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  1. A single tear for the Makler: Provision in the crosshairs

      How does a property get appraised then?  The current listings on immobilienscout, for instance, are not comprehensive, and don't show the selling price.  You can get average price per square meter, but how do you customize for age?  Quality?  Specific location?  Health of the HOA?  How do sellers set their selling price?  For example, if we want to make our landlord an offer to buy our condo, where could we get a one-off appraisal without hiring a Makler for the entire job?
  2. A single tear for the Makler: Provision in the crosshairs

    I know the Makler subject has been discussed ad nauseum, and perhaps that is why I cannot find exactly what I am looking for.   When selling a property, what exactly does the Makler do?  I understand that much of the legal requirements are carried out by the Notar, but what about the Makler?   1)  Appraising a property.  This is useful, since there do not seem to be any publicly accessible databases in Germany that list cumulative selling prices, and property tax information is not publicly available. 2) Advertising a property.  The main websites can be used by anyone willing to pay their fees, so not so much necessary to have a Makler. 3) Showing a property and pre-screening potential buyers.  Time saving for the owners I suppose, but not an irreplaceable job. 4) Negotiating on the price- now this is problematic, because the Makler is theoretically representing both the buyer and seller, which is totally illogical. 5)???? 6)??? What other services is a Makler providing?