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  1. US Presidential Election Fallout

    FYI, this is how it worked.        
  2. US Presidential Election Fallout

      I prefer consequences of a certain variety.   
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Windshield wipers are typically controlled by a stalk, but yes, the guy was likely still in the getting to know the car phase when he wasn't watching the road and crashed.    The dumbest thing here is that you can press a button on the end of the turn-signal stalk to activate one wipe.  In the worst case, you can continue to drive while pressing the button as needed until traffic is clear enough to fiddle with the settings menu.  (it's a slider -- see pic)  I and II are intermittent, III is normal "on" and IIII is fast.  The menu pops up when you activate one wipe.   
  4. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Cut Rudi a deal.  There are bigger fish to fry.
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    A driver somewhere in Germany (I don't remember where EDIT: LINK) crashed his Model 3 while trying to set the wipers, and a judge ruled the driver was guilty of distracted driving using an electronic device.  So theoretically, yes, you could.  I can only assume it would depend on what you were doing and what the cop saw.    Since the wiper crash, the automatic wipers are much better than they were when the Model 3 first arrived in Europe.  In fact, I think there were no automatic wipers when the car debuted.   For 75% of destinations you can use voice control to set the GPS: "drive to work" "drive home" "drive to Munich" all work fine.  What doesn't work fine is pronouncing a very german-sounding city when everything in the car is set to English. e.g., "drive to Würzburg" might not work for me.  Many street names are not possible and you just have to type them in.  Alternatively, you can set the destination via google maps or any other mobile app that can share to the Tesla app (before you get into the car of course).     You can tell the car something generic like "drive to Lidl" and it will present you with a list of nearby Lidl locations, which is nice.   
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

    I read in several places that t will refuse to pay Rudi's lawyerin' bills. (classic Drumpf)  Anyway, if that happens we can only hope that Rudi will sing like a canary. 
  7. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    The touchscreen problem is unfortunately real.  A friend in Munich with a used Model S has had to deal with it and has received no support from Tesla.  The computer is actually fine except for an eMMC chip that is constantly overwritten with way too verbose logging.  The friend was able to get the computer repaired (chip replaced and security keys copied from the old system) from an outfit in the Netherlands, but it was a huge PITA.  Unrelated: his LCD screen started leaking, too.    Here's a good explanation of the issue from a website that is usually labeled a "Tesla fanboy site," despite them being critical of Tesla when it's warranted. 
  8. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Just above the F.A.Q. (Häufig gestellte Fragen) there is a pull-down of countries -- close to the top of the page.  Germany is listed at 0.35€ / kWh, although that price varies slightly when it comes time to actually charge.  Sometimes lower by 1 or 2 cents, sometimes higher by 1 or 2 cents.    I have an ADAC membership, and charging across the street from my apartment costs 0.29€ per kWh.  I would much rather have a wall box at my parking spot in the underground garage that's hooked up to my electric meter, but that would involve getting permission from the Hausverwaltung and paying for a trench to be laid.  So I charge on the street.     
  9. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Prayer is really the best way to help.   
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Put a light bulb in his mouth
  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Vice article about the parler hack. 
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Parler does seem to currently be down, and the Parler exploit at first glance seems to be real.  Check out @donk_enby on Twitter.
  13. President Donald J. Trump