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  1. Last will and testament

    Das Vorsorge-Set: Patientenverfügung, Testament, Betreuungsverfügung, Vorsorgevollmacht I Von Stiftung Warentest   Provides templates for the various neccessary aspect of hospitialisation, last wishes and the will. All in German. The Patientenverfügung and the others are important as even if married the Drs. will not neccessarly take note of what your spouse says.
  2. Are you Swiss savvy?

    I had an accident near luzern (Trübsee) and had to be helicoptered down to Kanton Spital Nidwalden Stans. Its was a hosipital! Orthopedic, heart department etc. Even the big "one" in Luzern is called the Luzerner Kantonspital.