to many petitions and numerous discussions with decision-makers, lives of the low-income self-employed are now easier! If you earn less than 1142 euro per month, your monthly health insurance contribution is now reduced to 171 euro per month!! What a great step in the right direction. Thank you to all decision makers who recognise the future of work and support the growing number of freelancers in Germany!!