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  1. Reliable way to receive international mail

    You could also call customer services: https://www.deutschepost.de/de/service1/themenseiten/zustellung/telefon.html#
  2.  There are several websites for that but I do not have any personal experience with any of them. Just google "wohnen auf zeit berlin" and you will find plenty. Good luck.
  3. I wouldn't even try to find a permanent place before you have some income. Money in the bank means nothing. You could spend it all tomorrow. In Germany it is very hard to get rid of tenants even if they do not pay their rent, so landlords tend to be vary. Try to find a furnished place (rules are different for furnished apartments) for at least 3 month. Better 6 month if you can find one.
  4. How to quit your job in Germany

    how many people work for the company. if more than 20, then they cannot shorten the notice period. 4 weeks kündigungsfrist is only possible if the company has less than 20 people or maybe for a tarifsvertrag.  
  5. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

      Yes, absolutely true. The "you do not need a doctors note for the first 3 days" rule only applies if your employer did not specify a rule.
  6. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

     So, I am wondering if you maybe failed to submit the doctors note on time. It has to reach your employer no later then the 4th day of your incapacity to work. If you do not submit it on time your employer can refuse to pay you for those days. Not sure if it grounds for firing, though.
  7. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

    In a recent Ersthelfer-ausbildung I learned that one is not allowed to administer an epi pen unless you are trained to do it.