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  1. Hi all, I am freelancer based in Berlin. Now I am preparing for tax return 2019.   It seems that from 2019, Anlage EÜR form is changed, and you need to write "Bezeichnung", description for all of your expenses. The problem is that, because till 2018 we didn't need to write any description in each expense category, I didn't classify my receipts in detail. For example, in line 83, you need to fill all your "Sonstige tatsächliche Fahrtkosten", which is other business travel expense, but I just put all my receipts (ex. air plane, metro, taxi, car sharing, petrol,,,etc) in one folder. I have hundreds of receipts, and it's too much work to check each receipt once again. I would like to know how you all deal with this new form,,, Any advice would be welcomed, thank you!  
  2. Home office deduction

    Hi all, I'm freelance videographer. I live in a 100sqm flat with my flatmate and the flat has 3 rooms. We share a room (30sqm) as a sharing place. Both have each own desk in the room, and I work almost everyday in the room for my job. But my flatmate is a full-time barkeeper and he uses the desk not for his job, but for his language study and music composing. In this case, can I deduct the room cost as home office? And if yes, how should I calculate?