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  1. Only in America...

      It is complicated.  In many states you have to have a reason for using mail-in and/or absentee voting, and often times COVID-19 is not a valid reason.  Convenience is often also not a valid reason. 
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Well, I wasn't going to drive anywhere today, but I guess now I'll have to.       
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      I honestly think 200km even in summer with no A/C is being generous. 
  4. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      $69,420   yes I find that funny and no, I'm not 14 years old anymore. 
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      But does the Dacia have 1000 km range while driving at 250 km/h with a 2.5 tonne trailer?  I need to be able to get that range in a snowstorm with -20°C and in a traffic jam. And I also need it to charge with a household outlet faster than you can fill a petrol tank.     
  6. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

  7. Only in America...

    What did they expect?  
  8. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      You spelled papist wrong, lol.
  9. President Donald J. Trump

    I still get enraged by people not making a new pot of coffee, which was another problem at that office, especially on the 'zone.    YOU KILL THE JOE, YOU MAKE SOME MO'!  YOU KNOW THAT, BABY!    Since I've been here in Germany, every employer of mine has had 1-cup-at-a-time machine(s), so at least that problem is solved.  Oh, and I'm off the prednisone.  
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    I got the "kind" of Prednisone where they hit you with a huge dose and then each subsequent day you get 1 fewer pill than the day before until you're down to 0.    I was not out of control or anything but I would become enraged by stuff as inane as chairs in the break room not being pushed in. 
  11. President Donald J. Trump

    is it like being on oral prednisone?  I was on that once and whoa Nellie, the FURY.  I'm glad social media didn't exist while I was on that shit. 
  12. Translation for "m, w, d"

        Sad, sad lies.  
  13. President Donald J. Trump

  14. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.