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  1.   Sparda Munich does not allow you to use your Sparda account for business. The appointment is just so that they know that when you open a private account if you're a freelancer, that they don't give you an overdraft.   Source:
  2. Moving from UK to Germany in 2019 - tax question

      If you weren't also present when your family members stayed there, then I'm afraid the privilege doesn't extend to that flat: "Eine Nutzung zu "eigenen Wohnzwecken" liegt hingegen nicht vor, wenn der Steuerpflichtige die Wohnung entgeltlich oder unentgeltlich an einen Dritten überlässt, ohne sie zugleich selbst zu bewohnen"   The only family member who would be allowed to use the flat while you're not there would be your child, for which you still received Kindergeld, e.g. a son and daughter who was under 25 and still studying.
  3. Moving from UK to Germany in 2019 - tax question

    Since in the mean time there has been a high court ruling, the BFH-Urteil vom 27.6.2017, IX R 37/16 (veröffentlicht am 18.10.2017) which extended the "primary home privilege" to apartments that you use just for holidaying, as long as you're the only one who used them, details in here:
  4. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Yes, your wife will be put in the "Hausfrauentarif", i.e. half your income will be allocated to her and her contribution will be based on this half of your family income. You can look up such cases here:   The only exception would be if you had separated, but then her contribution would be based on the Trennungsunterhalt (= alimony a separated spouse gets), which still would be 3/7 of your income.
  5. Moving from UK to Germany in 2019 - tax question

    1. Correct. 2. Correct.
  6. Would the gift tax hit me?

    Yes, don't worry.
  7. Changes to Midijob

    You will draw a pension as if you had paid the complete pension contribution, this whole thing is meant as a gift of the state to low-earners.   You can read up on this here:
  8. Changes to Midijob

    You will be moved automatically, don't worry.   You will pay less for public pension insurance, but a bit more in income tax, since the public pension contribution reduces the taxable income, and it will now reduce it less. But don't worry, you will come out ahead.
  9. Moving with Special Needs Teenager to Munich

    Things may be different in rural areas, where the population are still practicing Catholics and the Pope's views still hold sway, but Dessa is spot on in her analysis for a big city. I live in Munich and I couldn't have put it better than Dessa myself.   I would certainly NOT move to Germany with my kids under these circumstances, but instead only visit Munich during the holidays during the 2 year separation period.
  10. Minimum terms of payment for German invoices?

      31.12.year_you_did_the work + 3 years in accordance with §§195, 199 Absatz 1 BGB:   So if you did the work in 2018, you can send your client the invoice until 31. December 2021.
  11. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    You have an icon for ElsterFormular on your desktop.   Don't open ElsterFormular by double-clicking on that icon with your left mouse button, but instead hover over that icon, press your right mouse button once and in the context menu that now appears, choose "Als Administrator ausführen" (if you have an English Windows: "Run as administrator") by clicking on that entry with your left mouse button:   ElsterFormular opens. Now please try the update again.
  12. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Are you using ElsterFormular? If yes, try updating the software.
  13. Change of tax class online

      You could also opt for the combination tax class 3 for you, if you earn much more than your wife, and tax class 5 for your wife.
  14. Gymnasium

    To get into university, you need the Abitur, which is the German baccalaureate, or a baccalaureate from another country, e.g. from Croatia. There is no other way to get into university in Germany.   If you move to Munich, you will have to repeat at least 2 years in school just to learn German, so you will be 20 years old when you finish school in Germany. In Croatia you can finish school at age 18, and then use your Croatian school leaving certificate to directly enter university in Germany, and for example, study in English at the Technical University of Munich:   The official Anabin website tells us which school leaving certificate you need to enter university in Germany, choose "Kroatien" here: This gives this result: