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  1. Hello everyone,  So we live in this small village north of Munich, in a 2 level house with two apartments, one at the ground floor and one (ours) on the first and second floor. On the second floor there is one big room with a washroom.  My huisband (today, a Sunday, at around 8;30 pm), decided to listen to loud music and play with the baby (3 year old Tazmanian devil). The music is loud upstairs (I can hear it from here, first floor) but if you are outside, you can hear if the windows are open. The baby decided to jump around, and I can hear his jumps from here.  I am writing you because the old bitter neighbour downstairs got very bothered by this (either by the music or his jumps) and decided to ring the bell for the last minute. I told my husband to turn the music lower, which he did a bit, but he says she (the neighbour) got all pissed because of the jumping (although the jumping happened on the second floor).  My question is the following: can my husband do this on a Sunday? I doubt the music was too loud. He says it is his right, and that the baby jumping was on the second floor, and that she exaggerates. When my hubby went to speak with her, she did not open her door. So I am not sure what exactly got her to worked up.  So how loud is too loud? Thank you
  2. Kindergartens - will they stay closed?

    I live in Bavaria
  3. Hi, My husband told me today that the kindergardens will stay closed. Can someone confirm this to me or let me know what is the situation regarding kindergardens? I have a hard time reading in German. I have a 3 year old, and this mean that I won't be able to work anymore, if this were to be true.  Shit
  4. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Thank you
  5. Jungendamt - steps to remove a child

    Thank you all for the input. My kis is not loud every day, but he has his moments. I try to calm him down. But she is a real bitch. The landlord hates her too. 
  6. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Topics merged by admin   Hello everyone, I live in a rented house with two apartments, one on the ground floor and one on the first and second floor (which is my apartment). Both apartments are rented out.  On the ground floor apartment lives a retired old woman who is very unpleasant. The landlord hates her (he tried to kick her out without success), the previous tenant hated her, and she does not like me and my family. My issue with her is that she smokes inside her house and when she opens the windows, all the smoke rises up and gets into my house. Sometimes I can smell cigarettes coming through the plug hole. I have a small child, and this makes it impossible to open the windows she she does this. Can I do anything to stop this?  Thank you A
  7. Jungendamt - steps to remove a child

    Thank you for the replies.
  8. Can anyone tell me of the procedure that Jungendamt follows to remove a child from the parents? Say that I have a 3 year old who throws tantrums, because he is 3. And say that the neighbour downstairs hears it and calls the police/Jungendamt about it (the neighbour is an retiree who really hates us). Can the authorities come and remove a child just because he was loud?  Thank you,  Anna