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  1. Einbürgerung Mannheim

    It's one of the things that there is nothing they or you can do about it. Technically, I'm still a citizen of my country until I receive the final certification of renunciation... It is just that while that is being process, I won't have any ID/Passport on me except Aufenhaltstitel.
  2.     How long did it take for you from submission to Urkunde? Could you kindly share your timeline here?
  3. Einbürgerung Mannheim

    Same here. Also from Mannheim. Have you heard/had any progress yet? I was told by a Sacharbeiter that I should mail in my application.. I just did it yesterday. I found out that my country, Malaysia, might take up to 6 months to process my renunciation. 6 months stateless... crazy