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  1. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    By stupid I don't mean that your not nice, friendly fun to be around just that you have a low IQ or aren't' smart enough to have a white collar job. I mention that because the latest rage in tattooing is neck face and if your a girl arm tattooing. I figure that anyone getting a tattoo that can't be covered by clothing must not be smart enough to get into University and have a carrier. Any company that my wife has worked at (and being a consultant its plenty) you wouldn't get past the front door with a tattoo that wasn't covered. But then on the other hand if your only ambition in life is to be an extension of a machine than having tattoos can be a big help. If you a girl, not a problem, stay at home mom, you don't need a PDH to raise kids. If you a guy than obviously your choices are limited to jobs that require only a strong back ( strong back weak mind as they used to say).   mentioned this becuase I saw a girl the other day with a beautiful tattoo running down the full length of her arm. She was very pretty, a real pleasure to look at. Her tattoo in particular against her white skin really stood out. Very hip. Only problem is she doesn't realize that its going to look really lower class in a few years when she's married with 3 kids and weights 17 stone. My sister in law is good example of that her tattoos looked really good on her before she got married, now with 4 kids and 5 stone of extra weight it looks terrible. Thankfully she doesn't bare her midriff much any more. So I don't' have to look at them.   I'm sure that there are lots of TTers out there that like or have tattoos, but does a tattoo really look good on an overwieght middle aged women. Well I suppose if does if your a biker chick.