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  1. Hello all, we're looking to move cities and starting to look for a new flat. So far we have only rented from big management companies and it has some nice advantages. For example, they have said "sure" to every request we have made (like installing a security net on the balcony, etc) and we mostly never hear from them which is ideal. However most of the places we've liked so far seem to be privately owned.  We've heard horror stories about invasive landlords so I've always been opposed to the idea of renting from an individual. One of my friends had the landlord enter her flat with his spare key while she was at work. I wouldn't want to live like that, so I'm wondering, is it possible to have a good private landlord with whom you have a good relationship with, or are they invariably problematic? How can you tell a good landlord from a psycho one in advance? What are the pros and cons of each option (renting from a private owner and renting from a management company)?   Thanks in advance!
  2. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    I am 99% sure she's hearing the people upstairs of us, who DO stomp, but they're kids. She only started complaining after they moved in, and we had already been here for a year with no noise complaints. But lo and behold, the kids' mom told me the lady also complained to her about the kids noise, so it left me wondering how she can differentiate between the noises we supposedly make and the noises the people above us make.   I 100% agree that we are sharing a living space and it can be messy to cohabitate with strangers, which is why I try my best to be tolerant, but she decided to threaten my living situation over something that we have no control about, so the lines of communication have been broken. We're seriously very quiet people. My brother is autistic and has hyperacusis so I am very conscious of noise and I am certain that I am very quiet, and so is my husband. I think she has other issues going on and she's fixating on the supposed footsteps. 
  3. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Exactly. And we also wear slippers inside the house. And we both work 10-12 hours a day so we don't have a lot of time to walk around the house anyway.
  4. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    I am actually a really good neighbor and I get along with everyone else except her, I receive everyone's packages and I'm super considerate. In fact, I have never had a party or played loud music. What she's demanding is irrational, and she has a history of complaining about everyone above her, so maybe she shouldn't have people living on top of her flat.
  5. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    I don't stomp, and I draw the line at people telling me I need to learn how to walk inside the apartment I pay rent for. If she is oversensitive to noise she doesn't belong in an apartment building. 
  6. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Agreed but we are not "making noise", we're literally just walking normally inside our house. We know how it sounds because there's kids upstairs from us and there is no way it can be that disrupting and if it is, she should move to a place with no upstairs neighbors or better noise insulation. People who are *that* sensitive to noise do not belong in an apartment building.  
  7. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    I agree, and I have never complained about the noise from upstairs because they are allowed to do whatever they want inside their flat. It's funny that there's an actual sign in the building's inner garden that says that it is forbidden for children to play in there lol
  8. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    We considered this but since we're planning to move our of Hessen anyway in May next year, we thought it might be a good idea to join the Mietverein in Karlsruhe once we arrive. 
  9. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    The funny thing is we have pets in the flat (all allowed by our contract) and we always thought that if we ever had a complaint it would be about the dog jumping around when he's excited or the cats meowing demanding for food. Never about us walking around.
  10. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Ok you win lol
  11. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    This is also the case with us. We respect the rest hours and we're always in bed before 10 PM so we were surprised. The neighbor says we annoy her when walking around before AM because she gets up at that time :eyeroll:
  12. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    That is exactly my point! We have never had the police over. We will definitely put several complaints about her after this is solved because she smokes excessively in the balcony and the smoke gets inside our flat, and she also throws litter out of the balcony, aside from the harassment. I would normally never put a complaint over this kind of thing but I think she needs to learn a hard lesson.
  13. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    We are planning to move to Karlsruhe in May, so we truly don't want this hassle right now.
  14. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Hello all,   I live near Frankfurt. About a year after moving in, a neighbor sent a two-page letter complaining about our footsteps. We went down to talk to her, and she said that other neighbors could hear us too. We told her the truth: that we do our best, we only walk normally inside the house, we wear slippers inside and have carpets, and that other than levitating there is nothing else we can do. She said she wanted us to correct our behavior and we responded that we couldn't do anything because we weren't doing anything on purpose, just normal inside walking. In addition we work long hours and are always in bed by 10 PM, we don't have children, we don't smoke, we don't know anybody in Germany so have never in two years had a party or people over, we don't play music without earphones, so she has literally nothing else to complain about. When we first moved we got the feeling she doesn't like immigrants, and our suspicion is that she just doesn't want us in the building. She also came to complain once that some droplets of water from my balcony plants fell on her plants, which prompted me to ask her how she copes with rain. She didn't like it. The former tenants are friends of us (we got the flat from them), they are also non-German and they also warned us about her, saying she harassed them over petty stuff all the time.  Anyway, after we talked to her about the noise she seemed to quiet down, but today we got a letter from the company managing the building saying they're giving us a first warning, and that we will be evicted if the neighbors complain again.  I have the suspicion that she might be hearing the neighbors above us, since they have kids who run around and stomp a lot, and she hadn't complained before they moved in, but I cannot reason with her anymore since she has escalated it to trying to evict us.  I sent a letter to the company explaining all this, including the fact that she seems to have fixation with us in particular, even though we're otherwise exemplary neighbors. There are a couple other groups of young people in the building who have parties, listen to loud music, but she chose to complain about the only two non-German people in the building over walking inside the flat.  My question is basically can we be evicted just over her word? Doesn't she need to produce evidence of this supposed unbearable noise we make? The letter said another neighbor complained as well, and we know she has a friend in the building who is also a handful herself (she has pestered another neighbor over how we folds the cardboard when putting it in the paper bin) so we suppose she got an accomplice.  I would be more understanding if we didn't work 10-12 hours a day and actually had parties or played loud music, but we find it unacceptable that the company would take what she says at face value, since we're sure we're not making noise. We have made an appointment with a lawyer for next week, and we're planning to leave the building in May next year, but we're concerned about possible eviction.    Thanks in advance!
  15. Do I have to leave the country to change jobs or if I am fired?

    Thank you, this was my understanding but then I saw that some people have that 2-year clause written into their permits whereas I do not, so now I am not sure if the 2-year clause applies to me as well or I'm locked with this company forever.