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  1. Just a follow up. The Einwohnermeldeamt did NOT need any confirmation from my landlord. They simply asked for the date when I depart Germany. They did not ask for my future address, but asked which country I was moving to. Got my Abmeldebestätigung now and cancelling my other contracts including Krankenkasse has all been smooth sailing.
  2.   I read it here, but on second reading the line might refer to it being "when necessary"?   " 1 Bestätigung vom Vermieter oder der Vermieterin. "  
  3. Hello, I am going to the Burgeramt tomorrow to deregister myself (I am leaving in two weeks). But I read on the city of Cologne's website that I need a confirmation from my landlord that I am/will move out. But on other pages on the same site it says a confirmation is not needed. Does anyone know what is correct? I don't want to go through the waiting process just to be turned away and told to get my landlord to sign something else.   Thanks