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  1. Pension upon stopping Unemployment Benefit

    Thank you. Ive learned a lot today :D
  2. Pension upon stopping Unemployment Benefit

    Ah I see. I meant renewal, like the passport it was attached to is expiring, so I need to get a new card linked to my new passport. I hope they don't reassess eligibility at that stage, and it's a straight up issuing of the card.
  3. Pension upon stopping Unemployment Benefit

    Thanks. That's what I understood as well. I'm coming up for a renewal of the NE, so will be interested to see if my unemployed status affects the renewal. But I'm all over the place on whether I stay in Germany or not anyhow which is why I need the time out from job searching to think things through. Thanks for your help PandaMunich :D
  4. Pension upon stopping Unemployment Benefit

    Thanks. I was on the Blue card, and satisfied the conditions for the permanent residency (Niederlassungserlaubnis) which I now have. As far as I understand there is no obligation to work or be tied down to an employer. Or is there other information to say otherwise?
  5. Hi, I would like to stop the unemployment benefit that I've been receiving to take time out from the job market. I understand I would still need to fund my health insurance. But would I still need to pay into the state pension?   Could anyone please refer me to where I can find more information? I've read a lot about what happens to my pension while the Jobcenter is paying benefits, but nothing about what I need to pay on pension if I choose to opt out of the ALG.   Thanks!
  6. Thanks. The open question which I didn't find a direct answer to was whether the target audience for the blog changed the requirement to have one. It's just overkill putting german legal crap on a site not even meant for german speakers.
  7. Hi, I created a blog before I moved to Germany that targets the english speaking world. I am now a resident in Germany.   Do I need to have an Impressum on that blog? It seems daft putting all my personal details address, phone number, etc. for everyone in the world to see when the posts aren't even for the German market, and the laws are seemingly for EU citizens.   Some follow up questions: * Can I geodetect the visitor and show/hide the Impressum only when it's an EU visitor? * Can I simply block all EU IPs so I don't have to have an Impressum?   Thanks.