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  1. On 2/7/2017, 11:08:09, AmiMannheim said:

    I'm also trying to get a refund of my pension contributions, and it's been surprisingly complex.  Glad to find this thread!


    Drifterwayfarer, from what I've learned, there are different rules for over vs. under 60 months.  I haven't clicked on the links available above, but it sounds like you probably have the information needed for that part.


    I have my own follow-up question for the community.  I contributed for >60 months and have now been out of Germany (and back home in the US) for over two years, which is the required waiting period.  Does anyone know whether Deutsche Rentenversicherung contributions (what was deducted from my paycheck all those years) was pre- or post-tax?  I'm having a surprising amount of trouble finding this out for sure.  It seems like this is an important factor in determining whether I'll have to pay US taxes on it when my refund arrives.


    Asked another way: have any of y'all (US residents) done this successfully, and did you have to pay US taxes on it?



    Thanks so much, everyone!


    So... did you pay Tax for your pension refund? My tax adviser told me to put this in a Rollover 401k.


    Also, if ever you paid - did you pay tax for all of the years, or only on the year where you transferred from Germany to USA?