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  1. 20 hours ago, Uncle Nick said:

    Have you asked the main tenant directly why he refuses? i.e. ask him what the problem is if he has permission from the landlord to sublet. Is he claiming benefits and trying to earn extra money on the side?


    So, I believe she ahs a contract. Reason for not complying? Well, she gives the impression that he's a bit of a tin-foil-hat guy who doesn't trust authorities and wants as little to do with them as possible. There's also the much likelier scenario (mine) that it's tax/welfare related and he's have to admit or declare an income. But that's guesswork. 


    Anyway, thanks for the input, I've passed on the advice. I fear she may just sit on the fence on this one, because she gets along well with him on all other fronts and she's worried about losing the room if she rocks the boat (which, this being Berlin and rooms being scarce, is understandable).


  2. Hi all,


    Quick question regarding anmeldung situation regarding a friend of mine, situation is thus:


    She's renting a room from the main tenant of a vg and now needs to register for an anmeldung. The main tenant, however is refusing to sign a written confirmation of residency to allow her to register. I don't know if a full written contract exists or needs to exist, I'm guessing there isn't one. She tells me that said tenant has full permission from the landlord to sublet (which I'm suspicious of) hence the question: why is he blocking the reigstration? Can he legally do that?


    Research tells me that a landlord can be fined for not cooperating with a tenant registration - but does this extend to main-tenants subletting rooms? 

    If he can and all is correct - what is he her next step? Approach the landlord directly? 


    Thanks in advance :)




  3. Hi all,


    QUick question: what kind of penalties would one be looking at if, theoretically speaking, one brought a mushroom kit in the country and the zollamt found it? 


    (And yes - this is theoretical - it didn't actually happen, but it nearly happened to a friend)







  4. On 8/16/2016, 7:03:39, inberlinagain said:




    You will get angrily shouted at by staff.


    Not a problem. Totally capable at shouting back at staff from the back of a long queue. Sweety Jesus, this needs to be implemented at all supermarkets! 


    On 8/22/2016, 12:18:39, naberlin said:

    Don't get me started about the machines for train tickets at Schoenfeld airport--there are very few of them, at least one of which is usually out of order.  As a result, there is usually a line of about 20 people in front of each machine, and since most of them are tourists and don't understand how to use them, each person can take a long time to buy a ticket.


    Oh wait, I'll just use the BVG app on my iPhone to buy a ticket instead of waiting in line--or I would if it didn't keep giving me error messages or rejecting my (German) credit card.


    I don't get why they can't add several machines...


    That's an easy one to get round - just buy two tickets on the way out. Then, coming back, you just have to stamp the second one and go.




    One of  the things that amazes me is the patience of other customers in supermarkets. Forgot something? No problem - we can wait! Card? Sure - now where did I put my pen. Cigarettes? Just let me get out of my booth and walk six aisles away to the one machien that acvtually stocks the brand you want...


    And how the fuck does a well-known Berlin suupermarket not have chip-and-pin...?! Normally wouldn't bother me, but it my card doesn;t have a signature stri on the back and I can't sign it. (Tried putting a strip of masking tape on it and signing that - no, haben sie ihr passport bitte - what, to buy a litre of milk and some eggs...?!)





  5. It's currently 90 seconds behind live on the Bournemouth-Man U game and pausing slightly every 5-6 seconds. Can't say I'll be paying for this and thankfully my Sky contract ends in three months. 


    Edit - 105 seconds now - it's lost 15 seconds in the last five minutes




  6. Fair enough.


    More a case of will rhey be available on TV. I don't want to tie up my computer becaue I'l be using it while I watch. And in any case theer;s nip oint paying for a scubscrition if the one I already have is going tobe showing it.



  7. Google Search found nothign of relevance other than bars.


    Trying to avoid buying the gamepass if I can get it on satellite, but thanks. Same with La Liga, but I don't have a Spanish computer.


    Thankds for the replies.



  8. Hi all,


    Quick question: anyone know if the upcoming NFL and La Liga (Spanish soccer) seasons available for home viewing without having to go to a bar? I have Sky and Sport1/Sport1US but can find no information other than Sky are supposed to be showing La Liga from the start of the season (as in have the rights, but are not advertising anything) and the NFL rights are owned by Sports1 (not sure if the show live matches or how many).


    And yes, I have googled it :D all I to were Belushi's and some old threads here looking for bars to watch it in!







  9. Hi all,


    SO having aligned the dish and gotten the sky subscription for Bundelsiga and Sports (20 channels, 75% are never on!) I'm trygint to find other providers I can hook up to. I have, as I said, Sky Sports, Bundesliga, Europsport and Sport1; and I beleive ESPN no longer broadcasts in Germany.


    Are there any other sports network providers I can subscribe too? A lot fo this is for work, so there's no specific sport (althoguh American sports and worldwide soccer would be of interest.


    Thanks for the help,




    PS - the dish is facing the AStra Satellite that is slightly East of South (19.2? Not cvertain...)


  10. Hi Peter,


    Thanks for the info. Turns out I was pretty close all along. Only issue now is the height of the building opposite: is that calculated form the height of the dish, the ground, or sea level? (I ask, because I'm on the second floor, and the building opposite is four floors and I have no way of calculating the height of it)




  11. Hi all,


    Am lookign to get Sky Sports Germany and Bundesliga via a satellite dish and skybox (cable not being an option in the building) and need to know a few basics before I go ahead that I can;t go abotu finding online.


    1 - What satellite broadcasts Skysports Germany? The only info I can find is for the astra satellites that broadcast British channels here, whcih is not what I'm looking for. Is it the same Astra satellite(s)?


    2 - Where exactly are they in terms of direction? I've only got a balcony on one side of the house (facing more or less SE, but with a 180 degree more-or-less) unobscured view. I've seen two sites stating opposite things: one that's it over the equator and one that it's in the Northwest.


    Sorry if this all soudns basic - but I want to make sure the dish can actualyl see the satellite(s - is there mroe than one?) befoer I buy it and realise I have nowehre to mount it.


    Thanks all,




    PS - Am in Reinickendorf, North Berlin if it helps/


  12. In fairness, said (alleged) Canadaian fails in one or two of those categories themselelves.


    As regards the OP, what's wrong with posting on an ex-pat English speaking forum looking for English-speakers? Obviously, I'm goign to assume said family will screen potential playmantes to make sure they are of a similar age to their daughter and have the nessecary lingusitic abilities and requirements.


  13. Howdy all,


    So I now have a new apartment, all goign well, but I want to get some cable channels, specifically sky sports (and whatever other sports channels are going).


    So, I spoke to Sky and the Hausverwaltung and am told I need to go through a company called TeleColumbus (apparently they supply cable TV for the whole building) who can't be arsed either answering their phone or replying to emails, so I'm assuming that's a dead end.


    What's my next bet if I can't get it via the operator or the cable supplier? I'm assuming satellite dish, but would rather avoid it as it's something I know nothing about.


    Forgive the probably niave tone of the message, but this is not something I know a great deal about. Back home, it was a case of make a phone call, arrange for delivery of a cable box and sign the direct debit form. Not so here!


    Many thanks,




  14. Hi all,


    I recently tried to get internet with 1&1. When their technician arrived, he discovered that the cable in the cellar was broken and I had to get it fixed before I could be connected.


    So I get a letter from them confirming this and asking me to get an electrician to fix it so that they can connect me. But now I'm told I need to get a Telekom engineer to take care of it...?


    So does anyone know what my next step is here? Electrician or Telecom engineer? Who do I need to get to fix my cable before I get back to the internet company?


    Many thanks for your help in advance!




    Ps - No saying "Karl Hungus" - taking that one off the table right now!


  15. Building is 1980 apparently. I'm leanign towards previous owner using a lot of heating (it seeme fine in the viewing in terms of heat - none of the radiators were on and it was neither overly cold or the-rads-have-just-been-switched-off warm). I don;t use that much so at least I could get a refund if I'm careful.


    Jeffo and Leon - thanks for your advice regarding checking into the history of the building - will do!


    Thanks all,




  16. Sorry to bump my own thread, but again looking for some advice,


    Have found a palce, 71sqm 2 room, but the hausgeld is high - 392 euro. I got the following partial breakdown:


    75 - for possible future repairs

    145 - heating (refundable if I don;t use it, I know)


    Also -

    Payment of caretaker.


    Works in the garden

    BSR - rubbish collection

    electricity for the staircase, etc.

    Water and waste water

    getting rid of snow


    Is this a reasonable sum for a flat that size? It's in reinikendorf, if that matters and there are 7 other apartments in the complex.




  17. just to confirm:


    I deregistered a year ago after 4 years with no health insurance, just the E111 card, they never asked. That said, I waited until I was back in Ireland, donloaded the forms and degistered by mail. They post back a stamped confirmation.


  18. Have to agree with the above: with the amount of English spoken here, it's not easy to pick up German. It is possible though - you just have to be disciplined.


    Regarding work, the best way of finding work in the retail/bar industry is to put the footwork in and call to them personally. At the time of year you're planning, I think are chances are probably a bit better. Just be wary of unscrupulous employers and do some research as to what is a fair wage by Berlin standards.


    Some useful ads pop up in ex-berliner every now and again too - well worth keeping an eye on.