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  1. Dear all,  I turn again to you, as I have another issue that is quite pressing. I have a friend staying at my place, I live in Munich and have a pretty big apartment, however I cannot register him there (anmelden), as my landlord will not approve it. My landlord is never around, so it is not an issue that he is staying there.  My question to you all: is there any other place I can register him ? He is working, so he needs an Anmeldung. Most of his mail will still come to my place, which is fine, the issue is with the Anmeldung address. thank you A.
  2. Hey everyone,  I am following up on a post I recently wrote about separating frommy hubby. I thank everyone for the input, yet I really need only expert advices, if possible.  I am in a bit of a rut here. I am married to someone I need to separate from. Suffice to say, our relationship is not working anymore, and he is beyond ridiculous and psychologically abusive. We have a 2 year old. I already spoke to a lawyer. She told me that I needed to find myself work during the day (now I work nights), and that my chance of gaining custody (more than 50%) is very high. Yet I would need to probably move out to start the separation. My question is the following: Moving out to another place in Munich is real hard, the prices of apartments are crazy. Say I find myself a job in heidelberg (about 3,5 hours), would moving to there also work in order to start the separation, or do I have to live close to my hubby? My hubby will fight until the end to have the baby, yet he will most likely not gain 50% custody, as he has a small criminal rcord, very bad employment history and speaks really bad German (after 5 years of living here). I could make a real good case against him. However, if he agrees to move to heidelberg, I would be willing to share custody with him (about 50-50). This job would be ideal for me, and I feel I have no future here in Munich from a professional standpoint   Thank youl,    A