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  1. Tips for passing a practical driving test

    That is instant failure in a driving test
  2. Zalando allows size filters for example   And you could try shein if you feel up to it. They only have S M L XL sizes, but give the exact dimensions of the items under "size and fit". Delivery time longer than zalando of course, and you only get one free parcel return (they often send in more than one parcel, so you must wait till the entire order arrives). Quality is excellent in my experience, choice is wide, sizing generous. Check the reviews and real life pics for each item to see what its like on real people.
  3. What status did you parents have in UK when you were born? 
  4. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    Try something acidic if the baking soda didn't work. Bathroom cleaner with antikalk properties is acidic enough for example. Some components of organic matter are soluble in acids, other components are soluble in bases (like worked for your beetroot). Plant leaf stains (overflow from watering) go away with acid. Unless your counter is marble, which will dissolve in acid!!!! Try a small patch first.
  5. Repeating the school year (sitzenbleiben)

    I think you should get a German tutor. Will stand them in good stead in the long term. Their marks are otherwise good!  Sachunterricht is because of German? And are you convinced we are not going to have schools shut again next year?!?!?!  I feel sorry for the kids who repeated last school year, only to have to miss the same work again. From my experience of Baden.W schools (got kids from Abi through Grundschule) I think that repeating 3rd grade won't help. Your kids clearly need some help in the grammar and spelling specifically. My experience of the Baden-W Grundschule is that the kids are not "taught" the German grammar, they do lots of exercises where they apply what they as native speakers already know. I know that the native speaker Mums & Kids have it much easier. They formalise the rules they already use, and the spelling is sounded out and then formalised (capitals, umlauts etc). If your kids don't (can't)  hear the correct usage, repeating a year won't help them hear it. You have to get help specifically for that. Your local gymnasium may have a notice board with Nachhilfeangebote that may be cheaper or more local than the bigger chains.    
  6. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    You need to train your lactic acid threshold. See here: "Anaerobic Threshold (AT) is often expressed as a percentage of VO2 max (50% - 60% for the general population, 75% and above for athletes). The higher the AT, the higher intensity the athlete can sustain without producing lactic acid. Therefore, AT is a better predictor of performance than VO2 max in elite athletes."   So you need to re-evaluate your trainingsplan wrt to your target trainings heart rate.   Also pay attention to your heart rate during warm up, and how long you need to warm up for till you get your lactic acid system in gear so that input=output, since it also affects your aerobic-anaerobic tipping point (vital if you want to stay just under or delay the aerobic-anaerobic switch). Can be surprisingly long, not the 5-10 mins usually done as a warm up, but rather takes 20-30 mins  for input/output to balance.   And consider your breathing pattern. If you swim, and you are racing a longer distance, and you breathe too seldom, you flip over to anaerobic and lactic acid builds up and you just hit a wall of syrup before the end of your race. Perhaps you are not breathing enough when you concentrate on producing power.   Also fuel: you want increase your glycogen storage capacity, so you need to replenish with carbs directly after training. Determine how many g carbohydrate you need to take in per kg body weight. Hydration (too sweet drinks during training lead to dehydration, dehydration is a performance killer). Do you keep a trainings diary? Food, carbs, water, heart rate, sleep, alcohol (will kill your performance), sleep quality. Calculate your daily intake of magnesium (usually too low), calcium (usually high enough), potassium levels (usually too low). Magnesium needs to be bioavailable, so magnesium citrate is best, magnesium carbonate not good.   And you need rest days, else you will end up overtraining. The older you are, the more rest days you need in-between. Could you be in an "overtraining" slump now?
  7. Grocery refund rules in German Supermarkets

    Lidl and Aldi are discounters, so will be cheaper than Rewe. Our Lidl has an extremely fresh, great range of vegetables, and have expanded their bio section a lot. Never seen anything close to that here. They also got continued supplies of toilet paper while our Rewe was empty of all paper-types every time I went. They don't have everything though. Lidl and Aldi get "specials" in (ski things, garden things, clothes, back-to-school etc) and run food specials "Asian week" "French week" etc. You may get the Werbung along with your free newsapers, or can look at the webpage.   But it may depend on the manager, how good the shop is. I just wanted to mention it as alternatives to Penny- if your fresh milk was really not in the fridge, then maybe its a shop problem, and you are better off at another store. Rewe is nice, but expensive, and ours has vegetables which are not as fresh as the well-run-Lidl, or the same quality but more expensive, and that annoys me. Plus the Lidl staff are friendly. And they open tills whenever its full. And I have returned items without a till slip before. I have recently become quite a fan.
  8. Grocery refund rules in German Supermarkets

    Have you tried Aldi/Lidl? Where we live they are 100x better than Penny.   That "Best Before" date is the "Mindestens haltbar bis: xx"(at least store-able until) and there is always a temperature range associated with it if it needs to be cool or frozen. The long life food stuff doesnt have the temperature range.