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  1.   Thank you. Is there an NGO which can help me nagivate through all of these questions?
  2.     I can pay more for the rent if my boyfriend would be allwoed to move in. Would that be an option?
  3. He is living in a facility for handicapped persons. Yes, his legal guardian (his mother) does approve of his move. He is German. I want to know if he will get any income from the state if he moves on his own or with a roommate. In other words, for starters, will his mother;s income (she is a pensioner) get taken into consideration when calculating his benefits? Which organization or institution can I ask about this? We want to know for sure before he decides to look for an apartment. Thank you Any info would be much appreciated. 
  4. I get that, but if I were living with my partner in a 2 room apartment (childless), and then have a child and not be able to move out, the child would still not have his or her own room, no? 
  5. Hello everyone,  I have a bit of an unusual request regarding the rights and benefits of a friend of mine who is severely handicapped. He has a legal guardian but feels bit enough to live on his own. He would like to share an apartment with another friend (WG), and we are wondering what kind of benefits would he get from the state. As he is unable to work, he would need to benefit from therapy but would like to try an Ausbildung or even find some sort of work (he is fit enough for that) that would eventually get him on his feet. However, in the beginning he would be home, unemployed.  I don't even know where to start when it comes to who to ask about this. Any ideas? Thank you Anna
  6. Hello everyone,  I am trying to look for apartments for rent north of Munich. It will be for me and my child. Thus, a 2 room apartment would suffice. My kid is young, under 4, and he will be spending a lot of time with his dad as well (we are separated). However, in the future I would like my boyfriend to move in with me.  My question is the following: why don't landlord like it when 3 people share a 2 room apartment? WHy is a small child considered a person when calculating the maximum number of persons that an apartment can house? Thank you, Anna
  7. Thank you for all the input everyone. Have a great week!
  8. Because making him happy means him cooperating and having the easiest divorce. Pus, we don;t have valuable things or property, just small stuff.
  9. Hi everyone,  this is another post regarding my divorce saga. So my soon to be husband and I, after having been separated for the past 3 years (but still living together under the same roof) have decided to divorce on very good terms. That means that I will leave him all assets, we will share custody of our young son and I want no financial support from him. My question is how I go about filing for divorce? Do I still need a lawyer? Do I still need to pay for the lawyer just as much as I would pay in the event of a dispute? Can I file for divorce right away considering that we have no longer been together for the last 3 years (a fact that my hubby can attest to)? How do I go about doing this? Regards, Anna
  10. Hi everyone,  I need a divorce lawyer, but I have no idea where to start to pick one. There are a few in my area, and I understand that s/he should be local so I can avoid paying him any travelling fees in the event that s/he will have to represent me in court, but other than that, what else should I look for? I have no idea. Do I just call them up and get a feeling for how they are?  Thank you Anna