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  1. Freak accidents

    I was a stupid teenager and was trying to do a swan dive off the low springboard.  I didn't have enough arc and halfway through and realized I was on a trajectory to do a painful belly flop, so I went into cannonball position.  My shins hit the water flat and punched my knees into my face, breaking my nose.    Derp. 
  2.   Let me take a stab: "Germans can be irritating."
  3. Only in America...

      Have you not seen Paula's fried butter balls?
  4. What made you laugh today?

      Very good reads.  Thanks for sharing.
  5. What made you laugh today?

      I am so far out of touch with current events I can't even.     
  6. What made you laugh today?

      I like this one much more (it's rather old, as you can probably tell)  
  7. What made you laugh today?

      I need some help here.  Is he talking about EU regulations regarding eggs?
  8. E-car tips

    I'm American, so I use EPA.   This is all very rough and I didn't bother using exact numbers. Range varies massively depending on how and where and when you drive.   YMMV!
  9. E-car tips

    50km --> 500km == 90% fill-up * 75 kWh (usable capacity) = 67.5 kWh * 1.1 (charging efficiency loss) = 74.5 kWh ~~ 75 kWh.   From EnBW / ADAC you pay .29€ per kWh to charge at SWM chargers = 21.75€ for 450 km.   From Lidl, Aldi, Ikea you pay 0 per kWh = 0€ for 450 km.   From Telsa you pay .33€ per kWh for supercharging in Germany = 24.75€ for 450 km.    
  10. E-car tips

      it was always supposed to be $35,000 before tax and incentive.  19% VAT jacks that up, of course.    I don't think the SR version is being offered in Germany (only the SR+). Not to mention that the SR version now costs $35,400.   The car has 1 or 2 built-in SIM cards and it just sort of works except where there is lousy coverage, which in Germany is pretty bad in places (this was in the news recently).  With the LR-Dual Motor (premium interior) internet is included for at least the first year.  After that it's unclear how much it'll cost (if it costs anything at all).   Destination chargers are usable by anyone who the provider permits.  Normally, that means staying overnight at a hotel.  There are destination chargers at a "beach" at Chiemsee and there are several at Pasing Arcaden, where you just have to pay for parking. 
  11. E-car tips

      There was a gray market in the US and Canada once deliveries started, where you could get a Model 3 right away for a premium.  No idea how successful that went or how costly the cars were. 
  12. E-car tips

      Because the world is full of shysters and suckers?
  13. E-car tips

      You can only park an EV/PHEV at an SWM charger.  Between 8:00 and 20:00 only for up to 4 hours while your car is charging.    I have never needed to charge longer than 4.5 hours, so this has worked nicely when I've needed it.  Drive to work at 7:00, park at the charger, move the car when I go to lunch.  No biggie.   
  14. E-car tips

    BTW, I don't have an outlet in the garage (shared Tiefgarage), and especially with this car I manage to keep it charged quite easily.  Once a week I go to Lidl and charge there while I shop, and occasionally I need to charge it up to 90% at an SWM charger the day before a trip.
  15. Only in America...

      Why do people often wear that large lower-case t around their necks, anyway?  Sometimes there's a little dude glued to it.