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  1. Munich babysitters wanted

    Dear Nannys, as our amazing Nanny will be leaving us soon, we are looking for a new Nanny who can take care of  our 2 Kids (4 and 6) up to three afternoons a week and is interested in a longer term engagement.  We live in Harlaching, next to Mangfallplatz. They need to be picked up at the kindergarden and school (4 PM and latest by 5 PM respectively) and then either brought home or to activities near by. After picking them up, focus is on talking to them in english (optimally native), playing with them, crafting, reading etc whatever you like doing with them and perhaps now also quickly checking whether the homework has been done and understood. We normally come home round 7 PM so giving them diner (cold diner, unless you like to cook) would also be part of the job. Our Kids are very active and full of energy and easily bulit up new relationships.   We are looking Forward to Hearing from you if you are interested by mail: Anke.niedernberg@web.de   All the best Anke