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  1. "Good/Memorable" Mobile Numbers in Germany

    Either: buy a nice one on ebay from a private person (but take care that it is prepaid and not one where you take over someone's contract, which would be the case if it has the word "Vertrag" in it), and then port it to the provider you want, or choose a nice one directly from a provider (but again, take care that they don't corral you into a contract):
  2. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

      In that case they would have to pay a public health contribution on all their worldwide income, including on that UK army pension, for details please see:  
  3. Transferring large sum of money from U.S

    How you do it doesn't matter.   The birth certificate is enough, simply attach a copy of it to your gift tax return (which you have to submit within 3 months of the gift,  even if the gift was below the 400,000€ tax-free amount for a gift you received from a parent). gift tax form: instructions how to fill it in:
  4. GLS - too much to expect

    Look around near the front entrance, GLS once shoved my parcel under a bush.
  5. You should always be completely transparent with the Finanzamt, so you should explain about it not in the tax return itself, but in the cover letter to your tax return, and attach copies of all your supporting documentation (pencil in German translations of the keywords on those copies).   This will make things easier for you once you transfer the money to Germany and maybe use it to buy a flat/house, since in those cases the Finanzamt always asks where you got that money from (they suspect people of having kept money outside Germany in interest-bearing accounts, and of not having declared the interest all those years in their German tax return like they would have had to).
  6. Application forms for tax declaration 2018

    If you're an employee, simply take the 2017 paper forms, cross out the 2017 and write 2018 instead in the top-right corner. Then submit those filled in paper tax return forms.
  7. US Student Debt Repayment Assistance by Employer

      Please see this thread:  
  8. Taxes if house is credit free

    No, don't worry.
  9. Tax and income certificate by Filipino authority

    Well, then her pre-move income will raise her German tax rate on her post-move German income.   In Germany, the tax year is the calendar year.
  10. Christmas Gift Ideas

    For ladies: classic freshwater pearl earrings or studs, in sterling silver 925, they take about 16 days from China to Germany. And they pack them in a nice Chinese padded bag:   earrings:   studs:      
  11.   §52 (28) Satz 5 EStG: 5Für Kapitalerträge aus Versicherungsverträgen, die vor dem 1. Januar 2005 abgeschlossen worden sind, ist § 20 Absatz 1 Nummer 6 in der am 31. Dezember 2004 geltenden Fassung mit der Maßgabe weiterhin anzuwenden, dass in Satz 3 die Wörter „§ 10 Absatz 1 Nummer 2 Buchstabe b Satz 5“ durch die Wörter „§ 10 Absatz 1 Nummer 2 Buchstabe b Satz 6“ ersetzt werden. which points to the old 2004-version of §20 (1) Nr. 6 EStG: (1) Zu den Einkünften aus Kapitalvermögen gehören 6. außerrechnungsmäßige und rechnungsmäßige Zinsen aus den Sparanteilen, die in den Beiträgen zu Versicherungen auf den Erlebens- oder Todesfall enthalten sind. Dies gilt nicht für Zinsen aus Versicherungen im Sinne des § 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 Buchstabe b, die mit Beiträgen verrechnet oder im Versicherungsfall oder im Fall des Rückkaufs des Vertrags nach Ablauf von zwölf Jahren seit dem Vertragsabschluss ausgezahlt werden. Satz 2 gilt nicht in den Fällen des § 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 Buchstabe b Satz 5. Satz 2 gilt in den Fällen des § 10 Abs. 2 Satz 2 nur, wenn die Voraussetzungen für den Sonderausgabenabzug nach § 10 Abs. 2 Satz 2 Buchstabe a oder b erfüllt sind oder soweit bei Versicherungsverträgen Zinsen in Veranlagungszeiträumen gutgeschrieben werden, in denen Beiträge nach § 10 Abs. 2 Satz 2 Buchstabe c abgezogen werden können. Die Sätze 1 bis 4 sind auf Kapitalerträge aus fondsgebundenen Lebensversicherungen entsprechend anzuwenden;   It's formulated a bit clearer in the present §20 (1) Nr. 6 EStG: (1) Zu den Einkünften aus Kapitalvermögen gehören der Unterschiedsbetrag zwischen der Versicherungsleistung und der Summe der auf sie entrichteten Beiträge (Erträge) im Erlebensfall oder bei Rückkauf des Vertrags bei Rentenversicherungen mit Kapitalwahlrecht, soweit nicht die lebenslange Rentenzahlung gewählt und erbracht wird, und bei Kapitalversicherungen mit Sparanteil, wenn der Vertrag nach dem 31. Dezember 2004 abgeschlossen worden ist. And anyway, even if the life insurance hadn't been that old, the present law which applies to "new" life insurances clearly states that you only have to tax the part of the payout that exceeds the amount you paid in (= der Unterschiedsbetrag zwischen der Versicherungsleistung und der Summe der auf sie entrichteten Beiträge (Erträge)). So, if your insurance was such a bad investment that you paid in more than you will get out, you would anyway not have to tax anything, no matter when you entered into the life insurance.
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

      Or choose someone with fixed prices, nearer to home. Look at Wurzelkanalbehandlung (but also look at footnote 4, their price is per root canal, some teeth have more than one!):   Alldent's prices for the privately health-insured (or uninsured = Selbstzahler) are still fixed and about 1.7 times of the fixed prices for the publicly-insured linked above. For example, teeth cleaning (= Professionelle Zahnreinigung, lasts about 45 minutes), costs 59€ for someone with public health insurance, and 98€ for everybody else.
  13. Tax and income certificate by Filipino authority

    That's the wrong form. Get this English form (starts on page 3), the "Bescheinigung außerhalb EU/EWR" filled in for her:   She will only pay German income tax on income she had after she moved here, i.e. on her post-move income. But her pre-move income that calendar year will raise your family German income tax rate, this is called Progressionsvorbehalt:  
  14. Selling an apartment or house in Germany

    Yes, but the saving would be negligible, since the Notar costs are low anyway, but it would also save the buyer at the most 1,000€ in Grunderwerbsteuer (Grunderwerbsteuer is 3.5% in Bavaria). You need a proper contract and you need proof for the Finanzamt that these used goods are really worth that much.
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

      Call the Terminservicestelle and try to get an earlier appointment with a gynaecologist: