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  1. I see on so many concert postings, weeks after the original notice, posts about people wanting tickets cos they left it too late to get some.   I always wonder why these people leave it so late to attempt to get tickets. I understand money probably is the main cause, i.e. having none at the time so need to wait till you get paid till you can get tickets, and by then its sold out.   Well here is a tip for you peps who wait, for whatever reason...   You can reserve a ticket with muenchenticket.de and they hold the tickets for approx two weeks before releasing them for resale, they give you the latest pick up date when you book.   So you can reserve tickets and then go pay and collect when you want. Or if you decide you dont want to go you just dont go pick up the ticket and they will then be release for resale once the hold period expires. Picking up in person they only accept cash or EC. You can also order and pay directly on line with any major credit card. They will then post the tickets to you - with a €5 postage charge.   Ticketbox want you to register with your bank details before you can reserve tickets for posting or pick up so presume you have to pay at time of order with them. But I dont know for certain as I have never bought tickets from them.   Anyone else got any tips?