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  1. Capital gains before moving to Germany

    You declare all income you had before moving to Germany in Anlage WA-ESt, line 6:  It will not be taxed again but will raise your German tax rate on your 2017 post-move income.
  2. Cheap pay-as-you-go mobile phones

      I would look at BildMobil:   But you need a German address for the SIM to get sent to - sending it to somebody other than yourself doesn't work, they always send it to the address you gave in for yourself.  I had tried getting it sent to my dad's address (they even confirmed that they would send it to him as Lieferadresse during the order process), but they ignored it and just sent it to me.   It's on the Vodafone network, which means excellent reception even in rural areas, and the SIM will last forever without a top-up - you just need to use it once every 3 months, i.e. do something that costs like a call or an SMS.   Since you will be using an "old-fashioned" phone which needs a Kombi-SIM, and not a smartphone that would need a nano SIM (they don't offer inbound portation of numbers onto nano SIMs), you can port your old O2 number to BildMobil.   I chose BildMobil for my dad, who only uses his mobile phone a few times a year as his own personal phone booth now that most public phone booths have disappeared. The only thing that struck in his craw was the name - he didn't really like being associated with the Bild Zeitung in any way. But he had to deal with that - it was and still is the best offer for his simple, infrequent use.   ****************   Edeka does a Schufa check, so you will not be able to register the SIM if the Schufa already knows you have moved away from Germany. I have had many tourists have the problem that the Edeka SIM they had bought couldn't be registered to them because of the Schufa check:   BildMobil doesn't do a Schufa check: Bei einer Testbestellung von Prepaid-Wiki wurde eine solche Abfrage zumindest bei der Schufa jedoch nicht durchgeführt. (Stand: 12/2016) AldiTalk only has a limited validity, which depends on the top-up amount, see the section "Gültigkeit" in here: So not of use to you.
  3. Returning to Germany

      Yes, see the Patientenmobilitätsrichtlinie:    
  4. Einzelunternehmen - manage without Steuerberater?

    @kiplette In the word "Lohnsteuerhilfeverein" we have the word "Lohn" = wage, which already tells you what they are there for, for people who pay wage tax, i.e. employees.   For the legal source telling you that they are not allowed to help self-employed people, please read §4 Nr. 11 Buchstabe b StBerG: Zur geschäftsmäßigen Hilfeleistung in Steuersachen sind ferner befugt: ... 11. Lohnsteuerhilfevereine, soweit sie für ihre Mitglieder Hilfe in Steuersachen leisten, wenn diese a.) Einkünfte aus nichtselbständiger Arbeit, sonstige Einkünfte aus wiederkehrenden Bezügen (§ 22 Nr. 1 des Einkommensteuergesetzes), Einkünfte aus Unterhaltsleistungen (§ 22 Nr. 1a des Einkommensteuergesetzes) oder Einkünfte aus Leistungen nach § 22 Nr. 5 des Einkommensteuergesetzes erzielen, b.) keine Einkünfte aus Land- und Forstwirtschaft, aus Gewerbebetrieb oder aus selbständiger Arbeit erzielen oder umsatzsteuerpflichtige Umsätze ausführen, es sei denn, die den Einkünften zugrunde liegenden Einnahmen sind nach § 3 Nr. 12, 26 oder 26a des Einkommensteuergesetzes in voller Höhe steuerfrei, und c.) Einnahmen aus anderen Einkunftsarten haben, die insgesamt die Höhe von dreizehntausend Euro, im Falle der Zusammenveranlagung von sechsundzwanzigtausend Euro, nicht übersteigen und im Veranlagungsverfahren zu erklären sind oder auf Grund eines Antrags des Steuerpflichtigen erklärt werden. An die Stelle der Einnahmen tritt in Fällen des § 20 Absatz 2 des Einkommensteuergesetzes der Gewinn im Sinne des § 20 Absatz 4 des Einkommensteuergesetzes und in den Fällen des § 23 Absatz 1 des Einkommensteuergesetzes der Gewinn im Sinne des § 23 Absatz 3 Satz 1 des Einkommensteuergesetzes; Verluste bleiben unberücksichtigt. Die Befugnis erstreckt sich nur auf die Hilfeleistung bei der Einkommensteuer und ihren Zuschlagsteuern. Soweit zulässig, berechtigt sie auch zur Hilfeleistung bei der Eigenheimzulage und der Investitionszulage nach den §§ 3 bis 4 des Investitionszulagengesetzes 1999, bei mit Kinderbetreuungskosten im Sinne von § 10 Absatz 1 Nummer 5 des Einkommensteuergesetzes sowie bei mit haushaltsnahen Beschäftigungsverhältnissen im Sinne des § 35a des Einkommensteuergesetzes zusammenhängenden Arbeitgeberaufgaben sowie zur Hilfe bei Sachverhalten des Familienleistungsausgleichs im Sinne des Einkommensteuergesetzes und der sonstigen Zulagen und Prämien, auf die die Vorschriften der Abgabenordnung anzuwenden sind. Mitglieder, die arbeitslos geworden sind, dürfen weiterhin beraten werden.
  5. Legal financial duties of marriage

      Yes, if you do not reject the inheritance within 6 weeks after his death:
  6. Legal financial duties of marriage

  7. Legal financial duties of marriage

      The Zugewinnschaft is the default state of a marriage, you do not need a lawyer. You would only responsible for his debt if you co-signed the loan:
  8. Legal financial duties of marriage

      Actually, even if they filed jointly (= Zusammenveranlgaung), she would only be responsible for her share of the tax. She would only need to do an "Antrag auf Aufteilung der Steuerschuld", details in here:   However, this won't solve the problem of having to do his books for him and to fill in his part of the tax return, so what she's looking for is probably the filing separately option.
  9. Option 2 is not possible. Never ever. This is a mandatory insurance, the only way you can get out of it is to play by their rules and prove to them that you couldn't possibly work more than 15 hours a week, e.g. by attaching a list of how many hours you work on renovating your space and photos of your space that needs to be renovated.  This (or closing your self-employed activity) is the only way you will be let out, and even then only for the future.
  10. Well, they want to know how you're earning your money, and how you spend your time. If you were an employee somewhere besides this self-employed work, they would want to see your employment contract that would state the hours spent on being an employee, this would be proof that you don't have more than those 15 hours a week left for your self-employed work.   So what are you doing the rest of the time and what do you live on if the bike courier work is only so few hours? Explain that to them and they will be happy.
  11.   The cut-off is 50 days per year, so that would be 50 * 8 hours = 400 hours per year. Or you fall into the "less than 15 hours per week" category, but then you are really not allowed to exceed that weekly limit.   Fill in this form: and mark the first choice "weil ich in meinem Unternehmen dauernd nicht bzw. nur geringfügig (d.h. wöchentlich weniger als 15 Stunden bez. jährlich nicht mehr als zwei Monate oder 50 Arbeitstage tätig bin" and send it to BG Verkehr: Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehrswirtschaft Post-Logistik Telekommunikation (BG Verkehr)Gesetzliche UnfallversicherungOttenser Hauptstraße 5422765 Hamburg   Attach proof for the number of hours that you intend to work in the future.   However, this will only help get rid of this contribution for the future, i.e. from the date you submit the above exemption application. You will have to pay all BG Verkehr contributions up till now. If you cannot afford to pay these old contributions, ask them to pay them in instalments: "Ich beantrage, die Beitragsschulden in Raten zu zahlen."
  12.   You aren't.  Your UK income wasn't taxed again, it just made the German income tax rate that you pay on your German income rise.   What are paying is the fair tax rate based on your ability to pay. Taxation is seen as a social equaliser in Germany, the higher your total worldwide income was, the higher a share of it you can afford to give up of it, i.e. taxation is progressive. So the higher your total worldwide income, the higher your German tax rate on your German tax rate will be. This called Progressionsvorbehalt:   You can calculate its effect by inputting into this official progression calculator: Zu versteuerndes Einkommen in Euro: German taxable income  Dem Progressionsvorbehalt unterliegende Ersatzleistungen und Einkünfte in Euro: the UK income you had that calendar year before your move to Germany, converted into €      
  13. Tax handling of relocation expenses

    Yes, keep all invoices for petrol and food that you bought along the way, and while you're in Munich. They are your proof.