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  1. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    It's my hobby, and we Germans take our hobbies seriously 
  2.   Are you sure about that? I see that you live in Niedersachsen.   Source:   Kinder, die sechs Jahre alt werden, sind schulpflichtig. Die Kinder müssen dabei an der für Ihren Wohnort zuständigen öffentlichen Grundschule angemeldet werden. Das Wichtigste in Kürze Zu Beachten Die Kinder müssen an der öffentlichen Grundschule, in deren Schulsprengel sie ihren gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt haben oder an einer staatlich anerkannten bzw. staatlich genehmigten privaten Grundschule angemeldet werden. Auch Kinder mit sonderpädagogischem Förderbedarf werden grundsätzlich bei der Sprengelschule angemeldet. Auskünfte über die Sprengeleinteilung der staatlichen Grundschulen geben die Mitarbeiterinnen des Servicetelefons im Referat für Bildung und Sport sowie die Schulleitungen. Wird das Kind an einer privaten Grundschule angemeldet, ist aus Gründen der Überwachung der Schulpflicht die zuständige Grundschule zu informieren.
  3. Cost of living in Munich

    @LD is from the US. I think the chances of her/him being catholic are higher than being Church of England 
  4.   Sounds like they made a mistake. Write them an Einspruch letter and follow up.
  5. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    Were you maybe tax class III and your wife worked? Or did you have any additional income, e.g. non-German interest income? Those are also reasons for a mandatory tax return.   Or did you move to Germany in 2015 and file a tax return in 2015? Because in that case some Finanzämter don't understand that moving to Germany is a one-off event that doesn't get repeated the next year and erroneously send out these reminders.   Could you post a photo of that 210€ fine? If you can't get it it below 0.24MB, just upload it to and either post the link to it here or send it to me by private message.
  6. Cost of living in Munich

      It doesn't work like that. If you were baptised you have to pay church tax until you officially leave the church, no matter whether you're religious or not, see here:  
  7. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

  8. Yes. But please show me tracked shipping in Germany at only 2.99€ 
  9. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Mark the section you want to quote, hover over it and a "Quote this" will appear. Click on that "Quote this" (sometimes the "Quote this" doesn't appear until you have stopped marking that section, i.e. after it is again unmarked, but that doesn't matter, clicking it will still quote the previously marked section):      
  10. Finanzamt + eBay + Tax?

      That depends on your total family taxable income before that extra activity.   For example, if your total family taxable income was 80,000€ in 2017 without those extra earnings, then because of these extra 10,000€, your income&Soli tax would go from (see Parmentier income tax calculator) 18,355.13€ to 22,232.62€, i.e. those extra 10,000€ would mean an extra 3,877.49€ in tax.   If it was only 40,000€, then the jump to 50,000€ would mean an increase from 5,212.26€ to 8,142.47€, i.e. by 2,930.21€.
  11. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

      It is, and if she calls the police, they will make them leave that place and forbid them to come back (= Platzverweis):
  12. Best Stationary stores in munich

    Gerstäcker, near the U/S-Bahn Trudering: Please see here for prices:
  13. Taxation on crypto currencies

  14. Taxation on crypto currencies

      She will have to pay taxes on the profits in her country of residence.