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  1. Business Ideas outside of IT

    Right now I have a Fiktionsbescheinigung and it doesn't say the class of visa that I have
  2. Business Ideas outside of IT

    Does this imply that one cannot even own a blog and make money off of it for example? Or offer services online as an IT consultant?
  3. Business Ideas outside of IT

    I'm doing a PhD. I can actually do IT work but I would rather do something else. I have links to many immigrants from Africa coz I'm also African.I'm not sure if these are skills in and of themselves
  4. Business Ideas outside of IT

    Okay my question is really broad. I've been thinking of doing some side business that's lucrative and isn't related to software engineering, data science, web development etc. What business ideas have you guys ever thought about as fitting for the Munich or even a broader audience? I was thinking of providing services to foreigners living in Munich in order to make their lives easier. The exact nature of the services, I am not sure about . I don't know if you guys have other suggestions. I'll be grateful. Cheers
  5. No she doesn't but she has a small source of income for now. What do you mean by downsize? A smaller apartment?
  6. Wow. Thank you for the helpful replies. We can only bump my budget by 100€ at this point. So yes, 1000€ for an apartment and then nothing left for entertainment or a quality life. Quite sad.
  7. Thank you for your response. I do hope my post is not seen as ignorant and I am not being too optimistic. I think 900€ is a lot to take out of a monthly salary. Cheers
  8. Hello,   I am doing a PhD at LMU Munich and my girlfriend is moving down from Bremen. Our budget is 900€ and we are ready to provide proof of income, references etc. The most important thing is that the city centre should be easily accessible from the apartment.   Kindly drop a message if you have a place to offer.   Thank you