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  1. Life without alcohol

    I stopped drinking on 18th December. Went out New Year's Eve, was fine, wasn't bothered. Soda n lime isn't really cutting it though, maybe need to find a new drink doesn't bloat you and make you go for a pee every 5mins. Ginger beer makes my lips sting.   Very much currently feeling like an onlooker on the edge of a party all the time though. Apparently it does get better but I remain to be convinced.   Don't know if I will ever drink again but do know I will only if I can make sure it's social drinking and not going to extremes. I blame my work life balance of being denied it for up to 5 weeks and going crazy for a while when out of that situation. Poor excuse but I see it all around me.   Apparently it can take 6 months to be mentally normally again (no anxiety, improved self esteem and confidence, calmer, less irritable, more energy and desire to do productive things) if you have been hitting it hard for a while. This seems a while but is some incentive. Currently a week short of the longest I've gone since I started drinking 10+ years ago and at least this is a personal choice not because I was in a dry place like that time. Still uncomfortable with the idea of being "that person who doesn't drink" - you always wonder about them don't you.   Couldn't find a thread on quitting drinking anywhere but to be fair I'd never have gone to Germany the times I did if it wasn't for Oktoberfest and the beers!   Discuss if you feel so inclined :)