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  1. You could complain to your Krankenkasse, ours has a dept which deals with that sort of thing.
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Perhaps due to more favourable carbon accounting. Many carbon numbers are based on "negative emissions", ie, preventing some emission that you would have caused, had you carried on with an action. Eg, mines switching from diesel to electric haul trucks = huge saving on paper for mines. Or some other offset. Its a "minus from maximum damage" that wins you the points, not "as low as possible contribution from zero" in the carbon markets.
  3. Purchasing house

    Sondertilgung vs Tilgung: the Sondertilgung is the max extra you are allowed to pay off per yr. Banks like to guarantee themselves an income! There are also penalties to paying off early. The normal Tilgung is what you negotiate/decide on with the advisor.   Friends of ours like Ingdiba, you can do an online Anfrage and then have a second offer at least to compare.  (Ours was the same as our bank). Or just tootle off to the bank across the road and see? No need to accept the offers. We ended up taking 2 loans, one shorter with lower interest rates, and one longer with higher.   Our bank later offered us us separate, new loan for moderisation when we already had an ongoing house loan. So you don't have to get all the loans at once. Only risk is the interest rate going up, but the banks pretty much price that in to the longer term loans from what I could see. You could, for example, live in the house without renovating, and then in 1-2 yrs take a shorter term loan (gamble that the interest rate is priced in to the longer term loan), and then pay that off quicker? Maybe you can get the Förderung for the modernisation then and it balances back in your favour?    So basically there are many options to taking a loan, it can be done in many smaller parts, you just have to calculate what best suit your circumstances.
  4. Du vs Sie culture in office

    You are from Sri Lanka. However rudely Germans react to us white, "native English" (where ever we are actually from), they are much ruder to "other groups". Either rude or condescending.  I put the older German women (busybodies in other times or places) in the "Integrationshilfe" in this category. The ones I am in contact with seem to work from the position that the foreigner is wrong, and the German way is correct, and they are being kind in helping the newcomers become German. I am not sure what you can do to change this: there does not seem to be any degree of embarrassment or awareness of this behaviour. Not like in countries that are more multiracial and did have institutional racism (UK, South Africa, USA to name a few...there you may still be on the receiving end of racism but its known to be wrong behaviour associated with some degree of shame least, more so than in Germany). 
  5. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

    You need to turn the box around until you find the little printed code (in a small box) to see whether aquaculture. Usually on the small side of the box.  Also the fish species is identified. See here Look at the pic for the Aldi fish on the link, you will see "aquaculture" is specified. As far as I have ever seen, "bio" is only ever aquaculture (ie a farming technique).  If the code specifies a Fangmethod its usually wild caught (altho see above comments for how "wild"). Also the species of fish is labelled. I don't like Aldi frozen Lachs (Wildfang...seems like its mostly fish tails), our Norma is way better, and Lidl 2nd. Its all Oncorhynchus. Our Norma also gets frozen Sockeye in (Christmas/Easter...its way more expensive).
  6. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    I didn't know about this...what happens if you don't sell? Could you exchange them against your carbon tax bill?