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  1.   Sorry, I don't ready every single post.  Not even yours! 
  2. Who the fuck did Kevin Bacon think he was fooling with all his "accents" in X-Men: First Class?  
  3. and what the fuck is this shit?  
  4. And why does this Spaniard have a Scottish accent?  
  5.   why does this Russian have a scottish accent?  
  6. Telekom or MNet?

    MNet (DSL) is like all other providers: they are at the mercy of Telekom for a lot of issues, and Telekom is [big surprise] merciless.    I'm more or less happy with MNet's fiber service. 
  7. Only in America...

      True story: in 2000-ish I had surgery and was prescribed Percocet (Oxycontin with Tylenol/Paracetamol) for pain afterwards. I just sort of trusted the doctor and took the pills like I was told.   At the follow-up a few weeks later the doctor asked me how pain management was going, and I said fine, but I think I'm getting addicted to these pills.  He said, well let's just give you half the prescription this time.    Because I was a poor graduate student at the time I didn't have the means to buy more on the street, so I slowly weened myself off them.  I still fondly remember that feeling they give you, at least when they don't make you nauseous.   
  8. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

  9. You want to know my secret to being happy while living in Germany with all these rude Germans and offended English speakers?
  10. Freak accidents

    I was a stupid teenager and was trying to do a swan dive off the low springboard.  I didn't have enough arc and halfway through and realized I was on a trajectory to do a painful belly flop, so I went into cannonball position.  My shins hit the water flat and punched my knees into my face, breaking my nose.    Derp. 
  11.   Let me take a stab: "Germans can be irritating."
  12. Only in America...

      Have you not seen Paula's fried butter balls?
  13. What made you laugh today?

      Very good reads.  Thanks for sharing.
  14. What made you laugh today?

      I am so far out of touch with current events I can't even.