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  1. Hannover Hauptbahnhof

    Otherwise there is the s-bahn shuttle which will connect Hannover HBF and Wunstorf and Lehrte during that time.
  2. Hannover Hauptbahnhof

    Which train did you book? Can you not rebook on the Köln - Hannover - Berlin line which will still stop at Hannover HBF?
  3. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    I used to work down the road from the BFU with an office overlooking the airport. Many of my co-workers fly gliders and one took me with him once. Glad I did not eat breakfast that day.   The Ethopian Airlines crash realy hit home for me. I have been flighing with them via Addis Adaba just last month.
  4. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    Read up on what happened to that air france flight that went down between Rio and Paris. It is worrisome how little some pilots apparently know about aerodynamics.   From what I heard from the Lion Air crash it is not really a software bug. The software is doing precisely what it is designed for. The problems are faulty data readings such as aoa.   I also don't unterstand the people that claim it is an old design and problems occur only because of new software additions. Is the root cause of the problem not that Boeing put new and bigger engines on a plane that was not designed for them? So they had to move the engines closer to the front making it more unstable and Boeing tried to fix that by adding or modifying the Software.
  5.   Here is a link to the press release of the BGH. It includes the file number of the previous case.   BGH press release
  6. There was a similar case in the news. The passenger refused to reimburse Lufthansa  and Lufthansa sued. The first instance agreed with Lufthansa, but the BGH argued that Lufthansa is partially at fault since they should have checked the visa. I believe the judicial proceedings to determine the severity of the fault of the passenger and airline (and hence the decision of the percentage of the fee each party has to pay) is still pending.
  7. Today I did something stupid

      Are you homeowner or renter? If the second one, contact your landlord. Otherwise just get a new door. And then get the ventilation thingy at any hardware store. For example: Bauhaus
  8. Reputable online Lottery ticket purchases

      Germany has strict gambling laws. Online sites such as lottoland are illegal. I heard that some banks report it if they recognise illegal gambling participation from one  of their accounts. I would stay away from it and use one of the legal certified sites.
  9. Reputable online Lottery ticket purchases

    The only legal ones I know of are https://www.lotto-bayern.de and http://www.lotto24.de
  10. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    For LWB and pets see here: https://www.lwb-hausverwaltung.de/service-center/faq
  11. Sorry, I don't know any immigration lawyer. If you know some german you could try this website. Do you have any written confirmation from the embassy that they will not renew your passport before you turn 30?
  12. This week is probably a particularly bad week to go to the ABH. Many people are already on their christmas breaks, so they will be even more understaffed than normal. And at the same time many people try to visit as this week, because for many work is slow at the end of the year and they have time to deal with paperwork stuff.
  13. Einkommensteuer Pauschalbetrag

    I assume you mean Werbungskostenpauschale. If you are a regular employee it will have been considered for your monthly deductions.
  14. Health Insurance Contribution for a HiWi Job

      It can still be a geringfügige Beschäftigung even if you earned more than 450, provided you earned more than 450 for at most 3 month and did not earn more than 5400 in the calender year.
  15. Health Insurance Contribution for a HiWi Job

    I am assuming because it is a geringfügige Beschäftigung and therefore versicherungsfrei? I am only guessing. You should ask HR. Did you tell your health insurance that the job was only for two month? From my understanding you should have been able to stay in the family insurance.