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  1. I've read a lot of threds on the topic "Mutterschaft/Elterngeld/Arbeitslosgeld", but couldn't find a suitable solution for our issue as my wife's case is a mixture of all of them.   First of all our employment/residence history in Germany: I came to November 2007 on § 18 AufenthG, and my wife joined me on dependent visa § 30 AufenthG in February 2008. She is working Teilzeit since December 2008 and her job contract ends in June 2010. She is expecting baby in July 2010.   So far I came know that she can't avail Elterngeld as she has neither completed 3 years of residence nor worked for 2 continuous years in Germany. Please correct me if I am wrong.   Now my questions are : 1. Can she avail Arbeitslosengeld DURING her Mutterschaft (that is 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after the delivery )? 2. Can she avail Arbeitslosengeld AFTER her Mutterschaft? 2.1 If Yes, can she choose to remain at home for 6 months after delivery (Mutterschaftsurlaub) and avail Arbeitslosengeld during this period? 2.2 In case if she is NOT eligible for Mutterschaftsurlaub, can she go on holidays for 2 or 3 months while availing Arbeitslosengeld? 3. Can she avail Elterngeld once she becomes eligible after 3 years of residence?