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  1. How to contribute to Roth IRA from Germany

      Just give your Steuerberater the letter of the OFD Karlsruhe of 16.10.2012 "Steuerliche Behandlung von Beiträgen an und Leistungen aus einem amerikanischen 401(k)-Plan" (= Tax treatment of contributions to and benefits from a US 401(k) plan) mentioned in the following post, that letter explicitly mentions 401(k) plans as being among the "eligible" US pension plans. And please read that entire thread to the very end (since reading just that post has lead to misunderstandings, so I wrote a clarification in the last post). The Oberfinanzdirektion (OFD) is the superior authority to the Finanzämter (source):   In Bavaria, they call the OFD the "Bayerisches Landesamt für Steuern":   If your Steuerberater is still in doubt after reading the OFD Karlsruhe letter, he can ask the "Bayerisches Landesamt für Steuern" by e-mail about this: They are nice to Steuerberater who ask questions and usually answer by calling back with the answer within one day. This way, your Steuerberater will have certainty without putting you through this gruelling process of having to prove all capital gains inside the US pension plan now.
  2. DHL to America during Covid

    "Warenpost International" has a "tracking" option. It is officially only available to people who have a business account at Deutsche Post, but since nobody checks whether you actually are a business, opening a Deutsche Post business account is also possible for private customers. For details, please see here:  
  3. Why are you happy today?

      You can suspend your disbelief  Auszüge aus dem Geburtenregister, i.e. what you would call a birth certificate, expire after 6 months, see for example here:   This is why we only get them when we need them for a specific purpose.
  4. German pension after a divorce

      It's laid down in the law, §37 (2) Versorgungsausgleichsgesetz:   However, if you split according to the "old" version of the law, i.e. according to the law valid until 01. September 2009, then there's still hope, you may get you back some of your money, for details please read this article written by a lawyer:   @arunadasi fought through a similar case, but it was about a Beamtenpension, i.e. a civil service pension (and you said you were an employee): She used this Rentenberater, Rudi Werling: So maybe ask him? He has a form on his website in which you explain your case and to which you attach copies of the relevant documents and then send in everything by post: He will then tell you whether he sees a chance and how much it would cost you.
  5. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      This only applies if: you're German (you are) and you will keep considerable economic interests in Germany (I assume you won't be doing that) see here:   So I don't see §2 AStG being a problem for you, just read it for yourself:
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Which is officially only supposed to be used by businesses, i.e. by people who have registered for a business account on the Deutsche Post website: Für die Nutzung von Warenpost International XS, S, M oder L zum Einzeltarif benötigen Sie lediglich eine Registrierung als Geschäftskunde im Shop der Deutschen Post. Dies können Sie dort im Login-Bereich vornehmen. Mit der Registrierung und Nutzung von Warenpost International zum Einzeltarif verpflichten Sie sich automatisch, eine Mindestmenge von 5 Sendungen pro Quartal zu versenden. Die Frankierung erfolgt im Shop ausschließlich über die Internetmarke.  To use Warenpost International XS, S, M or L at the single rate, you only need to register as a business customer in the Deutsche Post shop. You can do this there in the login area. By registering and using Warenpost International at the single rate, you automatically agree to send a minimum of 5 items per quarter. Franking is done in the shop exclusively via the Internet stamp.  So the option "Warenpost International" is only shown in business accounts, if you registered as a "Privatkunde" you don't even get to see it.   The good news is that they don't check whether you're really a business, nor do they keep track whether you really send 5 packages per quarter. So there is nothing to stop somebody who isn't a business to register a business account with Deutsche Post (change to tab "Geschäftskunde"):     Once you have registered and have logged into your new "business account" here: you will see the "Warenversand" --> "Warenpost International".                
  7. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      You don't say - a whole year    Well, in that case you will have no problem understanding the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Germany and Portugal and then this lovely brief 97 page document about just article 15 of the DTA, i.e. about the "Steu­er­li­che Be­hand­lung des Ar­beits­lohns nach den Dop­pel­be­steue­rungs­ab­kom­men" = "Tax treatment of wages under double taxation agreements":   I am an engineer and a Steuerberaterin, you are just an engineer.  You mean well, but I can't in good faith let you mislead the OP or the next reader who comes along.   *************************************   The OP will have unlimited tax liability in Germany until the day he moves away, and limited tax liability with his German rental income after that. From the date he moves to Portugal with the intention to stay, he will have unlimited tax liability in Portugal, i.e. will get tax residency there. This is called split-year treatment.   If he keeps a flat available to him in Germany, Germany can question whether he really moved his "Mittelpunkt der Lebensinteressen" (=centre of vital interests) to Portugal, especially since he is not married to his Portuguese girlfriend and this would mean that his tax residency in Germany would not end with his move. But let's assume he does this properly and gives up that flat and only keeps flats in German that are not available to him, i.e. which are rented out. Then we have a simple case of split-year treatment, as explained above.   So no, this is not about June/July. No, he will not get back the German tax on his salary if he moves by June, since Germany has the taxation rights on his pre-move salary. And no, he does owe Portuguese income tax on his post-move salary that he gets from his German employer, since with his new tax residency being in Portugal, he doesn't fall under the exception rule of article 15 (2) of the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Germany and Portugal, instead he falls under the standard rule of article 15 (1) of the DTA. Which states lthat Portugal as his state of residence gets to tax his post-move salary. Only for those days after his move, on which he returns to Germany on business trips and works while physically in Germany, does the tax taxation right get taken away from Portugal again and given to Germany.   Taxation of his capital income (interest, dividends, profit from selling stocks/funds/bonds/options, and so on) also goes by where he is resident as defined in article 4 of the DTA. So until he moves away from Germany, Germany has the taxation rights on his worldwide capital income earned until the moving date, i.e. on his pre-move capital income. Portugal has the taxation rights on his post-move worldwide capital income, i.e. on the capital income he earned starting with the moving date. He should of course tell all his worldwide banks his new Portuguese address when he moves, so that they know his tax residency moved from Germany to Portugal and so that, for example, his German bank knows to no longer to deduct Abgeltungsteuer and Solidaritätszuschlag. Banks in over 100 countries have to inform the tax department of his country of residence about the capital income he had:   He will always have to tax his German rental income in a German tax return.
  8. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      @MikeMelga  Don't quit your day job    OP, please read articles 4, 6, 10, 11, 15 and 24 of the double taxation agreement between Portugal and Germany:
  9. Transferring large sum of money from U.S

      Bad idea, since the advantage of giving gifts is that she can give you 400,000€ free of gift tax every 10 years. If she simply buys the apartment, you will inherit it and there will not have been a multiple uses of the 400,000€ gift-tax-free amount like with gifts of 400,000€ every 10 years. If you have children, she can also gift each of your children, i.e. to each of her grandchildren 200,000€ gift-tax-free every 10 years.
  10. Stove top / oven burner cleaning products

    2 to 3 table spoons of Waschsoda plus hot water and leave to soak overnight.
  11. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

    Yes, of course.
  12. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      Yes, please see the column "pflichtversichert" in here:
  13. Where to buy chocolate truffle cake in Munich?

      No, Dallmayr only have the alcoholic version of Trüffeltorte. But maybe a chocolate mousse Torte will do instead?   *******************************************************   If you want a non-alcoholic small chocolate truffle cake with 6 to 8 slices, look at the one at Luitpold, it costs around 25€: But it is small...   And it's not as good as the Rum-Trüffeltorte of Dallmayr (which does contain alcohol, yes).
  14. Help needed in filing tax return