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  1. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Welcome to Baden-Württemberg! Hope you have a great summer! Come and have a swim in the Bodensee if it gts too hot (2 hrs away).
  2. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Mike Melga is correct. The problem is especially the children who would have gone to Gymnasium in their home language or country, but here, only because of their German not being good enough, they were not allowed to. It happened to 3 families I know (English, French and Italian).    Your 7 yr old would be going into the 2nd grade in Sept (?), so would need to go to an English or bilingual school. The German primary school is not designed to allow learning the language by immersion and it is not about fun and learning, because there is the deadline midway through the 4th grade that Mike alluded to, that is the focus of the syllabus.   HOWEVER This is not meant to put you off coming, and you were originally asking about salaries. But an international school is definately something to potentially factor in cost-wise, at least for your 7 yr old.
  3.   The daughter of my friend will be 20. Perhaps better though- In the end more mature/get better marks than the 17 yr old who statred youngest in the class, and did the G8. Friend's child wants to study medicine, so holding thumbs for her.
  4. You won't be able to put a child into a gymnasium in Baden-Würtemberg with no German, especially since most are doing the 13-yr Abitur now in 12 years. There are lots of threads on that here.   Your oldest will in the the best case go to Realschule starting 5th Class (convince the school she can speak German) till end 10th, then switch to an Aufbau Gymnasium for years 11, 12, 13 for the bright kids. I know a family who did that with their daughter from England (German father), she repeated year 5 to start with the other newly-started yr 5s, now is good marks-wise for switching to the Gymnasium for yr 11.   School here is not like school in the English-speaking countries. Everything you read here on the threads is true (and happens also to the Germans).