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  1. As long as there are no complications, a pregnancy should cost under 10,000€. cost for prenatal care: between 4,000€ and 5,000€: cost for birth in hospital: between 3,000€ and 5,000€:
  2. Unless one of them also has EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship, they are not eligible for: maternity benefits, i.e. 12/14 months of Elterngeld of at least 300€ a month:,did=93560.html child benefits, i.e. Kindergeld of 194€ a month: unless they have a visa allowing them to be both an employee and self-employed, i.e. one that says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet", which is only handed out after several years of residence in Germany.   Please also read:  
  3. Regarding how to get (low-cost) German public health insurance please read this entire thread: which links to:  
  4. Taxation on crypto currencies

    Case 1: You need the purchase price of the ETH, in €, back from the date you bought them. You then calculate the profit from the ETH-transaction: ETH profit, to be declared in Anlage SO = (selling price of ETH in € on 11.11.2017) - (purchase price of ETH in € on ??.11.2017)   The Bitcoin profit is tax-free since you kept them for more than 1 year, and therefore it is not declared in your tax return.   ****************************************************************   Case 2: Let's have a look at the CNY transaction: if those CNY were your Chinese salary while you were living in China and you saved them and simply changed them into Bitcoin while you were still living in China, the CNY-transaction is not part of a German tax return (though if you received them in the year you moved to Germany, you do have to declare them as part of your pre-move income in line 95 of the Mantelbogen ESt1A). if you mean that the CNY were your Chinese salary while you were actually living in Germany, then you have to declare that entire CNY amount (converted into €) as income in Anlage N-AUS! if the CNY were income from a freelancing activity while you were actually living in Germany, then you have to declare that entire CNY amount (converted into €) as income in Anlage S!   The profit from the Bitcoin transaction is: Bitcoin profit, to be declared in Anlage SO = (selling price of Bitcoin in € on 12.11.2017) - (purchase price of Bitcoin in € on 11.11.2017)  
  5. Taxation on crypto currencies

    Case 1: for how much time did you own the Ethereum (ETH) that you used to buy the Bitcoins?     Case 2: are you sure you sold on 12.11.2017, or did you mean 2018? Did you "buy" the CNY by exchanging another currency, e.g. euro, for them? Did you keep the Chinese Renminbi (CNY) in an interest-bearing bank account?
  6.   Don't worry, late interest only starts if the Finanzamt hasn't processed his tax return by 1. April 2018, the first 15 months after 31. December 2016 are interest-free according to §233a Absatz 2 Satz 1 AO (in English).   If the Steuerberater should miss even the 1. April 2018 deadline, your husband would be looking at 6% per year late interest on the tax amount he owes, for the full months between 1. April 2018 and the date he finally pays the tax he owes, according to §238 AO (in English).   Example: Your husband only gets the Steuerbescheid (= piece of paper issued by the Finanzamt after processing his tax return which tells him how much tax to pay) and pays the due tax on 30. July 2018, for a tax amount of 1,000€: --> 3 full months between 1. April and 30. July 2018 --> 3/12 * 6% * 1,00€ = 15€ in late interest
  7.     @Starshollow   They are not employees but self-employed. They may be scheinselbständig, but good luck sueing an international organisation in a German court for that...   I think they should instead move to an EU country where public health insurance is offered for all residents, e.g. to the UK or Ireland and live there for at least one year, and then they can move to Germany and enter German public health insurance without any problems no matter what their employment status is:  
  8. Haven't paid taxes since February 2017, what to do?

    Don't worry, you have such a low income that next to no income tax (also known as wage tax) is due. Just input 12744 into the Parmentier wage tax calculator (change the "Wage paid" drop-down menu to "yearly"):   On: 3 * 750€ + 9 * 1,166€ = 12,744€ yearly gross the income tax per year is just 79€.   They will probably deduct those 79€ from your December salary and be done with it.
  9. Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse

    Just a thought: your dad had no income of his own?
  10. Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse

    Yes, line 26 is your monthly net. Maybe they forgot to multiply it by 12?   Normally, after the calculation section in the Bescheid, there's an explanatory text section. You could send me a scan of that by pm.
  11. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

      You get a Witwenrente of 60% of his post-divorce pension, i.e.: 0.6 * (his_initial_pension - pension_forwarded_to_ex_860€). Details in here:   As the widow of a Beamter, you are privileged in that your own social security pension does not lower the Witwenrente:   However, your freelance income will lower your Witwenrente:
  12. Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse

    Another common mistake that people who support their parents make is that they transfer the money too late in the year.   Any money you send will only count for the future, and only for that calendar year.   Please see here for details and an example:    
  13. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

      The divorce took place after 1977, so that part of the husband's pension pot should have been split off and put in the ex-wife's name.  The husband's pension pot (and therefore his later pension) shrunk through the divorce. That's what happens with normal Deutsche Rentenversicherung (= social security) pensions for employees.   However, in this case the husband wasn't an employee but a Beamter (= civil servant) who therefore draws a civil service pension, which means that there was no pension pot to split off, and instead the husband's pension was reduced every month by the amount due to the ex-wife by making him forward that amount. Same result (husband has a lower pension because of the divorce), but a different way of reaching it.   Summary: @arunadasi That money is gone, accept it. Your husband's pension is in reality much lower than you think. Maybe things would have been easier for you if the state (who pays out these civil service pensions) hadn't been so lazy and done the same "splitting off at the source" as DRV does, that way you wouldn't even see the ex's pension.   By the way, this is not the first time arunadasi has asked this:  
  14. Taxation on crypto currencies

  15. Where to buy a bar of gold in Stuttgart

    So does Degussa:   But getting gold stocks is safer (you can't be robbed):