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  1. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

    In a recent Ersthelfer-ausbildung I learned that one is not allowed to administer an epi pen unless you are trained to do it.
  2. Public service salary groups and levels

    That depends on the Stufe. You get Stufe 2 after one year in Stufe 1. You get Stufe 3 after two years in Stufe 2, and so on.
  3. You can try eBay Kleinanzeigen. Or for clothes: kleiderkreisel.de   I sell my clothes to momox. Less money than kleiderkreisel but zero hassle.
  4. Problem getting birth certificate for newborn

    The problem is your divorce was abroad. They need that document for the "Anerkennung" of your divorce.
  5.   Actually with preprocessed food I meant more restaurants and so on. I know they use iodined salt in the cantine at work so do the take-out places that I like (I asked).   Speisesalz is without iodine.
  6.   YES. I have hashimotos and are pretty mad about all the iodine in the salt. Sure, at home I can use salt without iodine, but most preprocessed food contains salt with iodine.
  7. I know ear infections are more common in children, but I also had them as an adult and my HNO did not seemed surprised. I also had a ruptured ear drum as a child and remember that I could not hear very well at that time. But that was only temporary and today I can hear just fine. Could your son in law not go to the doctors with your daughter to translate? When I was living in the US, I usually asked the doctors to write down some notes for me so I could google afterwards.  Hope your family members will feel better soon.
  8. Being the outsider in a village

    well, you started the rumor the pub might re-open. maybe it got lost in translation somewhere and they though you might open that day.   the whole town sounds like a nightmare. i would never move to a small town as long as it is not a suburb of an actual city.
  9. Taking time off work in Germany

    where I work vacation can be taken at short notice and vacation days for one calendar year can still be taken until the year after in the fall.
  10. Your first contract is still valid, unless you got a termination letter. There is no end specified. The 3 years clause only means that neither you nor he can terminate the contract within the first 3 years. That is called Kündigungsverzicht. I would tell him that you do not need to sign the new contract since the old one is not a fixed term contract. That buys you time to visit the Mietverein. He either is trying to trick you, or he has no idea about rental law himself.
  11. Afaik, fixed term lease agreements are only valid if there is valid reason for the fixed term. What reason is given for the fixed term in your contract?
  12. Doctor consultation on weekend

    Did your doctor not recommend someone?   Have you tried here: https://www.nierenzentrum24.de/index.html At least they have a 24/7 emergency Hotline. If you are an emergency you have to just for yourself.
  13. I am actually surprised you did not pay for your ex. In Germany it does not matter if you were married, lived together, or even had a relationship. Even if it was only a one night stand you may need to pay for the child AND the mother (until the child is 3)  provided you earn enough,
  14. Elternzeit general questions

    According to this and any other source I could find  https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/geld-leben/Wie-sich-Muetter-und-Vaeter-in-der-Elternzeit-versichern-muessen-id43798971.html you will need to stay in PKV and pay for it.
  15. Health care - is it free?

      You should not go to a clinic or hospital (unless it is an emergency) but to a GP. The GP will decide if you need referral to a specialist. It is recommended to find a new GP after moving right away and not to wait to get sick. I know that does not help you now, but maybe someone else will benefit from it. I move frequently and sometimes it takes some time to find a GP you is able to take new patients. You will probably need to call a few and ask. Some GP also do not give appointments but operate on a first come first serve basis.