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  1. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Does anyone know how cross border mail is going?  DHL says that Europakets may be delayed, but shipping is possible.  I have some relatives quarantined in France, after exposure, and I'd like to send them a care package.  I don't want to include cookies it if takes 14 days to get there, LOL.    
  2. Speeding with a foreign licence + rental car

      IANAL, but, as we've understood it, legally, the onus is on the police to track you down and confirm who was driving the vehicle, and the statute of limitations is three months.    You don't actually have to do anything unless they show up at your door with the ticket in hand to compare the picture, or confirm your address and get a notice of the fine in your mail.  You were legally using your UK license after only a month here.  If you get the ticket, pay it, but as far as we've read, you don't have to go out of your way to find the ticket.  Whether it will have any effect on your license status depends on how much over the limit you were.
  3. In Baden Württemberg, the income limit for a spouse to retain Beihilfe benefits from their working spouse is 10k euros.   I have an unpaid status at Uni, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, and I also have a limited teaching schedule which doesn't exceed the 10k euros limit, so I receive Beihilfe benefits through my husband, including the discounted private insurance rate.  Any research expenses I incur right now (generally travel expenses), are deducted from our combined tax statement.   Is it possible to deduct professional expenses from income for the purposes of the Beihilfe income limit, if my gross income were to exceed 10k?   The best reference that I found is copied below.  As I understand it, the German "Werbungskosten" which, although translated into English by Google as advertising costs, is more along the lines of professional expenses in this context.   How liberally are these benefits calculated?  For example,   if my income in a given year were 12k Euros, but i had 2k in travel expenses to the U.S. for research purposes, could I deduct the cost of airfare, car rental, per diem, from my income?  We do have a tax advisor that I will forward this question to the next time we have business with them, but I was hoping to get some ideas from this group, at the very least to help me know exactly what to ask the Steuerberater.   (oh, and also, what is § 13 section 3 EStG?  As near as I can tell it's some sort of farm income) Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The total of this income can be reduced by Old age relief amount (§ 24a EStG) Relief amount for single parents (§ 24b EStG) the deduction according to § 13 section 3 EStG The resulting sum is the “total amount of income” (section 2 (3) EStG), which is decisive for the annual allowance. From the total amount of income, advertising costs (e.g. contributions to professional associations) and allowances (e.g. saver's lump sum) can reduce the spouse's income. Do not flow into the calculation of the annual income fully or partially tax-free income (e.g. child benefit, maternity allowance, wages from marginal employment, care allowance, etc.) Lottery and totals winnings donations inheritance