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  1. Dear all,  this topic had been discussed on Toytown before, however I still have a few particularities that I want to ask about.   My hubby and I have been separated for the last 3 years but have been living together due to us having a small child and not having been able to make it work with the Betreuung. Now we want to physically separate as well. We live in a very nice apartment, in a small village with a nice kindergarten (where we want our son to continue to attend), and since my hubby needs the garage, it is too hard for him to find something else near the kindergarten (we will share custody of our son), we decided that it would be best for him to stay in the apartment while I move out.    I asked the landlord to either: 1) release me from the contract while keepiing my hubby's name on it 2) allow me to find a Nachmieter or Untermieter and adding that person on the Mietevertrag while taking out my name   The Landlord refused both options.    From what I understand after reading most of the threads on Toytown on this subject, even though my hubby is willing to take over the contract and pay for the Miete in full, if the landlord does not agree with this, we have no deal. This means that the only way for my hubby to stay in the apartment is for me to also remain on the lease/Mietevertrag while I physically move out. But that would make me liable if my hubby either stops paying the rent or damages something in the apartment. In other words, is there no way to force the landlord to let one party stay on the contract after a separation? I thought a separation was a real thing in Germany.    Lastly, I heard from the Mietverein that if we would divorce, then the landlord would be forced to accept my exiting from the lease. However, again my question stays the same: would that mean that my husband would also have to leave the apartment?    Thank you.   Anne
  2. I got married in Canada. It wouldn't work to divorce there, as neither of us live there or have lived there in the last 8 years or can get there right now. Hungary is another issue. My hubby goes there regularly.
  3. Hi everyone, My husband and I want to divorce. We have been separated for a while now, and we want to finalize our separation by divorcing. We are in agreement regarding everything, from items that we own to the shared custody for our young son. We have, however, a small issue with how much it costs to divorce here in Germany. From what I understand, it will represent a fraction of how much we each earn. My soon-to-be ex is selbst-staendig, he has his own business, and this year he earned well after having struggled last year with almost no work.  When it comes to the fees for getting a divorce (most of which, from what I gather, goes to the government), we find them unfairly high. As my hubby is from Hungary and is also registered there, we thought about trying to divorce there. In other words, he could find a lawyer there, tell him he does not know where his wife is and that he wants to divorce her, and file for divorce there (from what I understand, that could be done in Hungary). Once that is finalized, we thought about having it recognized here in order to avoid doing the whole process in Germany. My question to you guys: would a divorce Anerkennung from another country work in Germany? We are both registered here in Germany, however he is also registered in Hungary.  Regards,  Anne
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I actually need to be around Kreis Pfaffenhofen (near Petershausen) to be close enough to my ex. Otherwise it will not really work. 
  5.   My work is in Munich, and my kid's kindergarten is also there. Moreover, as I hare custody with my ex, I need to live close enough to him so he can get to have him as much as I will.
  6. I got an idea... say that I move in with my boyfriend and do not register my kid at the apartment from the start (I am divorcing my husband and I could let him be registered at his dad's house), and then inform the landlord that my kid is moving in with me, can the landord stop me from iving there? Of course, this would be a question for the mitereverein, but out of curiosity, would that work?
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, but rght now I wouldn't qualify. Wohngeld is very little. It does not match the prices of apatments these days. Moreover, landlords do not like people on wohngeld because it shows that the interested party does not make enough money. 
  8. Thank you everyone for the replies. I will do my best. I just find it very unfair that landlords still stick to the old mentaity of one room per one person, and then expect exorbitant prices for the rent. I get it, this is how they make a buck after paying oxorbitant prices for their apartments. But this is why they should be a bit more flexible about the number of persons living in their apartments. Soon only very rich people will be able to afford living in Munich, which I find very sad. We need cashiers and cleaning ladies to be able to afford living close to their work places, not just IT engineers or bankers.
  9. Well... living on the street because of the excessive cost of apartments in Munich is much worse. And yes, maybe I will have another baby (I am trying my best not to), but in this case this would be a private matter, no? I should be the one deciding if 4 + people is too much for a small apartment. 
  10. Thank you all for your replies. 
  11.   Thank you. Is there an NGO which can help me nagivate through all of these questions?
  12.     I can pay more for the rent if my boyfriend would be allwoed to move in. Would that be an option?
  13. He is living in a facility for handicapped persons. Yes, his legal guardian (his mother) does approve of his move. He is German. I want to know if he will get any income from the state if he moves on his own or with a roommate. In other words, for starters, will his mother;s income (she is a pensioner) get taken into consideration when calculating his benefits? Which organization or institution can I ask about this? We want to know for sure before he decides to look for an apartment. Thank you Any info would be much appreciated. 
  14. I get that, but if I were living with my partner in a 2 room apartment (childless), and then have a child and not be able to move out, the child would still not have his or her own room, no? 
  15. Hello everyone,  I have a bit of an unusual request regarding the rights and benefits of a friend of mine who is severely handicapped. He has a legal guardian but feels bit enough to live on his own. He would like to share an apartment with another friend (WG), and we are wondering what kind of benefits would he get from the state. As he is unable to work, he would need to benefit from therapy but would like to try an Ausbildung or even find some sort of work (he is fit enough for that) that would eventually get him on his feet. However, in the beginning he would be home, unemployed.  I don't even know where to start when it comes to who to ask about this. Any ideas? Thank you Anna