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  1. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Yes its the same. And its going to be like the dot com bubble too. Amazing to read that the companies that did not survive were ONLINE SHOPPING COMPANIES (Wikipedia) and look where we are today. I had heard about and I thought  it was something really stupid (like NFT dogs for the early internet or something), but it was just a pet accessory online shop??!! 20 yrs later it is such a standard thing.    That said, @MikeMelga would you look at Polkadot  Have a look at the parachain auctions listed here for example: There is a huge amount of work and very bright young minds going into this. NFTs in games is just a small part. Its not going away. However, it 's a problematic investment because it's so volatile, but maybe that will settle down in time.
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Think of Call of Duty. They make new games because there are always new players (the future generations of boys). So demand ponzi is there if you think of it that way. Needs a population pyramid of newborn boys to sustain itself, but thats also for Tesla (new people to buy new cars) and thats another economic discussion and valid for most businesses.   So now imagine you the player can own your game tokens, and pass them on to your boys? And they have value in the game (NFT as an investment principle)? But you could also sell them out when you are finished, in case you have girls (use case crosschain interoperability, ie cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens?).    Like guns. Guns being produced all the time in real life, but they still make more, and people keep buying. But the old gun from the American civil war still has value. So does the grenade & AK47 stash from 1988 still have value in 2022. (Either can be used or sold for new better guns). New guns are always needed because technology gets better (new use case, new demand). Old ones get lost or broken (guy plays Call of Duty a lot at 17, forgets his keys by 37? Tokens gone?).    This is a big as when the US dollar moved from gold-to debt-based because of the potential for "unlimited". Unlimited debt=unlimited growth. Many still argue against this being right, but it happened, allowing many people to become unlimitedly rich.   This is not going away for that exact same reason. Unlimited. Transfer of wealth to the new owners.
  3. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    It will be as easy for your friend trading NFts as it would be to earn a decent monthly salary from trading classic cars. Or beanie babes. Or wine. Or used Nikes.   But the game companies...the's the limit. Exchange makes money every time a token is exchanged, price up or down. But its even better because we are not issuing more cars...we are subdividing that one car into an infinite number of small parts. INFINITE.   Like the debt-based USD.  More tokens=more money. Its going to become its own economy. Also the technology behind that is going to grow because the use-case is there. Yeah, the use-case may be created out of air, but once its created, its there, and put to use making money. Like the debt behind the US dollar. Or Facebook (social stupidity-->ads-->data--> lots money for Mark for something that did not exist 15 years ago and has no tangible value).
  4. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I think NFTs and the gaming economy are here to stay. It's a way to create money "out of thin air" (ie, initially out of the players who have no problem buying the game hardware and game itself, and thereafter is generated in-game). So all of a sudden there is ANOTHER "value token" in circulation. So like inflation in a way. Money creation. "In game purchases" have been a thing for game apps on phones already for a few years and people seem to be prepared to pay, or they would not still be offered?!   For example, Facebook assigned itself value "out of thin air" as an "unnecessary" service that "provides nothing" (I remember when it listed). Now look? 10x value in 10 years and people considering it as a stock to add to a portfolio.
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    should add ..."validated by pcr test" otherwise doesn't count.    PCR or it didn't happen
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    You have to look on your local Ampt's website, they would have all their covid rules there. Depends on where you live and what you want to do...think 1 Johnson="vaccinated", but most places want another vaccination="booster" if vaccination was more than 3 months ago. "Booster" is where its at now. In your case you are "boosted" if you get 1 mRNA, unless you live in Bayern then you need 2 to be "geboostered". Article also mentions optional "auffrischung" after booster, so I expect "auffgefrischst" or some such will be the next status.
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    Seems to really be the case in Bayern.   Geimpft mit Johnson & Johnson Für alle, die zunächst eine Impfung mit dem Vakzin von Johnson & Johnson erhalten hat, bleibt es laut Holetschek dabei: Sie brauchen vorerst zwei weitere Spritzen mit einem mRNA-Impfstoff (Biontech oder Moderna), um als geboostert zu gelten. Geraten wird zur zweiten Impfung nach vier Wochen und zur Auffrischung frühestens nach weiteren drei Monaten.   But it seems like in 4 weeks you count as boosted?   I calculate 2 mRNA after Johnson = "geboostert", and 2nd Impfung can be 4 weeks after 1st. And it seems that the booster impfung is valid immediately now (same article), so I calculate 4 weeks in the current rules for you?    3 months is "Auffrischung". Perhaps a heads up that in 3 months things will change. (Geimpft, geboostert, auffgefrischt???),Su3QgZl   But in other Bundesländer its different: Booster-Status in Bundesländern unterschiedlich Für den offiziellen Booster-Status gelten in den Bundesländern unterschiedliche Voraussetzungen. In Baden-Württemberg, Niedersachsen und Rheinland-Pfalz ist nach einer Erstimpfung mit Johnson & Johnson nur eine weitere Impfung mit einem mRNA-Impfstoff (also Biontech oder Moderna) notwendig. Bayern handhabt die Beurteilung strenger und orientiert sich an der Empfehlung des RKI: Hier sollen Johnson & Johnson-Geimpfte zwei weitere Vakzine bekommen, also insgesamt drei Injektionen. Ab dem 15. Tag nach der dritten Impfung gelten Erstgeimpfte mit Johnson & Johnson dann als geboostert.  
  8. How to use MS Teams with IPad

    In my experience with emailed Teams invites you don't need an account. It offers to open the Teams app for more functionality, and worst case scenario is that it can't and you are stuck with using the web interface. Which is fine. Go early to the meeting, if you get in early (10 mins, say, not 2 hrs) you get put into the "Waiting room" until the host is there.
  9. Epidural

    My experience is that they try and get you to do it without, via a delay tactic. What seems to work is to announce that you want one from the minute you arrive at the hospital, and keep repeating it. To every person who talks to you. They will tell you that subsequent births are quicker, you tell them the first took XX hours of pain and you are not doing that again. They like to see labour "established" before they give it (it does slow down labour), so when they are doing the first check, you tell them you want an epidural (PDA). Then they give you reasons as to why the birth is going well. You repeat that the first took XX hours of pain and you are not doing that again. Then you have to wait while the doc has to come, etc. The epidural also reduces the ability to push (where you have to actively participate), so they don't give it near the end either.   Ah yes, one more tip: leave for the hospital at the first twinge. If you wait at home until you are sure, by the time you are there, and have been checked to see labour is going, then there also may not be time. You have to decide at (before) the beginning whether you want a PDA, not "see how its going and then decide", because by the time you say "no way its not going", there may really not be time to get one.    Note, if you had a "quick" birth, no matter how painful, I think there is really not enough time to get it in. And they will assume the second goes quicker, so if you had a relatively short first labour, they will expect the second to be quick, and of course get to you hold out.   I my experience: subsequent births may be quicker (note, "quicker", not "quick"), but they are the same degree of pain. So you also tell them that you did this already, and know where it ends, and that you are not doing that again.    Ask early, ask everyone, ask often!   Good luck! Its "easier" than the first time around, because you will know what to expect.
  10. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I know stocks. And understand risk management. So will start very small. My broker offers ETPs on a few cryptocurrencies but the management fees on those are 1.49-2.5%pa. Also, when I sell, I am stuck paying 25% Abgeltungssteuer, and my Freibetrag goes in the same pool as for my stocks.    Sat on the crypto sideline (and still sitting), because my lithium miners are giving me good enough returns at the mo. BTC to 100K, getting in late as I will be, its less than 100% return. Maybe more upside potential with other tokens. I want to generate income in crypto, not just "buy crypto".    So I do appreciate people's advice who have been in the game longer.   Thanks @dstanners, @Krieg and @RajeshG for taking the time!
  11. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    No, I know nothing about cryptos! So will gratefully accept all advice I can get. I need a good starting point!
  12. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Hello all, can anyone recommend an account/exchange/wallet? I would want to trade, lend, stake crypto. Convert crypto<>euros and back. Access a wide array of cryptocurrencies. Cheap exchange fees. Would like an english interface. Needs to be allowed to be for German residence. Anything that will tick all these boxes? I have googled, but I either can't open an account from Germany, or else the reviews are poor? Anyone with a personal recommendation or experience?
  13. Triple nationality permitted?

    Well!! Except in the case of Irish citizens...from  Question: "I am an Irish citizen who lives abroad. Can I obtain proof of Irish citizenship?" Answer: "An Irish passport is proof of your Irish citizenship."   So...Irish passport is powerful indeed!! 
  14. Triple nationality permitted?

    For most people this is true (unless fake passports), but a passport is not a person's "proof of citizenship". The USA, for example, will issue US passports to non-citizen nationals. Hence, and when applying for a new or renewed passport especially from overseas, countries do a "determination of citizenship" check - effectively you have to provide your proof of entitlement to citizenship with your passport application.  Hence the need to provide so many documents (especially birth certificates) when applying from overseas.  This is true for Germany too, if applying to renew passport at embassy. Britisher-from-birth can also apply for such a certificate: See note from British Embassy in Bern Informative Note Nationality – confirmation of British nationality ‘To whom it may concern: The British Embassy is not able to confirm definitively whether anyone is a British National. Although possession of a valid British passport should be sufficient for most purposes to demonstrate British nationality, it is not prima facie evidence of nationality. Anyone who does not hold a British passport can apply for a Confirmation of British Nationality Status certificate from UK Visas and Immigration at: nationality-status-form-ns."
  15. Triple nationality permitted?

    In terms of renewing British passports: if it has been expired for a very long time, you may need to follow the procedure for "first time applications" and no longer "renewal". This is a special kind of pain for those who were not born in UK, because of the supporting documents required (marriage, birth certificates), which from certain countries first need to be re-issued because they need certificates of authenticity, which the original application did not require.