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  1. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    It works on my own, but on other posts, it copies the entire thread!  Also I haven't figured out how to make a comment without a quote.  
  2. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Thanks, I will try.  I do need to figure out just how to use this website.  I tried to post a reply to a thread, and it copied the entire thread!  I deleted the damned thing.
  3. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Good thing that punk, didn't try that with me!  Had I seen him grab that poor lady, I would have knocked him good.   As a Seventy something living in Leipzig, I am somewhat confused by all of this.  Most people here are heeding the rules, but many are not.  I notice this among the young folks most. ( Please don't call me Boomer! )  I actually remember when I was that age, and YES I acted the same way.  We all thought we were invincible.  That is what youth is all about!  I however always treated others with respect, and especially older folks.  That jerk, was exactly that, a jerk!  Some of my younger friends are really having a hard time with this social distancing stuff. One is totally freaking out, and stopped talking to me.  I guess as you get older, it just isn't all that much an issue. I think social distancing just comes with being old.   You get used to it!  I do wish this would all be over, and we can all be sociable again!  If we all hang in there, we can make it thru this thing.  I certainly hope to!
  4. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Well, I just did.  I guess it's an age thing.  I go on here post stuff, and then don't visit again for months!  Yes I finally updated my profile.  I should visit more often!
  5. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Thanks!  Hope yours were oo!
  6. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      OOPS!  I guess this Old Fart, isn't as Social Media savvy as he thought!  Thanks for the heads up.  Sorry, I just now saw this post.  I guess I really need to visit more often.  Thank you!  
  7. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Well, this thread seems to have taken on a life of itself!   I am happily ensconced in my Plattenbau apartment!  Have been here eight months already.  The neighbors are all nice, some young students, some old farts like me, and some immigrant families.  All are friendly, and all love my Fett Hund!  They think he is funny and cute.   My ceiling is acutally a foot higher than it was in my house in NC!  So I don't find that a problem.  I have a wonderful view.  I do worry about the heating costs, but will find out, when I do!  Have kept the radiator at 3 since the middle of November.  Somewhere I read that you should keep it at one temp, and not keep turning it lower. That they use a Thermstat, and go by the temperature of the room. I will find out!  They do not stay hot all the time!  As far as concrete slabs, I am still seeing new apartments built this way! I am sure the apartments are fancier, but also more costly.  Two of my new friends live in one, and I don't really see where theirs is all that nicer than mine.  Except they have floor heating.   I have all the insurance that was required.  I also invested in a schlagbormaschine almost immediately.  It is a necessity with these hard as rock walls!  My IKEA kitchen was installed, by a crew.  I wasn't even going to try!  Yes I hear noises, but even in the states, I could hear my neighbors.  Not really that bad, except when they drop something upstairs.  I think they have a little kid, who throws stuff.  It really doesn't bother me, as I normally have the stereo playing.  No complaints so far about the dog.  He barks now and then, if he hears something out in the hall but otherwise he's well behaved.  The building is well maintained and have had no problems so far.  Buddy has his registration, and I have paid the dog tax.  I do need to get him to a vet though, to obtain a EU Pet Passport as it's required to visit some countries.  So far we have been to the Czech Republic three times with no problem, and to a few places here in Germany with no problem.  I have never been told to put a muzzle on him, except once on a local bus here.   I have a nice group of friends, who are willing to help me when I need it.  We get together once or twice a week.  Go for long walks, and road trips.  So am quite satisfied with my situation here.  By the way, this East West thing.  What I notice most, is that here people either do not speak any English, or refuse to.  It's quite funny, how I use my awful German to request something because they have said they don't speak English, but then they answer in perfect English!  As for the economy, it seems to be better here, than where I lived in North Carolina.  Seems people are well dressed, and the stores are always busy.  In North Carolina we had very few stores other than a Walmart, and most of the people looked very poor!                                        
  8. Genossenschaftsanteile

    Sorry folks! I actually made my move, in March 2019.  I was first in a small furnished apartment in Connewitz.  I actually liked the area, but not the apartment.  Was very tiny, and the landlord left something to be desired.  I found an apartment in a Genossenschaft within two months.  Now living in a Plattenbau in the Zentrum Ost.  From what I understand is, I purchased five shares.  The amount was two months rent.  Which was not that much, as my rent is quite low.  So far after almost eight months here, I am quite happy.  The neighbors for the most part are friendly.  They all love my dog!  Honestly I don't understand the stigma of the Plattenbau.  The apartment was fully renovated, so is like a new apartment.  The area is very convenient to shopping and the Center, with both two Trams, and a Cross Town Bus just across the street.  The S Bahn MDR Station is a short walk.  I have a great view from my ninth floor window.  I couldn't be happier with the choice.  The stairs in the Altbau were killers!   My Insurance has been qreat.  Several visits to my Doctor as well as some x rays, tests and eight visits to a Physical Therapist as well as my medications are all covered in full.  So far I am more than satisfied!   I made friends within a month of moving here, through the internet.  I now have a social group that I am quite active with.  I do need to get my German going though, I am quite lazy.  Only two of this group are German speaking.  So there is little pressure to learn.  They are all for the most part, fellow expats from varying countries.  I am kept quite busy these days.    Thank you all for your valuable feedback!
  9. I have just started apartment searching in Leipzig.  I have a limited budget, so have been looking for lower rents.  I have seen a number of apartments listed in Grünau, that sound very cheap, rent wise.  I however have came across this statement "Es sind Genossenschaftsanteile gemäß Satzung zu zeichnen. Der angegebene Mietpreis kann auf Grund individueller Ausstattungswünsche variieren. "  This makes me wonder.  Does this mean I have to purchase a share in the cooperative?  Are these apartments owned by an individual owner, or by the cooperative?  I'm finding apartment hunting, isn't all that easy.   Before you say anything about Grünau, I have seen the area.  I do not find it unsuitable. Compared to some other areas, I think it is quite suitable for me.  I am not afraid to live in a Plattenbau, and there is plenty of green space around.  I am a senior, so am not looking to be near clubs and the like.   I'm looking for a comfortable place for me and my dog. Convenient to transportation, and shopping.       Thanks!
  10. :unsure: OK, I have posted before and gotten no replies. I am somewhat frustrated.   I am anticipating a move to Leipzig within a year or so. First off I am a dual national. I have both German and US citizenship. Although I am a dual citizen, I am American born, my father was German. I got my German passport three years ago. I have never actually lived in Germany. I have spent time in both Munich and Berlin over the years though. I have never worked in Germany, so I will still need to get private health insurance. My German is at best, passable. I do not as yet, have a German bank account, and I am a retiree. Do I still need to be registered? Do I need to have a German bank account, and if so will they accept one that has just been opened? I own my own home here, so do not have landlord references. How does that work? I also have a dog, who I have no intention of parting with. All these things have given me much angst.   I have seen apartments advertised in the 200- 260 Euro range. ( kalt ) Then there are so many higher priced ones. I am not used to seeing such differences in rent. ( yes I understand location ) Where I currently live in Florida USA, prices vary little from one place to the next no matter what part of town. I would be looking for the lower rents, and places that would allow a dog as well. I do not need a lot of space. An Einzimmer or Zweizimmer would be fine. I would like a bathroom with a tub though! I am somewhat confused by the term " Nach Vereinbarung". Does this mean it is generally allowed, as long as it is arranged? Just what does by arrangement mean? I have been subscribed to and immobilien for some time. I have been planning a move to Germany for a few years now. I am not as concerned about neighborhoods much as amenities. I know public transportation is very good. I would like to have markets, bakeries etc. nearby. At my age, I'm no party animal! That said, I don't want to live in a neighborhood full of stuffy old farts. I like being around younger people. I would like to be near a park, where I could walk my dog Buddy. The areas I have been looking at are all over the map. Gohlis Süd, Volksmarsdorf near Eisenbahnstrasse and Schönefeld around the Mariannenpark. Since I am on a set income, I am looking at the lower rent places. What I don't know, is how much competition I have for places like these. I know in Berlin, I wouldn't have a chance in hell.   I realize I will have to make a trip, just to find a place. I am curious just how long it will take to find a place. I will have to board my pet during that time. He has never been without me. I am trying to figure out just how long it will take to get this all taken care of. It would be so much nicer if I did not have to make a special trip, but I doubt it's possible. Any and all feedback will be appreciated!