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About Me

I am now a seventy year one old Gay Man currently living in Leipzig.


My plans to move to Germany, have finally been fulfilled.  I have been living in Leipzig now for a year!  Hooray!  Some of this information is old, but I am keeping it here.


I have been to Berlin a few times, and it is also where my family comes from. I had hoped to move there, but the rents have gone up considerably since I first decided I wanted to become an expat. I am currently looking at Leipzig. I was there in 2017 and really loved the City.  I particularly like the architecture, and even some of the funkiness of the place.  As I enjoy photographing old buildings, and those in ruin, I found it quite accomodating.


I came to Toytown to learn of the experiences others have had adjusting to living in Germany. I hope to make some friends here, if that is possible. It would be nice to know others once here, if they will accept me. Since I'm older than most of the people here, I don't expect that I would be making that many new friends. I do hope that I would also be able to make new friends once I arrived. I have not had a problem in the past when I was in Germany. I still have a few friends there. My German "ist nicht so gut", but my vocabulary is fairly good. I don't have anyone to speak German with around here, so hopefully it will not be a problem. I know I will need to enroll in a German course, once I am there. I do worry about things like finding a doctor ( I have Afib ) and finding a place to live. I understand it's not the same as here in the states.


For ten years I was sole caretaker for my Mom, who suffered from Dementia.  She passed on early in 2017, so I am now free to finally pursue my long time dream.