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  1. By the way, although this post has been visited by many tumbleweeds, the items are, amazingly, all still available!!!
  2. Hello People,   In a former life, I worked in spinal injury prevention and rehabilitation in the U.S., in which the methodology centered on the principles of the clinical biomechanics of the spine. That is, we taught people how spines get irritated and injured, and how to control their spines in ways that minimized problems while maximizing functionality. As a multi-disciplinary tertiary care center, we often got problem cases that other clinics couldn't handle—mostly people with complicated conditions, who had suffered failed surgeries, who had physically demanding jobs, or who participated in high-level athletic activities. We (mostly I) also ran a lot of job-site-based injury prevention courses.   If I wanted to run a back injury prevention course here in Germany, what kind of certification would I require, if any? I have no interest in treating patients, as such, just teaching people with or without back problems, and training them in a variety of skills and a few relevant exercises. Although solutions are individualized, there's no hands-on work involved.   A response from someone who knows the relevant German laws would be great. Otherwise, any insights as to where I could find an answer would also be appreciated. (After a year and a half in Germany, I'm still pretty naive about the German legal system.)
  3. Earlier this year, I had a friend ship my household items from storage in the US to Germany. Because I wasn't there to handle it myself, some appliances with US voltage requirements got shipped that are really of no use to me here. Rather than let them go to waste, I am hoping that someone on this site (or someone else you know) might have a home for them—that is, because either they already have a high-current power converter or they're moving back to the US.   Here's what I've got:   Paper shredder (Black & Decker CC1200) – near perfect condition Hot air (popcorn) popper (Presto 0482107) – very good condition Multiquick handheld blender (Braun MR 5550 CA; with all original accessories) – near perfect condition Toaster (toastmaster T2001W) – very good condition Iron with base (Shark Model IR436; works in both cordless and corded modes) – very good condition Steam inhaler (Veridian 11–525) – perfect condition   I live in a suburb just south of Stuttgart.   The only conditions I have are Pay what you want. I could use the money, but that won’t stop me from giving the stuff away for free. Be a nice person. If you’re one of those mean-spirited commenters on this site, don’t even bother.