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  1. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Look at Germany's travel note at the foreign office's Website. It also reads exactly like the ones I usually see for some random African country.
  2. Car Lease/Finance Advice Needed

    Why do you need to lease a car? Can you not just buy a used one without the  need to finance?
  3. Have you talked to the Arbeitsamt and let them know that your ex employer so far did not give you the required documents? Can they do something?
  4. Finding ingredients for gingerbread house

    You can buy frosting in a tub here. I would try one of the better grocery stores and not a discounter. For the gingerbread sub: how about Knäckebrot, since you are not going to eat it anyways.
  5. Signs for moving van? (Nuremberg)

    I always just picked a company online. They usually mentioned on their website if they only service a particular region. But they always also applied for the required approval at the Amt. I assume you already applied for the approval given your time frame. So I don't know how it would work in such a case.
  6. Mutterschutz/Elternzeit/Elterngeld

    If you know German it is explained here: https://familienportal.de/familienportal/familienleistungen/elterngeld/faq/wie-lange-kann-ich-elterngeld-bekommen-/124728   You are mistaken, the two of you can get at most 14 month of Basiselterngeld. Mutterschutz counts as Basiselterngeld month. So if you take Elterngeld during the Mutterschutz each of you uses 2 month of Basiselterngeldzeit. So there are 10 month left that you can split however you like.