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  1. World's fastest supercomputer vs. the human brain

    Are we going to be able to simulate spiderpigs flounces in real time? If so then it would be worth it.
  2. Yanks are generally extemely gullible and can be spotted easily by the black berry in the holster and wearing khaki pants 5 sizes too big and a sippowitz style button up shirt telling everyone how many conference calls they have to make whilst everyone else is at the pub.   Brits are usually ok until they drink them the usually become cunts.   Canadians. Well shit they voted trudeau in. 
  3. The Great Mass Migration Thread

    Both sides are sick. Taking epic advantage of something you didnt earn is disgusting. 7000 euro a month approx just for  accommodation when they could easily survive on 2000 euros total.   But i guess its more difficult to blow bubbles on them when you actually help 20times more of them in their own country
  4. The Great Mass Migration Thread

    This is absolutely disgusting. I also watched a YouTube video where the son of a hotel owner in sweden rang up the host to say the swedish govt offered them approx 3 million USD a year to turn their hotel in a small town into an asylum home. It worked out to be around  400 usd a night for a room and then the govt would pay for any repairs (probability that a house with asylum seekers burns down is 100 fold the national average) due to the damage inflicted.  It was many times more than they would earn from 100% occupation of their hotel.    The asylum seeker industry is making some people very wealthy.   It is so insane how most of the ones benefitting from this are fake asylum seekers and people who have buddies in parliament. Imagine how much 6000 euro a month could actually help out in Africa. It could finance a school power and water a small clinic  for a small village and actually help many peoples lives. Instead the virtue signallers waste money on this stuff to make themselves feel good.
  5. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

    YOURKEAU "This graph actually makes more sense than correlation between mayor's party and murder rate."   If a party makes social policy that affect schooling, social benefits and how crime is enforced then yes the party in power does have a big effect on crime and murder rates. especially if its been 60 years. I dont care at all about republicans or democrats or whatever  i will never move to america ( insert El Jeffos "thank fuck" or something reply here ), but parties have retarded stances on many many topics. Guns and god etc on the republicans side and practically everything on the democrat side, neither party is logical. they are both so far from any kind of philosophical "truth", but yes Democratic policy does destroy the fabric of society, please listen to Thomas Sowell or someone like him, he can do a far better job of it than I can considering he has not only lived through it but also spent most of his life studying these things.   I am not sure what it is, cognitive dissonance, some kind of mental paradolia, that youre social circle will ostracise you if you dont employ "group think" ( the lefties are very quick to discard their friends over politics. ) or just plain old IQ. ??    
  6. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

      do you honestly think that Russia helped get Trump into the white house? this is absolutely dillusional. Even if they did have those mystery bots lets look at some anecdotal but probably 100% accurate facts:   - every single news channel in the whole world was 100% against Trump except Fox which was only aout 90% against Trump. Not a single good article was written about him in the year leading up to the glorious day - Even politicians in Europe etc said the US would be stupid to elect Trump ( isnt this meddling in the election??? ) - Every single chat show like Bill Maher, John Oliver ( that annoying Brit?? ) and all other ones I ever saw practically spent a year bashing Trump. I did not see one "what about the good things Trump did" topics. - 99,9% of holywood was totally against Trump and was extremely vocal - Hillary´s campaign budget was far far in excess of Trumps - Hillary supporters were extremely vocal all over social media and many many people i know, who are not even americans were bragging about unfriending their Trump supporting "friends".     but yeah, youre right, a few Russian bots invaded Reddit and put ads on facebook that swayed the election     could you please get that IQ of yours tested? and just remember its not a score out of 100.
  7. Best way to avoid taxes

      All the angry ones left
  8. Can i interest you in a brand new bmw i just bought? Its worth 50k yours for  40k. Dont worry i will keep up the loan payments on it. 
  9. Any Munich Toytown day trading or investment groups?

      It never is.
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

      Give this man his own tv show.
  11. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

        Could you actually read about iq and how its used and how it correlates. Its extremely powerful. But then again you hate facts.   I also hate guns. I think the US is insane with all its guns and i would never live there  but thats my opinion. The fact is long term democrat run cities are by far the most dangerous. Why?? Not sure probably due to their feel good projects that actually end up fucking up society.  If the dems actually did good the long term dem controlled cities would be flourishing. If the republicans made things bad and the dems were voted in to "fix things". 60 years should be long enough??? Wait.. but.. trump drank 17 diet cokes and doesnt exercise.   People like you with "no IQ" need to actually look at correlative data and do some basic pattern recognition analysis.  
  12. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

    They keep getting reelected dummy. Sorry but is your iq that low?
  13. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

    Wellthe dems have had like 60yrs to fix detroit.
  14. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

      Forbes says Detroit is number 1. St Louis 2.    Both been democrat for decades. Couldn't be bothered looking at the rest but i would guess 8-10 of the top 10 are long term democrat cities.
  15. Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

    Aren't almost all shootings in democrat run cities?