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  1. Pension - Erklaeren meines Versicherungskonto

    That would be great thanks! I can't imagine that the DWP would just hand this information over to the DRV without some sort of Ok from me would they?
  2. Pension - Erklaeren meines Versicherungskonto

    @GaryC thank you so much for your explanation, I really appreciate you taking the time to write that post. 
  3. Hi, Quick background: I moved to German in 2007 from the UK. I obtained German citizenship about 5 years ago and have dual UK/German citizenship. This morning I received the following letter from the deutsche Rentenversicherung:     I dutifully went to their website and started to fill out the eAntrag: "Antrag auf Kontenklärung V0100/4.2" Not a short document, but anyway. I arrived at the following question: Klärung des Rentenversicherungskontos Haben Sie Zeiten zurückgelegt, die bisher noch nicht in Ihrem Versicherungsverlauf enthalten sind? The only option that seems relevant to me here is - Zeiten im Ausland oder bei internationalen Organisationen (optional) The next question (because of my answer to the previous one is:  Beiträge im Ausland Haben Sie Zeiten in einem ausländischen Versicherungssystem zurückgelegt (zum Beispiel, weil Sie im Ausland gearbeitet haben)? (have to answer ja or nein) - I answered ja. At the end of the form it is then asking me for: Nachweis (z.B. Bescheinigung Arbeitgeber) über Beitragszeiten im Ausland   There is no way I can actually get this information. I am unsure whether I need to actually give them the information. I can submit the form without attaching it.  I don't know why they would actually need this, surely my contributions in Germany are what count towards my pension payment? I am also unclear about the statement about what happens if I don't reply within 6 months. Should I just reply with a letter stating that I only moved to Germany in 2007? I would be grateful for any advice.   Thanks Heidi