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  1. Small items for sale

    Pick-up either from Germering or I can hand it over in any metro station.
  2. Small items for sale

    Third Item:   Coat Hanger - €10   I am unable to attach the file. Hence here is a link of how it looks:   All items in very good condition.
  3. Small items for sale

    Another item:   Ikea standing lamp - €7  
  4. Small items for sale

    I have Severin Mini Oven to sell - €20.   Oven is in very good condition.
  5. Old furniture pick up

    If you have any old furniture, carton, etc to give away, you can contact Marco on 015218028266. His charges are in line with what AWM charges and you don't have to wait for weeks to throw away that extra stuff.    Very friendly guy. 
  6. Severin Mini Backofen

    I have a Severin backofen to give away as it is an extra piece I have.   Price €20.    
  7. Furniture to give away

    I have a black IKEA coffee table which is too big for my small apartment I just moved in. It has few scratches which can be covered with some polish. I live in Germering.   Also have cupboard wood which can be used for any projects.   Feel free to drop me a message if you are interested before they go in for recycling within the next 2 weeks.