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  2. Love this book...Don't mess with the Rooster! And the chapter on "the big boy" had me in tears. I dont think I can make it to this month's meeting but will keep checking back. I'm taking that this in not the normal TT book club that has been running for years?


  3. When: 14th December from 8pm-Late

    Far East Vietnamese Restaurant, Rosenheimerstr: see map: Rosenheimerstr 66


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  4. Saturday, 3th Aug @ 8pm Michaeligarten


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  5. Since your tasting French wines might I suggest you contact Caves Du Midi to either purchase your wines or talk to the owner, Jonathan Franks.

    The shop specializes in French wines. Very easy to get to via public transportation, near U3/U6, Münchner Freiheit.




    I just went to a small wine tasting there and it was very informative. The owner is British and very helpful. He might even speak at your tasting. I really dont know about that but its worth asking. Have fun.


  6. I agree with AlexTR. We found out the hard way. We have private insurance, got dental work done and there were big differences between the what the insurance company would pay on and what the Dr charged us. In the end we were responsible for the Dr's bill 100%. We were told by insurance that the contract was between us and the Dr and we had to get the answers to the insurance companies questions because the Dr was being uncooperative and the insurance company wasn't paying until all was answered. Dr's been paid in full by us and still being uncooperative. We are still fighting with the insurance company about the payment. Its been 2+ years!


  7. @sugerbell, I'm not sure of the name but a distributor but they are located on Lucile Grahn Str behind Prinzregentenplatz (U-4line/bus 54 or 100). They are in the building on the corner of Schneckburger Str and Lucile Grahn Str directly across from the sushi restaurant, Cent.


    Sorry, I do not know the name of the company but I'm told that they let you sample the different flavors and sell all the supplies that go with it. A friend of ours goes there to get his stuff.


    Hope this helps!


  8. Mr smith is right. Discovery Cove is a great day and yes it is expensive! We are originally from FLA!


    You must make reservations and probably pay in advance. They fill up quickly because only 300 visitors are allowed at one time. It is 2 workers per visitors ratio. However, everything is included, snorkel, mask, towels, buffet lunch etc... other than liquor drinks. They also furnish sunscree that is bio gradable for the water so do not bring your own they will ask that you use theirs. Also, if you go make sure you are there when the doors open @ 9am. They close the park around 5-6pm and it is a short day if you get there late.


    The park itself is man-made. They a float around the park, an open bird sanctuary, private beaches, snorkeling with little fishes, swimming with string rays. It is safe, lifeguards on duty, clear water! A really great day and worth the money!


    Next place is in Islamorada, the upper FLA keys. About 1.5hours driving south from Miami. The keys are great! Everything you think of when you think of FLA! beautiful drive down too. Lots of seafood, local bars/hang-outs and local art. For swimming with the dolphins the Theater of the Sea is a great experience. Much cheaper the DC but it is not an all day event. The place looks like a tourtist trap but the dolphin show and dinner are a nice time, especially for a family. http://www.theaterofthesea.com/


    The Lorielei is a great place to stay or stop for the beach/kids to swim, to eat at restaurant area or watch sunset. They just re-did the area and it is beautiful. http://keysdining.com/lorelei/


    Happy Travels.



    "I always buy an Aussenraum Day ticket (5.40€) for when I fly from the airport. On my return I just have to stamp it and get on the train. Which saves me hastily having to go to the machines and risk missing the train."



    This quote is from ian...


    Does the Aussenraum Day ticket really work for a trip to the airport. I thought that covered only the 4-innerrum rings (basically the white part on the maps). I thought you had to buy a separate ticket for a trip to the airport. A Single-Day ticket, entire network, 10.80€.


    I live in Ring 2 and maybe that makes a difference.


    Thanks in advance for clarifying.


  10. We did the city walking tour which is free aside from tips over Oktoberfest, (since we had a lot of guest in town). We had a great tour guide and I even learned a few new things. I love this tour. And FYI the museums are free or discounted on Sundays.


    I think, The town of Dachau is a pretty little town, nice shops and cute little christmas market. There is a smaller castle overlooking the town and it is really nice. Has a great restaurant/cafe in it that serves great pastries. On a clear day you can see Munich.