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  1. German right of way laws

    Nope, this is a Handzeichen situation:
  2.   Write away  Usually people don't bother asking me whether they can send me a private message, so extra points for that 
  3. Where to get basic information on Taxes

      Yes, tax law being a national law and therefore the same everywhere throughout Germany, you can become my client no matter where you live.   **************************************************************************************************************************   When you do decide to change, I will need some documents from you, as requested by the law.   German money laundering law §8 GWG obliges all Steuerberater to identify their clients by getting: a scan or photo or copy of your passport or EU identity card, and proof of your German address, i.e. a scan or photo or copy of your Anmeldebestätigung. You can send them to me either by e-mail or by snail mail to my postal address (listed on my website).   To fill in the Vollmacht correctly, I will also need to know: your Steuer-Identifikationsnummer (IdNr.) and your Steuernummer. Both are written in the top-left corner of the first page of any Bescheid from the Finanzamt (see the green numbers below). It's probably easiest to just send me a copy of your latest Steuer-Bescheid.   If you are married, I will also need those scans or photos or copies of your spouse's: passport or identity card Anmeldebestätigung IdNr. Steuernummer   I would then fill in and send you the Vollmacht (or two Vollmachten if you're married), you would sign two originals (one for me, one for the Finanzamt) and return them to me by snail mail.   If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask, either here in the forum or by e-mail (listed on my website)     
  4.   Well, not according to Bavarian law, since Artikel 47 AGBGB does not apply to plants planted next to a public street, that exception is laid down in Artikel 50 (1) AGBG:  Art. 50 Ausnahmen vom Grenzabstand   (1) 1 Art. 47 und 48 sind nicht auf Gewächse anzuwenden, die sich hinter einer Mauer oder einer sonstigen dichten Einfriedung befinden und diese nicht oder nicht erheblich überragen. 2Sie gelten ferner nicht für Bepflanzungen, die längs einer öffentlichen Straße oder auf einem öffentlichen Platz gehalten werden, sowie für Bepflanzungen, die zum Uferschutz, zum Schutz von Abhängen oder Böschungen oder zum Schutz einer Eisenbahn dienen. Art. 50 Exceptions to the limit distance (1) 1Art. 47 and 48 shall not apply to plants which are located behind a wall or other dense enclosure and which do not or do not substantially tower above it. 2Furthermore, they shall not apply to vegetation maintained along a public road or in a public square, or to vegetation used to protect banks, slopes or embankments, or to protect a railway. And the Münchner Zaunordnung (Einfriedungssatzung), which says that fences are not allowed to be higher than 1.50m, does not apply to hedges, see §1:   So you can stop worrying.
  5.   There's Artikel 47 AGBGB, the law laying down the details for the German Civil Code (BGB) in Bavaria:   Art. 47 Grenzabstand von Pflanzen   (1) Der Eigentümer eines Grundstücks kann verlangen, daß auf einem Nachbargrundstück nicht Bäume, Sträucher oder Hecken, Weinstöcke oder Hopfenstöcke in einer geringeren Entfernung als 0,50 m oder, falls sie über 2 m hoch sind, in einer geringeren Entfernung als 2 m von der Grenze seines Grundstücks gehalten werden. (2) 1Zugunsten eines Waldgrundstücks kann nur die Einhaltung eines Abstands von 0,50 m verlangt werden. 2Das gleiche gilt, wenn Wein oder Hopfen auf einem Grundstück angebaut wird, in dessen Lage dieser Anbau nach den örtlichen Verhältnissen üblich ist.   Art. 47 Limit distance of plants The owner of a plot of land may require that trees, shrubs or hedges, vines or hops are not kept on a neighbouring plot of land at a distance of less than 0.50 m or, if they are more than 2 m high, at a distance of less than 2 m from the boundary of his plot of land.  1Only a distance of 0.50 m is required if you're neighbouring a forest plot. 2The same shall apply if wine or hops are cultivated on a plot of land in the location of which such cultivation is customary according to local conditions.   However, you are only allowed to complain within the first 5 years starting with the end of the year in which the problem first occurred, according to Artikel 52 AGBGB. So if your neighbour planted a bush that is nearer than 50cm to your fence, you have to complain within 5.x years. Same with the 2m height limit, you are only allowed to complain within 5.x years of the first time the plant exceeded 2m.   And "complain" means taking that neighbour to court, which in Bavaria means mandatory mediation (Schlichtung) first, see here.
  6. Tax return after working in France and Germany

    Sorry, but we have now reached this point:  
  7. Tax return after working in France and Germany

      I have no idea what kind of income/Sonderausgaben you had. If you had other types of income/Sonderausgaben of course you have to fill in other things as well.
  8. Public vs. private health insurance

    1. Yes. 2. No, but you would have to pay it during the cancellation period of your private health insurance contract.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    @kiplette Please read this (and the post linked from it):  
  10. Tax return after working in France and Germany

      Did you or did you not come clean with the Finanzamt about all the worldwide capital income that you had since moving to Germany, like I told you to do immediately back in July 2019?
  11. Where to get basic information on Taxes

    That still would be a geldwerter Vorteil and therefore forbidden.   This profession has very strict rules (Berufsrecht) which are spread over 7 thick tomes: To get a taste of these rules, just read §57 StBerG which has my personal favourite  (2) Steuerberater und Steuerbevollmächtigte haben sich jeder Tätigkeit zu enthalten, die mit ihrem Beruf oder mit dem Ansehen des Berufs nicht vereinbar ist. Sie haben sich auch außerhalb der Berufstätigkeit des Vertrauens und der Achtung würdig zu erweisen, die ihr Beruf erfordert. (2) Tax advisors and tax agents shall refrain from any activity that is incompatible with their profession or that hurts the reputation of the profession. Not only in their business life but also in their private life, they have to prove themselves worthy of the trust and respect which their profession requires. Need I quote more? 
  12. Where to get basic information on Taxes

      Thank you for the endorsement, John!   And you can always point the cynics to §9 StBerG, which lays down that a Steuerberater is strictly forbidden from either giving or accepting a commission 
  13. Where to get basic information on Taxes

    @Straightpoop Thank you very much for your kind words! They are much appreciated   
  14. Where to get basic information on Taxes

    Thanks everybody!    @john g. Yes, of course  Just point them towards my website:
  15. Where to get basic information on Taxes

        I actually went and did it, I took the Steuerberater exam. So now you can call me a Steuerberaterin, @john g.