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  1. Hi All,   At the moment we have a contract with StadtWerke Bielefeld for Gas/Electricity so we get 85+70 Euro per month for Gas/Elec. But i have two questions: 1- I read the Gas usage (588 m3 over 161 days ) and asked them about my actual usage, and they told me i have used 125 Euro more than the above rate! I tried to calculate it by myself and i got different results. So anyone knows how to calculate the Gas price based on m3 usage?   2- Recently a guy came to the house (seller) trying to persuade us in signing a contract with them (Energie Beratung NRW) to get a lower monthly price (125 Euro in total). The difference seems tempting, however i wonder if switching the prover has any cost in general or if there are hidden costs with other private providers. I found a website for comparisons and noticed there are many appealing offers from different providers. So if they are real and honest, why should anyone still use a high price supplier?   thanx