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  1. Ignore user and PM block list

    @hellfire99. Dont worry. His missus is out on the prowl again.
  2. Software Companies using English

      So youre saying your department in particular has a high turnover?? Hmmmm..  
  3. What is wrong with Essen?

      I dont need to live kn north korea to know its a shit place to live
  4. What is wrong with Essen?

    Its a shithole
  5. How to become a "shithole country"

    I hear horse shit is a brilliant insulator. 
  6. Three-word story

    Probably horse shit
  7. Three-word story

    Made from cow-pats
  8. Three-word story

    Horse poo walls
  9. Salary Expectation

    Even 60k is not that much in Munich. But if there is a path forward then 60k might be a good starting point.   Please remember to post your payslip here later on as proof.   Cheers
  10. What happened to Radio Eins?

    Either that or the trabbi only picks up one channel.
  11. @jeremytwoSure beats mixing horse shit and straw together in sub zero temperatures searching through the field for one with steam coming off it to make the job easier.
  12.     Oucchhhhh...    @jeremytwo. "Dont fuck with the cuck"