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  1. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi,  I am looking for a warm and caring person that would be interested in helping me out at home with childcare and some light household help (laundry/cooking). I will be home during that time, I am just looking for another pair of hands to help. It would be 2-3 afternoons/early evenings a week for 2-3 hours. Optional would be also very occasionally to babysit evening or weekends if both me and my husband have to go out. If such a job interests you, please send me an email at We live in Munich, Maxvorstadt. 
  2. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi, We are still looking for someone to take care of our baby (almost 5 months) from Monday-Friday 8-11 am in the morning (two afternoons a week it will be until 13:00 or 14;00) We are located in Schwabing, right near an Ubahn station.  If intrested please contact me at