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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      This is true, whether it's People charging longer than they are supposed to (in Munich 4 hours between 8:00 and 20:00), leaving the car in place after charging is complete, or ICEs taking the spots.     The solution is enforcement of the existing law, like the example from Berlin over the Weekend (see previous page).  Or add capitalism to the mix: let tow truck companies "poach" Falschparker who block Charge Points.  I have read that the Hamburg Police are heavy-handed when it Comes to ICEing Charge Points.      
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

        I trust me, and I personally know a few People on the board who are still active (FF among others, although I haven't seen her in ages) who might vouch for me.      I don't drive to work just to Charge, but sometimes it's an excuse to take the car.  Driving from Großhadern to near Mailingerstraße is quicker with a car than with the U-Bahn unless automobile traffic is nuts, which it sometimes is.  Today I left the car at home for example.  Tomorrow I'll drive to work and stop at the grocery on the way home to shop and charge, assuming no one else charging.  And if someone else is, it's not such a big deal.  I'll still have >50% capacity if I can't Charge tomorrow.     Anecdotal evidence: we were away for 10 days recently and the car lost 25km range in that time (max capactiy 499km).  Not such a big deal.  
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      valid Point.  We (I) have to trust that SWM and other provieders will continue the build-out as the VW-ID.3s hit the streets.  This is a Problem that hopefully will be solved by a) state incentives and b/ the invisible Hand of the free market.     My opinion on ANY car that can Charge at a public charger:  Charge if you Need to, but when it's done, fucking move it.      
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I live in an Apartment and I have an EV.  it's not that big of a deal.  I drive to work sometimes and Charge on the street nearby.  Or I fast Charge at Aldi while I'm Shopping.  Range anxiety is a Thing until you get the car and it's suddenly not.  
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I had to sternly tell an old guy in a Mazda he was blocking the charging Station at Kaufland when I was in Saxony earlier this year.  He grumbled something in Sächsisch then drove off.  win?     In Munich there are 4 chargers near my Office.  At least one is usually free, but there are regularly all kinds of vehicles blocking at least one of the charging spots. ICEs, fully charged PHEVs, unplugged Teslas (asshole), Pflegedienst (I'll only be a few minutes; what can it hurt?), and once a big truck blocking 3 spots.     Charging stations on public streets are of course governed by "the rules."  Check out the most German Website I've ever seen.  it goes over examples of valid and invalid signage for charging infrastructure.  
  6.   Or maybe have another preztel.     I 'member    
  7.   This is exactly the definse that senator and Trump apologist Lindsey Graham put forward recently.  The Administration lacks the necessary cognative capacity. Graham: Trump administration 'incapable of forming a quid pro quo,' Ukraine policy 'incoherent'
  8.   If it were a film I'd say, "I've seen a better film on the bathtub."  
  9. Only in America...

    End Women's Suffrage!    
  10. Only in America...

    reminds me of Talking to Americans...     sorrry for the lousy quality.  
  11.   In other words, "Put up with the racism, closing doors in your face, and cliquey bullshit.  Shut your mouth except to say thank you."
  12. 2bd apartment search!

    We have not as it's not been that much of a nuisance, although it's starting to wear us down, honestly.  There was indeed an Addendum to the rental contract that saying we won't ask for a rent reduction.  I assumed it was probably not enforceable, but haven't taken it to the Mieterverein.     The bigger hassle is our useless (permanently drunk) Hausmeister as well as the concern about what the Bauherren have planned once the Aufstockung is finished -- Luxussanierung or some bullshit is what we're worried about.     The dying construction workers is an issue too, but so far no one / nothing has fallen on us or our balcony.  So far.,116709.html
  13. 2bd apartment search!

    We found a place similar (a few hundred € more, though) to what you describe in Munich via Immoscout24, but it required:   1) paying for an Immoscout subscription (otherwise alerts and Messages aren't instant and you miss out on potential places) 2) dropping everything when an alert arrives and sending a message immediately that you're interested 3) several months of looking at Apartments and even turning some places down 4) taking a place that was essentially a construction site (it still is over year later) as they are adding floors to the tops of all the buildings.     good luck
  14. What made you laugh today?

    ‘We Must Protect The Pure Aryan Bloodline,’ Says Child After 9 Minutes Of Unsupervised Facebook Access   The Onion never fails to deliver.