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  1. On ‎10‎.‎29‎.‎2007‎ ‎2‎:‎39‎:‎03‎, Starshollow said:

    There are several investment funds based on sustainable development rules but only a small numer of them are "VL-fähig", i.e. recognized as VErmögenswirksame Leistung savings plan.

    With a short check I found two(which does not mean I found all)



    LU0036592839 SEB Oekolux


    You should get them and the VL contract through your bank or through an independent broker like me.



    I am a professional independent insurance broker, financial adviser, and authorised advertiser. Contact me.

    I've been following treads on the VL discussion and I am in the situation that EPIC was in 2007: 'receiving monthly what Germans call 'Vermögenswirksame Leistung' (capital formation savings payment) as translated by Leo dict, from my company and want to invest this in a share portfolio on sustainable energy/technology.' Not a savvy on investments, but not stupid enough to not ask questions before doing anything.

    Questions: Is Pioneer funds still a good choice for VL investment?

    What is the difference (cost) in doing the VL contract through the bank or through an independent broker like you, Starshollow?



  2. Missing an Untersuchung of your child has any results?

    I've missed my son's U8 by a few months now and the doctor's office tells me that the Krankenkasse is not paying for it anymore after a month delay. Does anyone know if missing a Untersuchung has some repercussions later? Knowing how the Krankenkasse is so quick at denying support for any reasons. I'm wondering if it would be worth for me to pay for it out of my pocket just to have it done?


  3. I'm not trying to deduct taxes. The law says that when you're doing a Fortbildung through Arbeitsamt the Kinderbetreuungskosten are covered for up to 130 euro/month for the duration of the course. My costs are higher than that, with the coming of the grandma. Anyways, I would like to get the 130 to cover at least part of my expenses. Did anyone have a similar situation? Please help.


  4. I am doing a German course through Arbeitsamt. I want to claim Kinderbetreuungskosten but I actually asked my mom to fly in from home to help me with my son while I was going to this course. So I put my son to Kindergarten for 4 hours a day and had my mom take care of him for the rest of the 4 hours that I was in course. How can I claim the money for her trip and the costs of her staying with us? Does anyone have any idea?