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  1. Cowboy plumber

    One word: Mahnbescheid  
  2. Pointless plastics..

      I have the Reisenthel mini maxi Shopper L:   It's made of a thicker nylon weave than the "normal" foldaway bags that you get at around 1€, e.g. at Rossmann, it can carry up to 12kg, has a volume of 12l (that's the same size as a large bucket) and with its long handles it's perfect for carrying stuff on your shoulder, keeping your hands free.        
  3. Cowboy plumber

    I can recommend J. Haydn (father and son team with some employees) as plumbers in Munich:   For details, please see the end of this post:  
  4. US Social Security Payments / German tax return?

    Yes, but it will be a ridiculously low amount, think 20€ per month.   Much better to stop paying in and try to get what you paid in back out of DRV's clutches. Since you're already pension age and will not accumulate those 60 pension months, they should reimburse you what you paid in (= employee's part), however the other half, what your employer paid in, will be lost.
  5. US Social Security Payments / German tax return?

      If you already reached the "pension age as set down by German law", then paying into German public pension insurance is voluntary (source): "Ab Erreichen der Regelaltersgrenze besteht bei einer Beschäftigung und dem Bezug einer Altersvollrente Rentenversicherungsfreiheit, auf die allerdings durch den Arbeitnehmer verzichtet werden kann." in English: "Once the standard retirement age has been reached, there is no need for pension insurance in the case of employment and receipt of a full old-age pension, which can, however, be waived by the employee." You can look up your "pension age as set down by German law" here:   For example, if you were born in 1952, your "pension age as set down by German law" was 65 years and 6 months, i.e. you already reached it and are there paying in voluntarily into the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (which should be the RV on your payslip). → Tell your payroll department that you do not want to pay German public pension contributions.  
  6. Reminder from tax office

    You haven't been submitting the monthly VAT announcements (= Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldungen) electronically, in accordance with §18 (2) Satz 4 UStG as a new business: Nimmt der Unternehmer seine berufliche oder gewerbliche Tätigkeit auf, ist im laufenden und folgenden Kalenderjahr Voranmeldungszeitraum der Kalendermonat.  You should have been submitting them every month before the 10th of the month for the preceding month, as laid down in §18 (1) Satz 1 UStG: Der Unternehmer hat bis zum 10. Tag nach Ablauf jedes Voranmeldungszeitraums eine Voranmeldung nach amtlich vorgeschriebenem Datensatz durch Datenfernübertragung zu übermitteln, in der er die Steuer für den Voranmeldungszeitraum (Vorauszahlung) selbst zu berechnen hat.  
  7. US Social Security Payments / German tax return?

      As a US citizen, you have to do a US tax return. This does not exempt you from doing a German tax return.   The US put their standard savings into article 1 (4) of the DTA, and by not exempting art. 18 (1) in art. 1 (5), they make you declare that US social security pension also in the US. But unless you earn extremely well, you won't end up owing any income tax to the US, because of the German income tax you already paid (well, should have paid).    While we're at it, you should also now that you have to tax your worldwide capital income (interest, dividends, profit from selling shares/funds/bonds, ...) in your German tax return, see articles 10 and 11 and 13 (5) of the DTA.   And that any US rental income you had (which is taxable by the US under article 6 (1) of the DTA) still has to be declared in your German income tax return, since it will raise your German tax rate, because of sentence 2 in article 23 (3) a.) of the DTA: "The Federal Republic of Germany, however, retains the right to take into account in the determination of its rate of tax items of income and capital excluded under the provisions of this Convention."
  8. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Paying as a Selbstzahler isn't very expensive, for price examples, please see:   And if it turns out to be something serious, as long as he was insured with German public health insurance before he emigrated, he can move back to Germany (= simply register his address at your house) and get back into public health insurance, which means that all his medical costs would be covered even for this pre-existing condition:  
  9. Apartment contract cancelled

    @LeonG He's living in a hotel, so that doesn't apply:   @TP I assume you got your eyes fixed in 2018 (you never came back to your thread to update us), so you won't have any difficulty re-reading that old thread and going through the ideas on how to find a flat in Dresden:
  10. Working abroad and get paid in Germany

    The date of payment matters, see §11 (1) EStG, according to the Zuflußprinzip (= in-flow principle): So if the income enters any of your bank accounts worldwide in 2020, you have to declare it in your 2020 German tax return.
  11. Tax liability on income received before moving to Germany.

    Because I'm a Steuerberaterin?    Just read §32b (1) Satz 2 Nr. 3 EStG, this is an exemption from Progressionsvorbehalt that only applies to EU/EEA rental income. After Brexit, the UK will no longer be in the EU.
  12. Tax liability on income received before moving to Germany.

      Article 23 (1) d) of the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Germany and the UK in conjunction with §32b (1) Nr. 3 EStG.   Exception to Progressionsvorbehalt (= that that income raises your German in income tax rate): British rental profits, but only up till Brexit (until then, you don't mention them at all in your German tax return, in accordance with §32b (1) Satz 1 Halbsatz 2 Nr. 3 EStG). After Brexit, you have to mention your British rental profits in your German income tax return and they will raise your German income tax rate.
  13. Sorry, if you want to use the invoice dates, you're in "bilanzieren" (= Betriebsvermögenvergleich) territory, which is much more complex than the simply Einnahmen-Überschuss-Rechnung (cash accounting). Don't go there, you don't have the knowledge.
  14. Foreign rental income and moving to Germany

    Sorry, but we have reached this point: