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  1. Climate change

      Here it is:
  2.   Please note that any income your parents have from whatever source worldwide, e.g. an Indian pension or Indian capital income, reduces the amount that you can claim in your tax return for supporting them. So your calculation would only hold true if both their incomes were 0€.
  3. Yes, I see this as your best option. Look for an EU country that allows you to bring over elderly parents and that has general public health insurance.   *************************************   But before upheaving your life, please try a long visit of your parents in Germany first. As LeonG has said, this may - especially if extended because of a new Corona outbreak - lead to the surprising (to you) conclusion that your parents don't like living in Germany, or anywhere but in their Indian hometown.   And then you will be faced with an even harder choice: jeopardise your professional life to move back to India to be with them, or find another solution. Maybe then you will remember some less well-off relative in your family tree whom you could pay to move in with your parents and care for them in their own home.
  4. I think the problem is that it's a catch-22. Your parents need to require (full-time) nursing to qualify for the "extraordinary hardship" clause of §36 (2) AufenthG.   Please  read:,232/id,271/layout,vwv/view,comment   And if they do require this nursing, your wife would have to quit her job to do it and your family would no longer earn enough to be able to pay for your parents' health insurance and keep.   You may also want to first ask your wife how she feels about her quitting her IT job to nurse your parents. Because that's what it would come down to, even if you do manage to make the numbers work, you will never earn enough to be able to afford third-party nursing here in Germany:  My advice would be to look for a relative back in India whom you pay to move in and take care of your parents. This would also have the advantage that in India you could get much more done with the same amount of money than in Germany, your purchasing power would be higher.   There is a German saying:  "Einen alten Baum verpflanzt man nicht." = You should never move an old tree.   I have seen this scenario play out with EU citizen parents, i.e. no visa problems and free German public health insurance, because the EU parents got it through their pension in their EU home country (their EU country pays in the background, but for them it's free, they just need to give German health insurance the form S1 their EU home country health insurance issued them). And in nearly all cases, it was the EU elderly parents who didn't like it in Germany and who moved back. And just to be clear: I never saw it work out with the husband's parents. If they were the wife's parents, it did work out now and then, but from what I saw, the help in those cases mostly went the other way, i.e. her parents came and helped with childcare so that their daughter could go back to work sooner and not jeopardise her career.   The cultural and language differences between them and Germany weren't that big, but they still missed their old environment, their garden, being able to speak their own language in the shops, at the hairdresser and with the neighbours. And simple things like a friend dropping by for a cup of tea/coffee and some gossip.   Please don't underestimate what a big change it would be for your parents and for your wife. She signed up to be an IT specialist, not a nurse.
  5. Sparda bank membership fee payout on account closure

      You misunderstood, they will pay out after the the meeting of representatives (which always takes place in June) of the following year, i.e. at some point in July 2022. See here: You can cancel your membership at any time. If you terminate your membership by 30 September of a year, your cooperative shares will be paid out after the representatives' meeting in the following year. If you terminate your membership after 30 September of a year, payment will be made after the representatives' meeting in the year after the following year. This is usual, all cooperative banks have such long termination periods.
  6. Tax implications of non-resident selling UK residential property

    Just to be clear: the taxation right falling back to Germany in case the profit isn't declared in the UK tax return only matters if the house on the date of the sale has not been owned for more than 10 years (taking into account "inherited" purchase dates).    If it has been owned for more than 10 years (adding up all ownerships times of the testators too), the profit is anyway not taxable under German law.   But in both options, the Finanzamt will send HMRC a note informing them that they have noticed income that hasn't been taxed in the UK where it should have been taxed.   That sounds like the "step-up in basis" that is practiced in the USA after you inherit financial assets (stocks, funds, bonds, ...) and real estate:
  7. Tax implications of non-resident selling UK residential property

    Under German law, heirs also "inherit" the purchase dates. --> if the parent who died had bought the house (or inherited it him/herself) more than 10 years ago before the sale of the house now in 2021, then the profit from selling the house would not ne subject to tax if the house were located in Germany, and therefore also not subject to Progressionsvorbehalt since it is located in the UK, i.e. it does not get mentioned at all in your German tax return:   The only exception would be if you had fallen foul of the "effectively taxed" clause in article 23 of the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Germany and the UK, i.e. if you commit tax evasion by not declaring the profit from selling the UK house in your UK tax return, since in that case, the taxation rights fall to Germany and you would have to tax the entire profit (= difference between selling price and parent's purchase price) in Germany with your personal variable income tax rate (up to 42%): Article 23 (1) a) of the DTA:  a) There shall be exempted from the assessment basis of the German tax any item of income arising in the United Kingdom and any item of capital situated within the United Kingdom which, according to this Convention, is effectively taxed in the United Kingdom and is not dealt with in subparagraph b).
  8. school leaver health insurance

        German Banks can look up the Steueridentifikationsnummer, yes. Alternatively, have kid#3 call up her friendly neighbourhood Finanzamt, they also know it.   But no chance of getting the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, the institution that actually issued that Steueridentifikationsnummer, to tell her on the phone what it is, they regularly refuse to do so and tell you to just fill in the online form to have the Steueridentifikationsnummer re-sent in a letter to the address you're registered at:
  9. school leaver health insurance

      Call Techniker: Tel.  0800 - 2 85 85 85 They will assign her a Versichertennummer on the spot on the phone, which kid#3 can then give to HR.
  10. Verwahrentgelt for existing bank users, is it a trick?

      Yes, a bank can terminate your account at any time, just like you as the customer can terminate the account. They do not need to give a reason.   For example, comdirect has lately been terminating accounts en masse, all without giving a reason: Just like their mother company Commerzbank: If you want to read reviews of other banks, click on the "Anbieter-Filter anzeigen" at the top:   Trustpilot is also a good source for reviews:  
  11. Private to Public Health Insurance

    No. As long as your gross salary is higher than your freelance profit and your gross salary is under the Versicherungspflichtgrenze of 64,350€ (in 2021), you are a mandatory member of public health insurance. No, mandatory members of public health insurance only pay contributions on their salary, not on their other income. And public health insurance anyway only charges up to a maximum monthly income of the Beitragsbemessungsgrenze of 4,837.50€ (in 2021) per month, so you will anyway have already paid the maximum possible contribution just through your salary. No, you only have to contribute to public pension insurance from your salary. Sorry, but you are taking this the wrong way. You should be thanking your lucky stars for this opportunity to get back into public health insurance and to therefore insure your non-earning wife and children at no cost under family insurance. Instead, it sounds to me like you are now looking for ways to weasel out of it.
  12. school leaver health insurance

    Familienversicherung in German public health insurance goes up to age 23:
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun:
  14. Because you're forgetting that the employer also paid in as much to public pension insurance as you did and the employer's contribution was tax-free.
  15. Direct debit for magazine subscription

    Widerruf is during the 14 day cooling-off period after you have first ordered.   You need to send them a Kündigung, either as a signed letter by post: or by e-mail to,nv