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  1. Only in America

    it's a scene from the movie Stand By Me. Stephen King's humor at its best, lol. ...assuming the scene was lifted from the book/short story.
  2. Only in America

    It's a barf-o-rama.
  3. Only in America

    *Glitch McConnell
  4. "half the voting population in the US" I WISH half the voting population would show up on the [checks notes] "Tuesday next after the first Monday in November"
  5. I think you may be on to something there.  
  6. Selling an Apartment: How long can it be empty?

    Yes, real estate is a great place to park money. The house I grew up in was sold by my mom's estate at quite a different price than it had been purchased for in 1970. That house was occupied the whole time. <-- I don't have a problem with this  I live in a rented apartment in a settlement in Munich that was built in the early 1970's, and it's owned by a faceless corporation. They keep the apartments full of tenants and they reap profit from their investment, whether it was the original construction to now, or more likely they bought the whole place and are running it as...get this...a place for people to live! <-- I don't have a problem with this  A family friend owned two small apartment buildings in my home town, and he rented out all the units and when he passed away the estate sold the buildings and as far as I know they are still occupied by [gasp] tenants. <-- I don't have a problem with this  I was not clear in my original post, but now do you see where I'm headed? When places to live become nothing but a commodity we ruin cities and make them crappier places to live.
  7. Selling an Apartment: How long can it be empty?

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Whoever turned apartments/homes into a commodity can go die in a fire.  
  8. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    Hmm. Why not make it so any of us can post without jumping through hoops?
  9. Revolut: I tend to shift a couple hundred Euros over at a time as needed while on vacation in non-Euro countries.  One time I shifted Euros into $400 so I could test out Revolut's ability to send money to my BoA Checking account (yes it works).  Normally I use xeTrade to send €-->$.  But regardless there's no way I'll ever meet the 600.01€ threshold as I don't park large sums of non-€ currencies in this account.   BoA: the savings account is not like a Tagesgeldkonto (if that indeed means a money market account), rather it's like a Sparbuch/Sparkonto.  But yes, it looks like I can get rid of it and not have to suddenly pony up for my checking account. Hopefully I can actually close the savings account without actually going to a branch.   Thankyou thankyou thankyou, Panda for your help.  You're such a positive member of this community that is seemingly minutes away from dying.
  10. 1st time poster (to PandaMunich's threads), long time lurker. I have 3 accounts of concern; I hope @PandaMunich can assure me I can continue as I have for the past 15 years. Revolut: I have a current account with them based in Lithuania, and it currently holds USD, GBP, BGN, CZK, EUR.  The account does not bear interest, and it explicitly labeled in the contract as a "current account" so I assume this one's not an issue.  Bank of America: I have 2 accounts with them; 1 checking (non-interest bearing), 1 savings (interest bearing).  I only have the savings account to keep the checking account fee free.  In 2022 from the savings account I earned $0.09.  The flow of money is always from my EU earnings as a regular employee (Angestellte) to this US checking account, and the checking account adds money to the savings account.  I never send this money back to the EU, and I use money for paying student loans and withdrawing smelly US dollars at BoA ATMs when I happen to physically be there.   Do you envision problems if I keep both BoA accounts? Thank you so much for being awesome.