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  1. Online library for English books

    UPDATE:    EbooksUSA library is a great site, it gives me a "browsing in a library" feeling and is easy to use and see the books.  I got in touch with DAZ in Stuttgart about joining the EbooksUSA library. They gave two more possibilities, which I am sharing here if anyone may be interested in joining:   "If you are primarily interested to get access to the EbooksUSA library, our collegues in Tübingen ( or Freiburg ( offer this service with the regular library membership. We only offer access to EbooksUSA with our full membership, not just with the library memebership. You will find information on the prices and opportunities that come with a membership in the link below:".      
  2. Online library for English books

    Thank you all for your tips, I digest the suggestions - so far  @SusieT yes, i had had my Amazon set to DE, which I now changed to .com for media (then went around in circles with, and the titles look better. At least I can see the Unlimited books now. @the.frolleinThe DAZ option might be just the thing I am looking for! 
  3. I am looking for an online library that would allow me to register from Germany, and lend me English e-books. Happy to pay for a membership and buy appropriate device. We already have Onleihe for german books via our local library (and Tolinos) but that is mostly German and I want an English library (our library does have a small section of English books). Amazon's prime books to borrow (at least the lists I see) are German, and in anycase very strangely sorted/not what I want to read/maybe I'm using it wrong?. Any suggestions? Ideally a fabulously stocked library with many interesting English books, everything and anything I can think of, available to download on my device. I guess that is buying books on Amazon? But surely libraries have evolved by now - does anyone have any experiences with this?
  4. Why get Married?

    We had a similar situation and our lawyer explained it like this to us: if you are married, its easier when you end your relationship. Which you will one day, voluntarily or involuntarily. It wraps up the legalities of living together (with shared children) in one document, where you would otherwise need to get a legal document to describe your choice each time.  House buying, for example, and as people mentioned above, inheritance needs careful looking at (if one partner dies early,  do you expect to have everything transferred to the other to use to carry on looking after your child as you would have together?)    Did you know this, for example? Ohne Trauschein oder eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft sind auch langjährige Paare nicht füreinander vertretungsberechtigt In Notsituationen, aber auch bei einem normalen Klinikaufenthalt ist es für Unverheiratete schwierig, Auskünfte vom Klinikpersonal zu erhalten. Denn auch wenn Sie zusammen leben: Unverheiratete sind nicht befugt, Entscheidungen für den Partner zu treffen, wenn er oder sie nicht selbst dazu in der Lage ist.   There are also tax advantages, and you should consider the Rente/Krankenkasse story especially if the one partner takes some time off to care for the child/reduces work hours.   Here is a list of the financial advantages, also in terms of death taxes:
  5. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    What are your opinions on the house prices in the near future (Munich) now with Corona?